Swallowed By SINKHOLE Rescue!
Matt's Off Road Recovery
So I got a call for a side by side that was swallowed by a sinkhole.

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Ed's LJ20 Stuck 40 Years In The Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

Reacties: 968
  • Guy Bean
    Guy Bean

    4:05 Looks like you're pulling out a cock and balls made out of rope.

  • Bruce MacGlynn
    Bruce MacGlynn

    How did I miss making a comment on this?

  • Wes

    He might as well take the air dam off of that Colorado now. Mine came off within a week of buying it

  • port starboard
    port starboard

    Parnelli Lizzie!!

  • Daniel Metcalf
    Daniel Metcalf

    Does Lizzy get Hazard pay?

  • G. M
    G. M

    I like this channel because they do temperature conversion from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

  • B bustin
    B bustin

    Easy fix on that Tahoe. Just cut the heater hose and bypass the heater core. Add coolant be on your way. Unless it just slipped off. I doubt it. Those connectors at the wall notorious for breaking... plastic crap. They should make those standard maintenance for replacement. Like hoses.

  • Paul Feasal
    Paul Feasal

    That sucks 115 without ac. I know how they feel. Anyways out West in the hot climate 110 plus is usually when ac and radiator issues happen. I had my radiator go out in 120 once a few years ago.

  • Paul Feasal
    Paul Feasal

    Depends on if it's early August or late. Usually monsoons hit mid to late August. Though the 110 + consistent days are usually around June or July.

  • longshot7601

    Is there ever a recovery where you hand out a plain large shirt instead of XL, XXL, 3XL, nXL?

  • David Savells
    David Savells

    Matt why did you wrap around axle??

  • Bannedone 3ice
    Bannedone 3ice

    These off road vehicles have such big low bumpers, that make them susceptible to damage off roading and towing. Australians have the best solution with their bull bars though, if I’m not mistaken they were the first ones to come out with them.

  • Frank Grimes
    Frank Grimes

    Lol the guy saying he spent $70,000 on the truck when he was talking about how it's not like the old trucks

  • john Scat
    john Scat

    Can build a highly capable off-road LS machine from scratch and woman still have the audacity to complain about no a/c

  • Eldwin Martin
    Eldwin Martin

    We have air, it just doesnt work LOL

  • I_Choose_You

    Global warming sucks. It’s something that needs fixing.

  • Whiskey

    I just want to get stuck so I can get a shirt lol

  • A. P.
    A. P.

    So fun watching the old videos compared to the new.

  • Do It All Garage
    Do It All Garage

    Keep them coming! Enjoy your content!

  • Denis Bourk
    Denis Bourk

    how the heck can you guys work in over 100 deg heat

  • Jeremy Fenix
    Jeremy Fenix

    Anyone else use Matt's beard as a calendar for time between videos? Lol

  • MW Farms
    MW Farms

    Of course Lizzie's gonna get in she's fearless! "Getting down was no trouble getting up was the problem" - said every person ever who has bad knees!

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Most of these people have more money than brains

  • dre04mach

    Gotta give props to the Chevy guy. That's how you break in a new vehicle, gotta show it who's boss from the beginning! :D

  • San Vicho trail
    San Vicho trail

    excelente, me encantan tus vídeos, siempre lo veo, saludos desde CHILE

  • Leonardo DaVinci
    Leonardo DaVinci

    One of these days Lizzy is going roll over after Matt says nonchalantly..."give'er a l'il throttle while we counter balance over this ravine".

  • Ettienne Lewis
    Ettienne Lewis

    The BMW X3 M still tries to start the engine even when the battery is almost dead and it tells you on the display battery low. WT#.. Anyways still love the car

  • TRD_AJ

    Something I didn’t know about push buttons start… good to know glad I don’t have one…

  • Jordan Wiley
    Jordan Wiley

    time after time these videos prove modern trucks are just suvs with beds.

  • Thomas Tanner
    Thomas Tanner

    Hey Matt I would sure like to got up with you the other day when I called I got ahold of one of your cameramen and they give me talk to you on your phone but I was wanting to see about maybe order and some of your stuff that you have on NLthrow if you could I wish you would help me out with it send me to the right place this is Thomas Tanner over here in Lucedale Mississippi I really like to order some of your stuff that you got I like to spend money you know how most men are we like to spend money just like the women they like to spend money to okay well I'll holler at you later if you can help me out on that I sure would appreciate it

  • teamidris

    25 degrees centigrade is my limit :o) How you guys do more than body temperature I don’t know?

  • Dc Rogers
    Dc Rogers

    For the temps you guys have to deal with, I will say you never look all sweaty. I guess its that dry heat I'm always hearing about.

  • Lloyd V.
    Lloyd V.

    …and as Matt buys about 463 more jump boxes he’ll be able to recover the fist Tesla……….

  • Larry Freeman
    Larry Freeman

    I'm Canadian, Have experienced 115 F maybe twice, 3 times in my life.(none of those in Canada by the way,, possible hit 100 a few times) Aint no way I'm venturing out with Matt unless he proves to me that the AC unit he apparently has, is really working, and working well. The Banana would just sit in the shop until the Morvair was really ready to go out in that heat.

  • deernutOO

    Don't see Lady lately. She doing okay?

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith

    Matt looks like he could be Sammy Hagar's younger brother.

  • ชัยวัฒน์ ขัดทวงศ์
    ชัยวัฒน์ ขัดทวงศ์

    Great rescue..great guys..✌✌✌✌

  • MurphtheIrishman Murphy
    MurphtheIrishman Murphy

    2wd Tahoe! Brilliant choices, brilliant. 🤯🙏☘️

  • Bryan I
    Bryan I

    It often takes a Ford to get a Ram on the road..... pure junk. Had two Rams, both garbage. Never again.

  • Jane Ordway
    Jane Ordway

    Watching this and seeing women in Bikinis when it’s all of 5 Degrees outside is hard to wrap my head around that kind of heat.

  • EVolution 001
    EVolution 001

    Love the show! Big fan! But can you adjust the volume. Was constantly turning it up and down this episode. Keep up the good work.

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson

    MORR = MadSkills Off Road Recovery

  • timbo peters
    timbo peters

    That was crazy 😎

  • Alexei Tetenov
    Alexei Tetenov

    Thanks for sharing!

  • victor acuna
    victor acuna

    Awesome 💪

  • Völl Däpp
    Völl Däpp

    Lizzy could consider getting a helmet and some back protector. Just saying.

  • Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez
    Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez

    awesome sink hole rescue! That was sketch at best a few times. You guys are amazing!

  • LTW___

    Technology 🤣

  • bikerdude923

    There must be some kind of conspiracy between Matt and the car companies so they always forget to put the "No" in front of "traction control".

  • 920ron

    U shot that back in july

  • Four Estates
    Four Estates

    Heroes. Cathardic Champions!

  • Ihor Shcherban
    Ihor Shcherban

    9 volts o les the kill battery only desulfotator can give second life for battery. Desulfotator cost in Amazon more les 20 dollars. This thing very need fore all garages.

  • Tasquizz Taylor
    Tasquizz Taylor

    "I love dinner" -Rudy

  • Unsung Hero
    Unsung Hero

    Pretty soon there will be a commercial every 10 seconds. Although I do enjoy most of the videos. 🤙

  • Becki White
    Becki White

    Matt I know you like Jeeps and I was wondering if you ever thought about making a recovery vehicle out of a Jeepster?? You could make a tow truck and use it as a light recovery vehicle. To tow razors and small things that get stuck in the sand..

  • Charles Vlcek
    Charles Vlcek

    There is some really rugged trails around tombstone pay attention to the weather a little rain and you might have to wait a day for the water to receed

  • MrSir

    I swear that Lizzies biceps are getting bigger. Tough Utah Lass. As for electronic trucks! Give me an old truck any day, with no fancy traction control gizmo's! And 100 F. Stuff that! I'm melting at 82 F lol

  • Randall Scott
    Randall Scott

    Saw a pumpkin under the morvair

  • TheRustyDuck

    You make it ALL look so Easy!! Nice work!

  • Pavel

    Dang, colorado got stuck with both front and rear lockers!

  • Jake O'Brien
    Jake O'Brien

    Wait .. MRAP AXLE???

  • Thomas Dobrenick
    Thomas Dobrenick

    When I was there a month ago someone in a mini van got stuck. I new better than to take my crv in the sand

  • Be Good Be Kind
    Be Good Be Kind

    Not to be rude but, Lizzie is by far the sexiest woman I have EVER seen.............. I've watched 10000's of different NLthrowrs, shows, movies, realistic games. I stand by what I said.

  • Farva Car ramrod
    Farva Car ramrod

    Just thinkin. I hear you explain how these vids we see are weeks apart but we see them in a day or 2. Maybe start telling us the date along with the weather. That would clear up confusion I think. Love the vids keep them comin lol

  • Shoegum

    Matt what size are your tires? xxx/xx/xx

  • Brodie Anderson
    Brodie Anderson

    I just finished watching every video. Love the content I’m heading to Paul’s channel glad I stumbled across you guys

  • Peter Greenwald
    Peter Greenwald

    Maybe i shouldn't have sold my cummins 12valve.

  • Peter Greenwald
    Peter Greenwald

    These new vehicles are an ace in the hole for Matt and a curse for the customer.

  • Elsa Gilmartin
    Elsa Gilmartin

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  • Jim Johnson
    Jim Johnson

    I think it's great that the rear differential cover on the Morvair is painted like a Jack-o'-lantern.

  • amcilwain153

    Why'd you go around the axle with the rope?


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  • Jack Sasquatch
    Jack Sasquatch

    The beard is so confusing...mind warp.

  • Wyatt Earp
    Wyatt Earp

    You always say Thanks for watching, Thanks for sharing, this is such an awesome show Awesome Corivair (sorry misspelled) , I love it , it’s such a good Build ! And thanks to All of you !

  • Karl Streuber
    Karl Streuber

    4:mins in...do they ever get their dinner? i hope so

  • Mike Boncheck
    Mike Boncheck

    love this...How Much is it Worth to get UNSTUCK...? I see profit every time!

  • Tyler Floyd
    Tyler Floyd

    Y'all should do a collaboration video with HeavyDSparks

  • David Moede
    David Moede

    Wanna know when your doing the thing on youtube? It takes like 5 tries to skip ads. Yall are doing what discovery was trying to do 15 years ago.

  • Karen

    All them other 4x4 around the stucks cars and no one helps?

  • Nick H
    Nick H

    Repeat customer? I swear I saw those flags in a previous video!

  • Buggy Duggy
    Buggy Duggy

    Traction control did what????? Got me stuck

  • Randy Wright
    Randy Wright

    Love the recovery vids!

  • john harms
    john harms

    >. John 3.16.

  • Francis Schweitzer
    Francis Schweitzer

    3:35 That Non Standard Steering Wheel Installation

  • Project ElectricEye
    Project ElectricEye

    9:15 ... 🎶 Time to do some sketchy shit🎵


    Know your truck man, traction control can be turned off along with stabilitrac

  • Peter Hatch
    Peter Hatch

    880k great making bank !!👍

  • Logan Curtis
    Logan Curtis

    Just gotta appreciate the fact that Rudy's xj keeps up with everything else. I don't think it gets enough attention.

  • Dave Reeves
    Dave Reeves

    I hope y'all told ol' boy he might should keep his pecker puller inside the cage next time and let it do its job instead of risking a compound fracture in the middle of nowhere trying to hold several hundred pounds from flopping.

  • dogstomate

    Hot steering wheel, it's called a steering wheel cover, Matt....

  • Robert Misiuk
    Robert Misiuk

    Truck computers should automatically turn off traction control when in 4WD. Just one of many things that truck makers don't get right.

  • patriot 945
    patriot 945

    I am subscribed, and may be coming out to Utah to work out details on a house. I PROMISE not to go any farther south then Spanish Fork.

  • Donald Hester
    Donald Hester

    Hey matt and the whole Matt's recovery gang. I want to let you guys know that I have watched a lot of different off road recovery teams on NLthrow but you guys are a different breed. When I watch the videos that you post I feel like Matt and the team actually care about the people that you recover. All the others just seam like it's a paycheck. I feel like I could call you guys and be treated like I was part of your family. With all that said I have a question ❓ what is the flags on the front of the banana and morrvair for?

  • TINK304WV

    Whats with stuck kyaks? That recovery im blown away wuth?

  • michael bren
    michael bren

    You have air, it just doesnt work. BAHAHAHAHA. Tell her you got the 2/60 AC unit going

  • arod32010

    I think someonegot a haircut @ 5:46 😆

  • calum craighead
    calum craighead

    So I live in Australia and I wear shorts nearly every day of the year due to the heat. Just interested as to why you guys always wear jeans when its so hot where you are? Also love the channel!!! Great content


    That and that and that and that'll work!

  • IM Stricken
    IM Stricken


  • Alex Reifschneider
    Alex Reifschneider

    Do you think older Jeeps have the best drive trains?