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So I got a call for a broken down vehicle down in one of the toughest trails on earth, the maze.


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  • Bruce menning
    Bruce menning

    shut up about the humidity. Most of this year we've been at 80+

  • Sam Cowart
    Sam Cowart

    I just found your channel today love every minute I’ve watched so far y’all are a real class act hello from northeast Georgia

  • Joe R
    Joe R

    Why didn't you put A/C in the moorvare?

  • P Krott
    P Krott

    if the HF floor jacks are good enough for Matt they're good enough for me

  • Tom Wagner
    Tom Wagner

    Love no curse words

  • Richard Thomas
    Richard Thomas

    It wouldn't be so hot if you removed that dead raccoon from your chin.

  • 46Rambo

    fed cattle this morning, 26* and a foot of snow, the horses on the sled didn't get stuck

  • port starboard
    port starboard

    now just a consarn minute i didnt think humidididity was ever an issue out there

  • Irwin Reed
    Irwin Reed

    What are people thinking taking mine vans and other two wheel drive vehicles out in the dunes?

  • electrontube

    yeah, that van... going back up isn't as easy as going down. looks like a really nice van.

  • Wayne Harriman
    Wayne Harriman

    Has there ever been a Razor that made it home under its own power?

  • Narley

    👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻, Here in FL we die of humid all the time.

  • Arlen Boyer
    Arlen Boyer

    i dont know how you quys can take the heat

  • computer11

    The °F & °c it's a nice detail to aboard people whom like watch you guys 👌

  • Brandon Morris
    Brandon Morris

    Ok Matt, lizzy said dieing of humid stuff at 40%, we got 90 + temp and 90%+ humidity at the same time, all you can do is sit and sweat and it still doesn't cool you down. Lol

  • Bruhilda

    I hate videos with spolier

  • Richard Morehart
    Richard Morehart

    Matt you should keep a yellow flashing bubble light you can throw on top starsky and hutch style

  • Chris Coston
    Chris Coston

    It's just a dry heat.

  • Michael Dickens
    Michael Dickens

    Who does th a t use your head

  • William Pitcher
    William Pitcher

    I was just saying that the only kind of rescue I can't see is beach flood cuz you're not near the ocean. Guess I was wrong. Forgot about boat launches.

  • Nitro

    What engine is that

  • Chris Brummel
    Chris Brummel

    Rudy always gets in the water

  • Photo Not Available
    Photo Not Available

    Oh the humidity of it all.

  • Ken Carnley
    Ken Carnley

    Lizzy is Beautiful and I enjoy the videos

  • Jason Stevens
    Jason Stevens

    When Matt said 1,000,000,000 degrees, Someone should have put "1,000,000,000 F ... 555,555,538 C" on the screen hehe

  • Doug Alexander
    Doug Alexander

    Your Corvair wagon is the coolest thing. Good job in that build. The guys and gal are cool too.

  • Professor Falken
    Professor Falken

    109 degrees is sweater weather

  • Cahya Hurip
    Cahya Hurip

    where is Banana??

  • OldTractors

    98 degrees and 40% humidity? Don't visit Maryland. 98 degrees and 98% humidity is not unusual. You will sweat buckets while standing still in the shade.

  • Philip Jacobs
    Philip Jacobs

    i would like a large tshirt im in the uk

  • Adam Gregory
    Adam Gregory

    Can’t even get my dehumidifier to get us below 44%. Your 109 is much more comfortable than our 80. Believe me, I’ve spent time in both. Our temp and humidity likes to have matching numbers. Vacations in the West and Southwest in the summer are actually a relief for us Midwesterners. Love the show and the weather reports good content.

  • Eric Marquis
    Eric Marquis

    im sorry but that guy is not in need of an XL shirt... hahaha

  • bluenetmarketing

    Trevor is such a classic guy. He would make a wonderful character actor in Hollywood.

  • Tannz_Games

    Lol yall come on down to Alabama and play in our 110 f and 80-90% humidity

  • Elhanafy Monir
    Elhanafy Monir

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  • Diane R
    Diane R

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  • Luke Larive
    Luke Larive

    Come to South Louisiana in August. Then you'll die of humid.

  • Isaac Kvasager
    Isaac Kvasager

    40% humidity...haaha...i would LOVE 40% humidity. I'd take 100F and 40% humidity over what we get in Minnesota in the summer. I dont care what desert people say...dry heat IS actually much less bad.

  • Michael Dickens
    Michael Dickens

    Matt you can freaking drive

  • Firedcylinder

    Man the Morrvair just sounds so good!

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith

    100 degreese is boiling point dam

  • andrewnoble70

    just found your channel good stuff

  • Alex Worden
    Alex Worden

    Where are you guys located. I've been through a long sandy trail a few years ago in a 07 tahoe did not get stuck thankfully with wife and a 2 year old an 4 year old people looking at us like we was crazy haha

  • Owen Cleveland
    Owen Cleveland

    Every time that ol’ trailer comes out i know it’s gonna be food

  • Pac

    I like watching this videos. Learn something new every time. I remember being in Los Vegas at 115f and telling the locals it feels like 90f. I promise 105f in the south with 90% or more humidity is way worse then 97f with 40 percent humidity.

  • Dale Perry
    Dale Perry

    Lizzy is a princess? I can go with that.

  • The Reverend
    The Reverend

    And here in the deep south, 96 and 40% is a lovely day!

  • spacebike

    You should have that trailer as a tilt trailer so it's easier and mount a battery on it!

  • Canadian Nomad
    Canadian Nomad

    No A/C ?

  • TowMan127

    Great video! 🤜🤛

  • Anson Ma
    Anson Ma

    Install fans in your car!

  • icychill105

    im amazed at all these rescue videos and people still try to drive in the dry sand and get stuck in normal street cars.

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker

    40% humidity We are dying of humidity South fl Aww that's cute

  • dunkindan1

    11:15 Such a bad ass car

  • Anthony Murphy
    Anthony Murphy

    I am confused how the tundra got stuck, he was pulling a jet ski

  • Scott Morey
    Scott Morey

    40% humidity.... Thats it! 40% isn't too bad.

  • Daniel Winn
    Daniel Winn

    How do the Harbor Freight winches hold up?

  • Ryan Taylor
    Ryan Taylor

    Temperature isn't as hot as the blonde girl with skills

  • J Wohl
    J Wohl

    Man these guys must have grown up in that heat. I would literally melt on 109 degree weather.

    • Jess Stone
      Jess Stone

      It sounds bad but you get used to it. If you're a desert person. :) The key is the humidity. Dry heat = thumbs up... no problem. But add in humidity and its curtains. You just wanna stay in the AC or the pool.

  • Jose Delao
    Jose Delao

    Hey you I can have one of your T shirt let me know if it's ok I'll send my address can't buy it XXL THANK YOU

  • MPGamingCentral

    I would kill to only have 40% humidity in the summer.... Still really hot either way though

  • frank davis
    frank davis

    40% that's cute it never gets that low here

  • m p
    m p

    Ever smash your head on that roll bar?

  • N911GT2

    40% humidity... that's really dry.

  • Eliot Mansfield
    Eliot Mansfield

    please tell me you secure things like trolley jacks in the boot (trunk) - I know someone who broke their back after being hit in the back of seat by a jack when they had a head on accident

  • gearshift

    Lizzy try 95 with 95 to 100 percent humidity

  • Grady Rogers
    Grady Rogers

    Exhaust sounds good on the banana

  • Philip Dicus
    Philip Dicus

    i could never in a million years get my 18 year old daughter to carry a jack or even check her own oil,im going to show her this video(could you please check the oil in something for another daughter how to video please

  • rupe53

    Here in the northeast we seldom see 40% (or lower) humidity unless it's mid winter and the temps are are in the teens or colder. The rest of the year the humidity is a higher number than the temp most of the time. We hardly ever see over 95 degrees but 80 - 90% humidity is common with anything over 90 degrees.

  • Tim Kaldahl
    Tim Kaldahl

    You're not gonna make it out" Boy this crow tastes good.

  • chickenfishhybrid44

    Those Daytona jacks are heavy as hell. Gotta get an aluminium one for service calls.

  • John L.
    John L.

    You guys crying about the hheat and humidity, i work in a factory in the Northeast and in the summer we are 100 degrees in there for 12 hours and 80 to 90% humidity most of the summer.

    • Jess Stone
      Jess Stone

      That is just horrific!!! I feel for ya, Sir...

  • johny broadbelt
    johny broadbelt

    A greatful service you guys provide . Nice work team .

  • Keaton Tempesta
    Keaton Tempesta

    In FL 40% humidity is low

  • M.B.F

    dont come to my country they will laugh at you because we doing really big job here

  • LookIleftpooponyourpage

    “I didn’t expect to be in this show this soon!” Best line from a customer and obvious fan of the show lol😂😂

  • john padgett
    john padgett

    Must be nice having such low humidity lvls. We retain an avg 80+% humidity around 4 months of the year here in the south

  • Mike Benitez
    Mike Benitez

    Have you guys thought of building a tilt deck trailer would make it easier to recover side by sides that are like thag

  • Giulio M
    Giulio M

    You guys should have Yankem give you guys free Yankem Ropes shirts to pass out, rather than paying for all those Matt's recovery shirts to give away.

  • Mahmoud Eljedwy
    Mahmoud Eljedwy

    How do you guys understand how hot it is with Fahrenheit Degrees!!!!!

  • ekujj13

    That last van had a Matt’s recovery plate????

  • levi strnad
    levi strnad

    that last guy was in denial that he was stuck XD.

  • Terry Pendergrass
    Terry Pendergrass

    Dude in the van probably turned around and went back in!

  • Dan Vercillo
    Dan Vercillo

    He could have taken his boots off before going in the water. He ended up taking them off anyway. Thats on him. The wet jeans are not a big deal. I probably would have dove under to fully cool down.

  • 83 GT/Brian
    83 GT/Brian

    I'm seeing a pattern of broken RZRs.

  • Joey Allison
    Joey Allison

    "The hole is small" Isn't that every man's dream? Just say'n

  • Gayle Sweeney
    Gayle Sweeney

    Great job

  • Dustin Grooms
    Dustin Grooms

    I love hearing them complain about 40% humidity...LOL! Come to NC in the summer, 98 degrees and 98% humidity is the norm... Still love all your videos. Utah is on my travel to list!

  • Sotm

    Is Rudy Matt's Son??

  • Hugh W
    Hugh W

    Good dude you got out of the water. That’s awesome.

  • Today Now
    Today Now

    When it gets cooler weather how about some videos of taking the dogs along and Ed, that makes a great video content, like to see dogs and Ed in videos, yep, he has fans. Your team make the business happen, they all work well together. And you run into some hard tows all the time. Your company is all about team work.

  • Pjangles Smith
    Pjangles Smith

    I got my toes In the water. Ass In the sand. Got me laughing

  • jesseplz

    On the cars are you attaching to the lower swing arm?

  • Michael Angelos
    Michael Angelos

    Razor with the busted wheel at the Sand dunes? First time for everything, I guess.

  • Jacob Porter
    Jacob Porter

    “How hard should I punch it?” 😅

  • Eijah Martin
    Eijah Martin

    I wouldn’t do a tv show if I were you guys. Nothing beats the authenticity of this and I think that’s one of the major appeals

  • Whidbey Hiker
    Whidbey Hiker

    When I was a kid I got to watch a drunk dude back his 1960 el Camino into the lake to pull his boat out, then buried it when he tried to pull forward, he then hooked his motorhome to the el Camino and proceeded to bury that, then he hooked up his sons 1968 chevy 4X4 and buried it too. Then his wife asked him if he had released the emergency brake in the el Camino (he hadn't). It was definitely the little train that didn't.

  • CryptoKing

    Matt, Would be nice to have somewhere on the Morvair or the Banana (Or both) to hookup the trailer winch to, You would get a lot more power running the 14+VDC that the alternator puts out rather than just 12VDC or less and you wouldn't use any battery power, The alternator would supply plenty of amps. Have a connector in the back of the Morvair with good 4 gauge power cables coming from the main battery, Keep some slack cable in the trailer box with the opposite connector so you could plug it in when needed. You could still use the booster box if the trailer is towed by another vehicle.

  • Ryan Stockwell
    Ryan Stockwell

    Tak about a qualified captain

  • Mike Sandberg
    Mike Sandberg

    Great videos keep them coming.