I Would've Jumped Out Too, If I Were You! 200ft Backslide
Matt's Off Road Recovery
So I got a call for a Toyota 4Runner ready to roll over on the Barracks trail.

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    I’m sorry

  • Repent!.

    Repent to Jesus Christ! “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned.” ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭9:2‬ ‭NIV‬‬ J

  • Andy Hasdifferentopinions
    Andy Hasdifferentopinions

    I never go off road without a winch. Even if it's just a hand cranked one, anything is better than nothing.

  • Andy Hasdifferentopinions
    Andy Hasdifferentopinions

    You want him to bring spare fuel? He doesn't even bring a spare tire!

  • Wayne Freeman
    Wayne Freeman

    Enjoy these videos! Once you had the front pointed towards the road I definitely would of winched them onto the road then up a bit. Then back it down to the bottom. I see you had it under control now..and made it look easy good great job! Thanks for posting this is better than tv and no annoying commercials.

  • VoidBourn

    I'm from Connecticut

  • Ginger Bread
    Ginger Bread

    Great video. Thank you

  • Early Squad
    Early Squad

    Matt love the off road recovery videos. Also WOW $3.99 per gallon. Florida we are at $3.09 at our local Costco. $3.44 anywhere else.

  • alch3myau

    3:50 its a stop sign not a roll through sign ! ;p

  • Brett Mann
    Brett Mann

    What can Matt not do....... pretty soon the navy is gonna call hey Matt can you help us get this sub that sank.......

  • paulbrownsr

    The chick from Titanic was named Rose

  • Richard Folgado
    Richard Folgado

    I didn’t think it was sketchy…not at all.

  • spacenut58

    The Morvair has a cool factor of 10.

  • Zak Conant
    Zak Conant

    From connecticut

  • Oliver Fox
    Oliver Fox

    Northwest corner of CT

  • Brad’s Dirt bikes and more
    Brad’s Dirt bikes and more

    I’m from Connecticut

  • Dan Luce
    Dan Luce

    Why don't we ever get to see Lizi ride her horses?

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Guys been watching for four year. Oldest vid is 2 years old.

  • donr416

    Amazing how Lizzie can sleep on rough roads. I wonder how much sleep she gets every night?

  • Randy Duda
    Randy Duda

    The Movair has got to be the coolest rig I've ever seen, great job.

  • Dinsdale Seven
    Dinsdale Seven

    I didn't know Jamie has an old Terrier.?

  • joe black
    joe black

    That guynin the 4 runner was very lucky That going backwards and losing control leads to rollovers and fatalities People should know their limitations Just because they have a capable vehicle Doesn't make them capable

  • In Muse
    In Muse

    The chances of the Toyota rolling over were VERY high in this recovery :s first time I've seen Matt doing something this risky. It could've been winched out quite easily.

  • Laurie L
    Laurie L

    I am from RI, just 1 mile from CT. Her name was Rose and he refused to get on the door.

  • Max mackinnon
    Max mackinnon

    From Connecticut! Now live in Maine!

  • Amer Shalhout
    Amer Shalhout

    Unfortunately I live there do not come here unless you want good pizza

  • Gunnar Man
    Gunnar Man

    Once they unhooked that yellow piece of shite that Yota walked right out of the sand! This was a great case of “the driver got stuck…. NOT the vehicle”! *He was a new off roader, where most experienced drivers could of driven that out without any trouble at all!

  • Joe Giordano
    Joe Giordano

    Born an raised C.T.

  • Gamer Dad-Moya1209
    Gamer Dad-Moya1209

    Massachusetts here😎😎

  • Jeffrey Kazzi Jr
    Jeffrey Kazzi Jr

    Connecticut here!

  • Linda Barker
    Linda Barker

    Poor Jamie!

  • Otto Jones
    Otto Jones

    .... and the little blue Toyota never went off road again.

  • B. W
    B. W

    Nothing beats Grandma's Cookies. Change my mind.

  • Christopher Roy
    Christopher Roy

    Connecticut as well, now send some of that glorious sand/dirt here to play in. Great channel

  • Walter Rich
    Walter Rich

    Holy smokes I see that you're not at a maverick LOL

  • Dean Longthon
    Dean Longthon

    It's going to cost me 1000 beans for a tee shirt ?

  • R Stare
    R Stare

    Cool save. From the drone it looked like a pendulum swinging. At least the owner was out having fun with his truck.

  • Daniel G
    Daniel G

    That’s badass

  • Chris Brennan
    Chris Brennan

    im wondering when and if you'll ever get a chance for a guided tour (ride) in the morrvair lol...im betting quite a few people would pay just for the experience of hanging out with the gang doing what they love lol...ive been binging their videos for a week now very entertaining !!!!

  • Newf88 Marystown
    Newf88 Marystown

    Why not add offroad wheels instead of factory 😉 at least it would help with the Tacoma

  • Kryp Ton
    Kryp Ton

    Jaime backseat towing/rescue. Goodness...

  • TJ Adventures
    TJ Adventures


  • L. henry
    L. henry

    Again Matt I highly recommend a partition screen between your back seats and the cargo area on your vehicles. It would be terrible if one of your family or friends was injured by a flying jack or schakle in a mishap.

  • Scott Fitch
    Scott Fitch

    Got to get em out. Lol. Awesome criteria

  • Texasecede0957

    My wife and I ran the BobBon Inn now called Canyon's Lodge in Kanab, Utah.

  • Texasecede0957

    I've been through that canyon several times and we never had this kinda trouble.

  • William Moore
    William Moore

    Wonder when Rudy was being towed what he was reaching for when he popped the hood latch?

  • Anthony Sears
    Anthony Sears

    Ha! Toyota forerunner! proof you can sell ice to eskimos! Test drove one. cant get out of their own way.

  • Redbeard and Fam
    Redbeard and Fam

    Question, why not throw recovery boards under the tires to assist some?

  • Matt Stewart
    Matt Stewart


  • P Krott
    P Krott

    Grunt Style shirts: tell me you're carrying a gun without telling me you're carrying a gun

  • Rokfonda's Clickbait
    Rokfonda's Clickbait

    how much u charge ?

  • Roger Olesen
    Roger Olesen

    I love Rudeys jeep going every place the Corvery goes . It has no special things added to but it goes every where the morver goes , how come ?

  • Mopar_ Dude
    Mopar_ Dude

    It actually didn’t look all that bad. They have definitely handled much more dangerous, and difficult, recoveries.

  • B Yeahbubb
    B Yeahbubb

    live in CT and planning my zion trip!

  • Mister Knight
    Mister Knight

    leave Jamie home next time

  • Alan Barger
    Alan Barger

    Hey Matt how can I get a tee shirt without getting my truck stuck?

    • Alan Barger
      Alan Barger


    • Matt's Off Road Recovery
      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Stop by the shop, or visit us at mattsoffroadrecovery.com

  • Supah Kent
    Supah Kent

    Four years? Psshhh, I've been watching for nearly four minutes without knowing the full extent of what this channel is about, but going on what I've seen thus far, people like the outdoors and super cool vehicles. SUBSCRIBED! Take that!

  • Tenkei Fujiwara but not my real name
    Tenkei Fujiwara but not my real name

    You could’ve used the crawl control… that’s what it’s made for lol

  • Robert Ya
    Robert Ya

    3:04 oh shit thats Dave Hester from storage wars

  • Rob Grubb
    Rob Grubb

    hell yeah jamie!

  • Nicholas Rodriguez
    Nicholas Rodriguez

    I really enjoy all the rescues but did they even try crawl control?

  • vaultman100

    First time view. Enjoyed the experienced based confidence Matt. Your customers made the right decision and were very happy for it. New fan from Durham, Connecticut. 🇺🇸

  • Snake Skin Productions
    Snake Skin Productions

    I'm a few days late and alot of dollars shy but shout out from Connecticut...lol

  • The Great Steve
    The Great Steve

    I've got FOUR YEARS worth of videos to catch up on? Blimey.

  • Peter Loomis
    Peter Loomis

    I was born in kineticit.

  • Barbecue Tech Tips
    Barbecue Tech Tips

    A real driver wouldn't of even got in that situation by himself, much less with his family! Talk about a driver mod needed, learn to drive!

  • Brendan Anderson
    Brendan Anderson

    Not from CT how about VT!

  • JESUS FUENTE DE AMOR Jacksonville Florida
    JESUS FUENTE DE AMOR Jacksonville Florida

    Juan jacksonville fl

  • gary moore
    gary moore

    You always have to have Lizzie sleeping on a dusty, bumpy road.

  • Andrew Stancioff
    Andrew Stancioff

    Another great way to destroy the landscape!

  • Nick Arnold
    Nick Arnold

    Hey. This is Ken Kaniff...from Connecticut....we've been trying to reach you about your cars extended warranty.

  • LiNk O's
    LiNk O's

    Connecticut🤔? Ah...hows about Yuma, Arizona?! 😀

  • Helloverlord

    Compliment to the guy who made morrvair exaust. It sounds great!

  • retro440

    I could listen to the Morvair rumble all day long!! It sounds great.

  • Mike

    The problem is not that you need more gas storage, you just need to remember to fill the tank up that you have.

  • John N
    John N

    Yes Connecticut is in the house!

  • dilbert bob
    dilbert bob

    I had to replay the video describing why he's always running low or out of fuel. He never finished his explanation. If I had to guess, I'd say he forgets to fill up so jerry cans won't help.

  • Lokijohn Smith
    Lokijohn Smith

    From Connecticut here.

  • ali G
    ali G

    Next time if one want to go off road must buy trd off road not like this car trd trail😂😂

  • Viliame Dyer
    Viliame Dyer

    Trust your instructor his bread and butter everyday and has the expertize

  • John Doe
    John Doe


  • Deland Brooks
    Deland Brooks

    What's Lizzy's second job? Seems like she gets enough sleep on this one to be rested for a second one. LOL J/K Lizzy.

  • Bigchimpin

    Matt’s face when the guy says he’s been watching for 4 years.

  • lcarrasco212

    How can this video have dislikes? This was awesome!

  • Armando Rivera
    Armando Rivera

    Connecticut fan over here!

  • Doug Reggio
    Doug Reggio

    Lizzy 🔥

  • Michael Sylvester
    Michael Sylvester

    M.S. from C town Connecticut 😜

  • LethalMercury

    Is this the brake release? @8:41. I guess not. Hopefully the customer notices and shuts that before hitting the freeway.

  • Gary Adams
    Gary Adams

    Yup, Connecticut here. That DID look much worse than it probably was.

  • JTR Films
    JTR Films

    That was the most insane pull That I've seen from Matt! I watched the whole thing with a big smile on my face! KUDOS!!

  • Clayton

    Doesnt even have the plates yet. Wow.

  • Ed Gionet
    Ed Gionet

    I am from Ct. all my life 58 years and love watching you guys Ed

  • SuperYamaGucci

    I love how that guy keeps running to stay directly below the Toyota in case it rolled and/or the rope broke.

  • jc

    Matt, can you tell me why Patagonia tires are your preference? I would love to know. I have a 2018 JKUR and we love to run trails in N. Dakota in the badlands. Currently have General Grabber X3 Mt siped.

  • tmmsplace

    4R n00b: hot damn look at dem hills, boy! Matt: (head in hands) (meditates back to a time when Matt's Teacher: "Now, the Pythagorean theorem says...")

  • Martin

    Man that's some beautiful nature there! We don't have anything remotely like that in the Netherlands. That's horse country.

  • MrFuad1965

    Где Сузуки Джимни ?????????

  • Kvats87

    Lol Dude with a "Grunt Style" American Flag Country shirt and American Flag Decal on his TOYOTA.

  • Matt Reb
    Matt Reb

    Bristol CT