Where In The World Was This Hyundai Going?!?!
Matt's Off Road Recovery
So I got a for Hyundai, but no clue how it got there.

Winter 4x4 Jamboree Trail Ride

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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

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  • Matt's Off Road Recovery
    Matt's Off Road Recovery

    Here is more information on the 2022 winter 4x4 jamboree trail ride. Mattsoffroadadventures.com

    • Supernatural Being's of Earth. Study & Tracking
      Supernatural Being's of Earth. Study & Tracking

      RAIL GRIND i heard it n you brother...

    • Chris Egger
      Chris Egger

      Was that a Matts off-road recovery license plate on the back of the car lol

    • chris hamilton
      chris hamilton


    • Joe Diver
      Joe Diver

      Literally the first I've heard of this and it's already sold out. 😡

    • Shawn C
      Shawn C

      @Mister Goat 😆

  • Dig

    You've triple, at least, monitized your busines, while having fun with your family doing crap you were going to do anyway! Genius and entertaining! I saw you use the winch, ha! Now get more sponsors and laugh all the way to the bank!

  • Dig

    Do you have monsoon season with humidity and thunder storms?

  • joshua wilson
    joshua wilson

    Having the exact same Santa Fe my heart sank watching that ending. They're great vehicles if kept up on.

  • ችግር ፈጣሪ
    ችግር ፈጣሪ

    4:11 Thats a beautiful couple.

  • Sylvain Morency
    Sylvain Morency

    Not a big problem it’s a shit Hyundai

  • fubar totale
    fubar totale

    Take my RWD no ground clearance Mustang into the dunes? Seemed like a good idea at the time...

  • desolate surfer
    desolate surfer

    No matter how high, no matter how low, Matt's recovering has your tow.

  • Michał Chyliński
    Michał Chyliński

    Yeah, why make your hands dirty and clear the rocks and pipe from behind the Hyundai... Not nice...

  • Bob Nob
    Bob Nob

    so did the hune die go down that backwards?

  • Kevin Phage
    Kevin Phage

    The license plate cover is very cool.

  • xXBam BamXx
    xXBam BamXx

    Wth, a mustang in the sand??? Wth are they thinking with 🤦

  • LostIn207

    Sick railgrind, bro

  • M. Blalock
    M. Blalock

    Really a huge fan!!! something felt a little "off" about the sound on this one. I switched to 3/4 speed, and it felt much more normal to your videos. Matt: if you've hired someone new to help with editing/sound, I'd keep looking for someone with more experience. Hope you guys had an awesome Thanksgiving!!!


    If its 110F how tf you get 43C, its only 32 apart, maybe its a running joke idk about

  • Lucky Charm
    Lucky Charm

    Wow, what a mess that Jeep got himself into. There was no way the owner could have shoveled himself out. There was no way even 30 guys could have shoveled that car out in that kind of sand. Good Job Matt for the rescue on that one.

  • Jason GUNN
    Jason GUNN

    Moreover, who goes out into the desert/woods with a medical condition ALONE? Oh Oh I know an idiot. people put first responders at undue risk, because they are selfish.

  • Jason GUNN
    Jason GUNN

    On the Mustang, their is no possible way people are this STUPID. A Mustang driving threw sand? I just think he wanted to be on youtube, for some odd reason.

  • Paul Silas
    Paul Silas

    What is a mustang doing in this channel?

  • throttle bottle
    throttle bottle

    airbags all went off = guaranteed totaled, no need to even factor the body and other damages. 🥳 is over

  • throttle bottle
    throttle bottle

    Where In The World Was This Hyundai Going?!?! Nowhere fast 😏 🤣🤣🤣 🥳

  • Donald Franklin jr
    Donald Franklin jr

    Great recovery Matt

  • ชัยวัฒน์ ขัดทวงศ์
    ชัยวัฒน์ ขัดทวงศ์

    Cheers…from Lampang Thailand

  • Mike Rivale Warren
    Mike Rivale Warren

    Ok soooo……..there’s been a morvar build and a banana build. When’s there gonna be a Rudy Jeep build????

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery
      Matt's Off Road Recovery


  • Beast from the east
    Beast from the east

    I heard that guys were getting their vehicles stuck so lizzy fine behind sits in their drivers seat. Truth?

  • MrSir

    Roll down the hill Rudy now.....lol

  • B-Rad Umuck
    B-Rad Umuck

    Once again we did it our way

  • Ranelle Ronquillo
    Ranelle Ronquillo

    The morvair engine doing low vowel growls..ahh music to my ears.

  • B-Rad Umuck
    B-Rad Umuck

    When did we get a new trailer? Lol

  • Evan Colwell
    Evan Colwell

    could you guys film in 1440p? just asking love the free content :)

  • Laberge

    The amount of footage you have, angles and recoveries really solidifies the format you have going

  • jeff rentsch
    jeff rentsch

    That is what my garage is at with dehumidifier running on auto. Summer outside 95°F 95% humidity .

  • L. henry
    L. henry

    Sure wish you guys would install a grate behind the back seat in the Morvair. Sooner or later something will cause the cargo to be thrown forwards, such as shackles, floor jack, chains, and cause a head injury. Don’t want anyone getting hurt, I enjoy your show too much!

  • What about Bob?
    What about Bob?

    ATT - All Terrain Trevor

  • Jack James
    Jack James

    You can’t park there sir

  • etc22

    There are times when the backstory to the situation is needed - this is definitely one of those times...WTF Hyudai?

  • Nathan Wert
    Nathan Wert

    I've always been curious...if you just happen to come across someone stuck....do they get charged the same as someone that called you?

  • Rob

    Where’s your flag for the morvair? Get a MORR logo flag made up

  • Mikey b
    Mikey b

    Rudy was showing us how not to scale down, keep up the good work & stay safe

  • Blu Cheer
    Blu Cheer

    The sound of that suv being dragged over rocks and concrete was pretty ugly.. yikes!

  • Blu Cheer
    Blu Cheer

    All in a days work.. and a night! Good job helping those people bet they really appreciate it!

  • spdodger

    Here's a shirt. Put it on.

  • Jeff Treseder
    Jeff Treseder

    That Jeep better get his tail lights sorted out, QUICK!!

  • S. Whitaker
    S. Whitaker

    All that suspended dust at night made for an interesting underwater rescue. The Morvair sounds awesome.

  • Alfredo Mendez
    Alfredo Mendez

    Lizzie is f’n beautiful 😍…no disrespect 😅

  • Connie The Brain Tumor Warrior
    Connie The Brain Tumor Warrior

    I will never understand why people think taking their small cars off roading is smart! Heck, where I live the snow hits 2 feet with drifts and I am all "Guess I am staying home today" due to getting stuck in it. I always manage to get myself out, but it's a pain in the rear end!

  • Kris

    That vans’ messed up !

  • Travis H
    Travis H

    We need the story on that Santa Fe.. But how? Lol

  • agentelvis81

    Imagine actually being dense enough to think a new stock Jeep is built for offroading. They need to stop the false-advertising because the average-Joe is clueless when it comes to engineering and operation.

  • Gitmo Goodtimes
    Gitmo Goodtimes

    'Trail rated' jeep 🤣🤣🤣

  • Nila Lannan
    Nila Lannan

    I love Rudy and Lizzy. My question is did Lizzy is one of a daughter of Matt. Sorry for my English. Im from the Philippines. We love your family.

  • Betty Smith
    Betty Smith

    people who drive mustangs into sand.... job security for you!

  • Hong J
    Hong J

    what's a sports car doing off road. Sure what the hell lol

  • TheYammerHammer

    People in Washington County don't know how to drive 😒

  • lavasmokes

    Question for you all at Matt's off Road recovery! At 2:20 in the video when Rudy comes across the Gentlemen stuck in the Nissan pathfinder on his way to another recovery, do they have to pay for using your services or is it just a quick helping hand here you go send then on there way !? Always been curious on whether people like that get charged or not, anyway big fan keep up the great work and stay safe take care !

    • danneh1982

      I’ve always wanted to ask this question!

  • TheRealSlimSmitty

    So this is the river crossing that a dude got footage of from a few months back

  • W

    "Some serious Poof dirt" 🤣🤣 Well done on that rescue!

  • Tom Rogers
    Tom Rogers

    good on you guys for putting the cover on the licenses plate!

  • Aron Hernandez
    Aron Hernandez

    Trevor philips 😆

  • Irish Man
    Irish Man

    I wonder if Rudy had the guy lower the tire pressure in the Jeep and trailer that was shaking out on this one

  • Gogogo

    How did the success get into that position?

  • JustCallBen

    15:23 TREVOOOOORRRRR! (He's always screaming RUDYYYYYYYY)

  • zuki818

    Can Trevor donate his beard so I can put it as a wig his hair is so big 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brandon Martin
    Brandon Martin

    Is lizzy Matt's daughter

  • Skiridr22

    😳 who go off roaring in a mustang

  • Lorenzo De La Cruz
    Lorenzo De La Cruz

    Good show. Did everyone see Trevor multi tasking? Great editing Tucker. I bet if Rudy pulled down is pants he would find his butt was cracked in that fall. Those Hyundais sure go backwards well. Travis! no Jaime ? Good editing otherwise. Thanks again

  • Tony Mandes
    Tony Mandes

    What do u guys do with all those utv's? Fix em, sell em? Both? Thanks

  • Jeff Clarke
    Jeff Clarke

    You dessert guys would die in Alabama humidity….

  • Lance Kline
    Lance Kline

    Humidity......​Uggg...​ I just moved to Florida from Denver.....​ I can say humidity is a creation of evil....... All​ folks that give you crap for complaining about the humidity..... They​ cry over temperature below 60°... So​ they can shut it....​ I want them to spend just 20 minutes in 15° weather either changing a tire or shoveling snow.... I'm with you....​Humidity is the worst.... Love​ you guys from Florida.... I miss the snow....​ But​ my wife informed me that "we" don't like the snow and cold anymore.....​ That was news to me... But here we are now living in Florida.....​ Near NASA....​Which is cool... Keep​ up the great content.... Lance

  • Keith Street
    Keith Street

    The license plate covers are genius!

  • pvdl

    vous avez juste explosé la hyundai , il aurait fallut au moins enlever les pierres dessous avant de la tirer .

  • John Wolf
    John Wolf

    What no story how the Hyundai got there???? Damn...

  • Thomas Cornelius
    Thomas Cornelius

    Without a doubt Matt's towing or get you out.

  • Rory Williams
    Rory Williams

    Crash crash crash....into a ditch!

  • enigma02g

    So I've started watching a ton of these videos are they all lead into another, have to ask. Whats the deal with Lizzy? single?

  • Eric Swanson
    Eric Swanson

    Did y'all charge for that opportunistic recovery?

  • Ted Walker
    Ted Walker


  • Donnie Locklear
    Donnie Locklear

    Why is there a Matt’s Recovery tag on the back of the white SUV?

  • Jeremy Jensen
    Jeremy Jensen

    Why do you and Paul upload within minutes of each other usually?

  • Kody Pittman
    Kody Pittman

    Not sure if this has been addressed but have you ever considered having handheld 2 way radios so Matt and whoever is in the car being recovered can be in full communication?

  • izzzzzz6

    yea. 50% humidity is pretty dry. lol

  • Jack

    That guy was eyeballing Lizzy up and down like a pervert. 🤨

  • Giorgio Moroni
    Giorgio Moroni

    Winter 4x4 jamboree... If I was living in USA I would have been there for sure! I like those kind of societies keeping the trails available to all and it's a great idea to have fun and support them at the same time. Greetings from Italy.

  • kchortu

    That soft sand is unlike anything i have ever driven in when I see the red flour I know what I am dealing with but HFS that recovery which didn't look like much was gnarly. To anyone who hasn't driven in southern Utah STFU, and no Moab doesn't count, if you can follow black lines its mindless

  • Scott Blackwell
    Scott Blackwell

    Do you know the average full-size SUV or a pick up truck or even heavy duty truck rarely sees any action Offroad. And once they do, look out, because they have no idea what they are doing.

  • Marna Ehrech
    Marna Ehrech

    I finally got a dose of Matt & gang! Love you guys so much! Thanks for being such great examples of the exemplary human!!! Much love and gratitude from the Green Mountains of Vermont!

  • Jerome Knasinski
    Jerome Knasinski

    Good video

  • Split Second Magician
    Split Second Magician

    Ah yes, the worthless traction foils your plans again.

  • Tomis Hujbert
    Tomis Hujbert

    Hi Lizzy your so beautiful and cute

  • George Smith
    George Smith


  • Joe A Beane
    Joe A Beane

    How is it that the rescued vehicle had a Matt's Off Road Recovery license plate? Coincidence? 👍

  • Dee Nutz
    Dee Nutz

    Thank God for Morons!!! They are entertaining and keep you in business. 😂😂😂

  • Mooroocho

    Too much money not enough brains with the mustang 😆

  • alch3myau

    "Oh it looks like a four wheel drive, must be a four wheel drive"

  • James

    That car wouldn't look half bad with a new custom front bumper haha and a winch 😂

  • Christopher jones
    Christopher jones

    “I had a really naughty dream last night - you were definitely there…”

  • silver1fangs

    Rudy bumped it so hard Liszt had to turn left

  • Mike Corona
    Mike Corona

    Holy beef jerky, that car was in a spot

  • Johnathon Fontenot
    Johnathon Fontenot

    Xterra crew!

  • Ron Son
    Ron Son

    Curious about why you wrapped the rope around the axle housing when pulling the Mustang out…

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