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So I got a call for a white Ford Bronco...


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  • Adventures with Mike
    Adventures with Mike

    The Juice!

  • Jackson Gearhart
    Jackson Gearhart

    There’s a white bronco around here…license plate says “NOT OJS”


    o.j. and his get away

  • Arnold1987

    You don't mean Demo Matt with the bronco?

  • vampov


  • Russel Layton
    Russel Layton

    12:50 It's just a gorgeous rig towing at that speed across the sand with that stance!

  • Brent Miller
    Brent Miller

    lets enjoy some more highway chases

  • Eatshįt Commies
    Eatshįt Commies

    Matt should do a second channel for razors and other “B” grade content. Many of us fans who watch every video would watch those as well

  • Cindy Connour
    Cindy Connour

    O J

  • mike bullock
    mike bullock

    Yeah I watched that too. That was the beginning of televise police chases.

  • wes bowers
    wes bowers

    The Morvair really showed its Juice getting that bronco out! LoL

  • S K
    S K

    Did Matt just prequel meme us? damn

  • Richard Shoat
    Richard Shoat

    What kind of tires are you running?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery
      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Milestar Patagonia.

  • P Krott
    P Krott

    I think OJ had one of those smaller Bronco II's, though I've been wrong before

  • Chris Brennan
    Chris Brennan

    i like {OJ} with breakfast rofl


    If it doesn't fit, you must aquite. O.J.

  • Jeffery Powell
    Jeffery Powell

    ojs was in better shape

  • Wendell Harker
    Wendell Harker

    OJ enjoy your clips

  • phishhu

    Why didn't you just winch it from the back while on pavement?

  • Sam Robins
    Sam Robins


  • Orlando Berry
    Orlando Berry


  • Scooter Tramp
    Scooter Tramp

    Every time I watch one of these videos my brain quietly says to me. "This could never happen in California. Some damn tree hugger would launch a protest that you were needlessly disturbing the sand....."

  • Douglas Bogan
    Douglas Bogan

    Oj simpson

  • donr416

    I would at least have put a yoke on that sway bar to make it symmetric and spread the load.

  • tim miller
    tim miller

    O.J. and his on road Bronco

  • Kathy Hathaway
    Kathy Hathaway

    You was not going as slow as the other bronco was going . 😁I know what an who you are talking about.

  • Joe’s Garage
    Joe’s Garage

    Turn off the trucks traction control. It’ll screw you up in snow or sand

  • Kevin Jackson
    Kevin Jackson

    So I just realized who lizzy sounds like. Sandy from SpongeBob. Cool

  • Big Louie
    Big Louie

    O J , I'm seasoned good as a old cast iron skillet.

  • DEZERVED-420

    Pepsi-Cola will burn you up but oj will kill ya.

  • Arkadiusz I.
    Arkadiusz I.

    That Bronco exhaust sound.. Holy moly. I wish we had cars like that in common in EU.

  • teveler

    Then you have to chase so OJ down a LA freeway...

  • Ken Emmes
    Ken Emmes

    White Bronco = The Juice

  • Mark Bates
    Mark Bates


  • Joesph Lavietes
    Joesph Lavietes

    use the horses that in the trailer

  • Joesph Lavietes
    Joesph Lavietes

    it must be orange juice o oj is person talking about

  • Dave

    Was that OJ's? LOL

  • Life with Kids!!!
    Life with Kids!!!

    I didn't search too deep in the comments but did any of the "young ens" realize the OJ ( not orange juice) reference?

  • Ron F
    Ron F

    Lol OJ reference

  • Charles Yates
    Charles Yates

    Sales of white Broncos went aky high after that and for off road adventuring it's still 1 of the first chioses .since o.j.

  • twotwentyswift

    OJ Simpson. If the towrope don't fit, you might as well quit!

  • Edward Carroll
    Edward Carroll

    Where's OJ

  • TINK304WV

    Oj Simpson was isguilty

  • Jeremy M
    Jeremy M

    Al Cowlings for those who really know.

  • Doug Noe
    Doug Noe

    Run OJ Run

  • Wayne Ullman
    Wayne Ullman

    The Morrvair wins again

  • Wayne Ullman
    Wayne Ullman


  • ed noe
    ed noe

    Alright for Matt pulling a Mick Foley and going for the cheap pop with the freshly squeezed references

  • Leeman Stevens
    Leeman Stevens

    I own a bronco. Every thinks they're just the most clever person in the world bringing out the OJ joke, but don't realize I've probably heard it twice already just that day alone lmao.

  • Wideglide 215
    Wideglide 215

    You could do a dateline chevy gas tank “explosion” and light the razors on fire before you record 😉

  • Ryan Gibbons
    Ryan Gibbons

    This is one of the best NLthrow channels I've come across. Just started watching a week ago and can't stop, plus I've never seen a horse trailer do sixty in sand awesome

  • Anco

    Just rename the channel: "So we got a call"

  • lollo89806

    That Morrvair is something from another dimension. What a beast. But would be nothing without the driver. Good job once again

  • Thomas Gallagher
    Thomas Gallagher

    I laughed out loud when you mentioned the white Bronco. 1st thing I thought of when I saw it. I guess I'm more seasoned than I thought.... if the glove don't fit, you must acquit

  • Kevin Raath
    Kevin Raath

    we watchn every thing you post

  • Darrel Stipe
    Darrel Stipe

    Oj's bronco lol

  • Richard Vollmer
    Richard Vollmer

    The juice

  • Hurlburt FamCamp
    Hurlburt FamCamp

    OJ kept his in much better shape......

  • neil petersen
    neil petersen

    at this point im almost all the way through your content Matt, and I feel like I've lived in Utah for years. One favor, eat Gods food, not mans food.

    • Shane Glover
      Shane Glover

      Health is wealth & food is medicine.

  • neil petersen
    neil petersen

    the Juice is loose in Utah

  • spacebike

    Build a custom tilt trailer for those rzrs and people would watch the build and some videos for sure and you'd have a better trailer!!

  • Sam Heller
    Sam Heller

    White Bronco = OJ Simson

  • Chris Brummel
    Chris Brummel

    Ok Simpson did it lol

    • Chris Brummel
      Chris Brummel

      I mean oj typo

  • James D
    James D

    As a rule we don't like to see easy pulls. That guy with the camper didn't get far, those things are heavy and we expect a fight.

  • Randy Price
    Randy Price

    O j simpsons bronco

  • Randy Price
    Randy Price

    I watch every video of youres i can. Im a disabled mechanic / tow driver done a lot of nasty recoverys over the hillside. Truley admire you guys and your work.....

  • Scott Kanzelmeyer
    Scott Kanzelmeyer

    Al Cowlings

  • jtl_7 J
    jtl_7 J

    Obligatory best getaway vehicle comment

  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco


  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    "O and maybe a j....?

  • lyle traylor
    lyle traylor

    Are you talking about John Elway? Lol

    • lyle traylor
      lyle traylor

      Cause he was slow too!

  • DirtRider22

    I assume the dozer parked in the background wouldn’t have been any help??

  • William Roy
    William Roy

    He’s talking about the oj chase with there white Ford bronco

  • HAVOC0809

    Damn, because I remember the OJ Bronco I’m seasoned. Now I know why I am getting gray hair. LOL

  • Donovan McLaughlin
    Donovan McLaughlin

    The juice was getting the missing gloves from the river bed haha

  • Darcy Staples
    Darcy Staples

    I’m so thirsty. I wish I had a little OJ!

  • MonSterTrucKss

    U need to get a manual

  • Heavymetallord1

    "in the words of Anakin Skywalker ...sand"

  • Jacob Kohlbeck
    Jacob Kohlbeck

    Oj Simpson. And I’m only 17 and i know what he meant😂

  • StormAngelWolf

    If I had to build a recovery truck 6 traction boards would be on me all the time with front and back hitches and hitch winch high jack with triple big a frame sand pigs for victoring over a pulley setup even brought a sea sand back anchor and used it to pull a big rig out of soggy sand once by backing the big rigger on top of it while it dug in. We had to work fast short distances before the tide got us .

  • StormAngelWolf

    Sand loves a diesel, lockers and a driver that knows what he is doing. You tread and press the sand and never fling and sift it. Trust me with a rear weel drive diesel truck that has only a locker for the back diff i get out of trouble in any desert situation. That lower end torque can get you off your belly with only tread plates dug under those traction tiers. Just have some sand bags ready to weigh your back counter engine weight and the front pushes out under zero traction.

  • lightspeedlife415

    Oj special

  • Ryan Fugit
    Ryan Fugit

    Did u unplug the trailer lights? That helps with the delaying on the brakes for the trailer

  • Oh No Not That Guy!!!
    Oh No Not That Guy!!!

    If the glove doesn’t fit you must acquit.

  • Kevin Heide
    Kevin Heide

    You mean OJ, Matt? I know all about that!

  • jackpotvmc


  • R7kelley

    The OJ Bronco is the first thing I thought of when I saw this one.

  • DJ Stricker
    DJ Stricker

    Dodges make good anchors

  • DJ Stricker
    DJ Stricker

    It doesn't matter what your age is. If you have seen Top Gear USA with Adam Ferrara...he talks alot about OJ and his Bronco

  • David Cook
    David Cook

    OJ lol 😜

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace

    I'm thirsty for a glass of OJ.

  • Mathew Isaacs
    Mathew Isaacs

    OJ Simpson and Steven seagal ripping that bronco in above the law

  • mikiemlshep

    OJ OJ OJ!

  • susan dean
    susan dean

    lol OJ

  • Greg Smith
    Greg Smith

    Hahahahahaha, OJ simpson!!!!!!! Separating the young jns from the seasoned.....

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob

    Man that sand is sh!tful stuff

  • Bob Bates
    Bob Bates

    I would like to know if you ever see Unimog's or Sherp auto's out there. I have never seen you pull one but if they go out there in enough numbers one or two will break down at some point. Still just let me know if they are seen out there and I will be pleased. I am binge watching your vids.

  • Nolan G
    Nolan G

    That high speed pull with the truck made my day.

  • Dusty Wilson
    Dusty Wilson

    Hey Matt and Crew, greetings from Florida. I just found your channel a couple months ago and been watching all of your videos. I appreciate all the hard work that your team puts in to make these videos possible. I really enjoy every minute of what ever you guys decide to post, please don't change your ways because a few people don't want to watch certain videos. I don't do to much off roading and want to do it more often just can't right now. I have learned a great deal from watching your channel. Thanks again for everything, maybe one day I could come up and stop by and meet everyone, who knows. Take care everyone.