This Is Going To Hurt, Working On The Jeep Banana
Matt's Off Road Recovery
So I got a build project and Lizzy's getting some new gear.

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Ed's LJ20 Stuck 40 Years In The Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

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  • Matt's Off Road Recovery
    Matt's Off Road Recovery

    You can keep up on the restoration of Ed’s JL20 on Fab Rats channel.

    • Myco Night
      Myco Night

      Got my signed Banana in today, this will definitely be a permanent part of my collection!

    • David Wayne
      David Wayne

      YEP- been looking at it.. :)

    • DEZERVED-420

      Just realized I wasn't subscribed. Am now.

    • Mikell Miller
      Mikell Miller

      I've been watching!!!👍😎

    • Trainzguy2472

      That Suzuki Sidekick looks pretty nice too. Wonder if you could throw a bigger engine in it? 🤔

  • B D Smith
    B D Smith

    Thank you for your service to Ed & all the veterans. On Nov 11 I lost a good friend who was a Canadian Korean veteran he was severely wounded on the front lines. A US MASH unit saved his life. Integrity, Honour, and Valour are words he lived by. RIP Harold Shinnimin.

  • Alex R
    Alex R

    Matt, When things like that happen you have to remember that a genius doesn't make mistakes, they create challenges for themselves. 😁 Great channel, thanks for all the uploads, and thanks for setting a good example of how I think people should behave. :-)

  • Ty 222
    Ty 222

    That comment from Matt "it takes a big man to admit he made a mistake, and I'm not a big man" 🤣🤣 I literally laughed out loud!! Thank you for always making my days better you guys!

    • Ty 222
      Ty 222

      I absolutely love this channel, I wish so bad that I still lived in St. George! I would work for you guys for free! 😜 Matt is the best teacher, always patient and understanding. I aspire to be like Matt 😊

  • B Boswell
    B Boswell

    Lizzie is my hero! Wife material if I were 30 years younger.

  • B Boswell
    B Boswell

    How has that Badlands winch worked for you?

  • Johnny Bee
    Johnny Bee

    Lizzy should do ufc.

  • T man
    T man

    All I'm going to say is 4:13 build it

  • Josh Wisler
    Josh Wisler

    "Awwww! I wanted to hit it with a hammer!" Matt is such a child at heart and it makes for some very entertaining moments.

  • Michael Burns
    Michael Burns

    Matt is one awesome guy.

  • Jason Spradlin
    Jason Spradlin

    I saw thatt Suzuki on Fabrats channel earlier today, and I still can't believe the condition that thing is in. That body is pristine, it almost hurts watching the engine getting yanked out.


    I follow you guys all yours adventours from ENSENADA BAJA CALIFORNIA MEXICO 🇲🇽.. house off the La Bufadora!!

  • Akira

    I’m new to the channel is Lizzy Matt’s daughter? The entire channel gives me family vibes

  • Connie Chamberlain
    Connie Chamberlain

    Thank you,nice bunch of people.I enjoy watching...

  • rokey Sanchez
    rokey Sanchez

    Hi I’m new subscriber of your NLthrow channel and I love it, I’m watching from Baja Mex and I would like to buy one of your T shirt please tell how or where I can order it?

  • Robert Fischer
    Robert Fischer

    Great job Lizzy!!!😜


    Lizzie is going to be a master welder soon

  • mike perez
    mike perez

    Very impressed with Lizzy's welding skills

  • Christopher Mullins
    Christopher Mullins

    Lizzy is a rockstar!

  • TowMan127

    Lizzy is awesome! Always gets down and dirty with the crew and helps tackle any job.

  • Jeffery Powell
    Jeffery Powell

    why would you not use s 80 black pipe

  • Lou Grant
    Lou Grant

    You guys are awesome. Thanks for the video

  • Russ Post
    Russ Post

    Is lizzy Matt's daughter ?

    • flyboy 2610
      flyboy 2610


  • Joseph G.
    Joseph G.

    More Banana in action please.

  • Gary Watts
    Gary Watts

    Lizzy learning another great life trade! Awesome!

  • Balls Out 4x4
    Balls Out 4x4

    Matt, a trick I picked up on welding thread inserts on links is to coat the heck out of the threads in nozzle gel before welding, it keeps the threads from getting "gaulded" from the heat

  • OcRefrigeration , Hvac & Electrical Video's.
    OcRefrigeration , Hvac & Electrical Video's.

    What ! ... No " Glitter "on the Helmet Lizzy ???

  • OcRefrigeration , Hvac & Electrical Video's.
    OcRefrigeration , Hvac & Electrical Video's.

    Lizzy's New Business in 2030 - " Lizzy's Welding & Offroad Recovery ".

  • Thomas Maiden
    Thomas Maiden

    It's really great that you are teaching Lizzy this stuff. The tutorial helps Lizzy, but also your viewers.

  • David Amato
    David Amato

    Lizzie is awesome!

  • Michael Twing
    Michael Twing

    We call that “fudge and fix” technique

  • kali urayanza
    kali urayanza

    Great Job! Lizzie 🤙🏼🤙🏼. Big Thanks!! Matt 🍻🤙🏼🤙🏼

  • Xplor_Mor Overland
    Xplor_Mor Overland

    Y’all are just the best. 👍

  • jeff west
    jeff west

    Matt a man who never makes a mistake never makes anything

  • Gntl Stone
    Gntl Stone

    AKA, The One Where Lizzie Becomes A Master Welder. GO GIRRRRL!!!! Welding is one of the skills I wish I had learned from my Dad when I had the chance.

  • Build Theory
    Build Theory

    Yall need to find a nice sponsor to send you some ratcheting wrenches and some ball peen hammers 😉. Great stuff as always! 👍

  • Hellen Beer
    Hellen Beer

    You guys can be soooo Dorky! I love it!

  • 대깨비

    If you think Lizzy's welding job is better than Matt. : ) Click Like.

  • Salvatore Baleno
    Salvatore Baleno

    Love the green helmet alizzy. It's just about the same color as my 68FLH Harley Davidson.

  • Lowen Nunn
    Lowen Nunn

    what kind of tires are on the banana?

  • cort jampole
    cort jampole

    As a Philly guy, love the old school Eagles Kelly green helmet for Lizzy. She is going to be a very good fabricator.

  • Jason

    Started watching you guys this summer and well let's say I am addicted to your channel. I was in Vegas this past week and almost drove to just say hi/get a tshirt. I think it would be cheaper to buy a tshirt from you guys but think the consensus is you have to "earn" your tshirt. The rental car I had in Vegas definitely would have got me stuck anywhere there was sand. lol! Someday, I will make it out to "earn" my tshirt. Keep up the great content.

  • Dan Schlangen
    Dan Schlangen

    I once treated a guy for corneal burns who had been doing paperwork all day with welding going on behind his back. He was injured by the reflections. Don't underestimate welding flash.

  • captainjerk

    Great job! Looks like fun! :D

  • Brian G. Ellman
    Brian G. Ellman

    Do we know how Lizzy found this job. our Lizzy is a diamond.

  • Robert Penamon
    Robert Penamon

    A “Children’s welding department?” 😳 … Go Lizzy! … Another AWESOME video! 😎❤️🛻

  • robert robertson
    robert robertson

    Matt you are a Gorilla weldar The welds are ugly but strong

  • Mark De Sanctis
    Mark De Sanctis

    Lizzy should be wearing her welding jacket

  • Michael Koop
    Michael Koop

    Great job u all.

  • John Thompson
    John Thompson

    Matt, speaking of Ed's Suzuki, when will it be completed? No one will cares if Fab Rat's completes any of his projects if Ed doesn't get to see his car!!!!!!

  • W B
    W B

    12:20 Loctite Anti-sieze. Just one more Oxymoron.

  • Brandon's Shop
    Brandon's Shop

    Awesome that Lizzie now has her own welding helmet! 👍 Also, it's time for ratcheting wrenches.

  • BickDutt

    Question for you guys. Whenever I'm working on a vehicle I curse like a sailor. Do you guys have to edit it all out or does having the camera on help?

  • David Blalock
    David Blalock

    Lizzy is just the cutest. ❤️‍🔥

  • CabooseVX9

    Iv seen it in a video but u guys should practice it for if u ever need to do it on a recovery but they used two truck batteries and jumper cables and just a welding stick or rod and the hooked the batteries together and put the weld rod on the to one end of the jumper cables and was welding with it. Pretty much everything u would have on a trail except the welding rods but those r small ish so wouldn’t be hard to find a spot to just have incase

  • Ray Conger
    Ray Conger

    " Nothin' New " LOL ! ! WOW Lizzy. And she can WELD too!Reverse threads would throw a curve to most people.

  • Mr2greys

    I would have pulled the JJs whendoing the final welding. the inner poly bushing doesnt really like heat. I learnt that when I swapped out my TJs front axle to a HP Dana 30, I did JJs for all joints

  • ryan turner
    ryan turner

    Shouldn’t you have put some plug welds in the ends for added strength on the bungs???

  • iNawrocki

    How you know someone lives in the American Southwest - Every forecast pretty much starts off with how the wind is. I can't stand winter and spring in New Mexico, the wind and silt is just hideous.

  • harleycharley

    Lizzy is one classy young lady! A Blonde Welder....that is an amazing combination!! Good work, great video!

  • Mike \
    Mike \

    For the algorithm

  • iNawrocki

    You guys are so cool. You just get raw material for everything and fab whatever. The fact that this is including things like gates AROUND the shop, too, is just cool lol.

  • iNawrocki

    "People think I'm a Jeep expert, but I'm not. I'm an expert on this Jeep!" I totally get that, lol. I know every single surface of my XJ, inside and out, but I couldn't do shit on any other Jeep. Probably find my way around an old TJ, since they're practically the same engine bay.

  • ydoucare55

    She welds better than I ever could. Fantastic job

  • Lechken Assh
    Lechken Assh

    Damn no smoke-able joints. LOL

  • John Bowen
    John Bowen

    Heat shrink from welding is what made your threads rough. You know that, you been doing this long enough. LOL

  • David Barnsley
    David Barnsley

    As an older person who drops things regularly these days I was told recently that is the first sign of onset dementia Lizzie did get a hat for under the helmet You should always wear one as when it splashes and the hot bits land on your head they burn real nice Plus it keeps your hair clean I change the screen every couple of months when I’m welding a lot Always were a proper welding shire so you don’t get real bad uv burns from the welder

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson

    Someone needs to nominate Matt for boss of the year. He knows how to take care of his employees.

  • Ben Macintire
    Ben Macintire

    Makes such a difference being able to actually see the weld puddle

  • gmb63

    LOL @ Matt "Why does life have to be so difficult"? I always thought the same thing Matt your not alone.

  • River Rat
    River Rat

    Lizzy was like a kid on Christmas with the new welding gear.. great video

  • Cole Zautcke
    Cole Zautcke

    What helmet did lizzie get?

  • Sauron969

    Nice gear lizzy! And also your subs are getting up there that's awesome for you guys. 🤟

  • Catpurrson3

    It's wonderful to see, over time, how Matt has brought Lizzy along to acquire skills and do things most young women wouldn't even consider. And she excels and not afraid of doing "different/scary" things (e.g., getting into a vehicle that's almost on its side, using a flame thrower). Congrats, Lizzy, on your new kit. Feels awesome, doesn't it? In short: YOU GO GIRL!

  • Christopher Payan
    Christopher Payan

    Can I trade you a Suzuki body and frame 😎 please don’t chop it up!

  • VX Adventures
    VX Adventures

    Team work makes the dream work x2.

  • Jeff

    The green helmet looks like something out of Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles!

  • Stacey Lott
    Stacey Lott

    Lizzy is to 😎

  • Craig Narramoore
    Craig Narramoore

    Mr Claw hammer: The right tool for the job.

  • Mike Ellis
    Mike Ellis

    This video is all digital and wonkey.

  • Tj Walker
    Tj Walker

    Going and getting her everything she needs was awesome!! She thought she was getting helmet but got alot more. Such a blessing.

  • Ant R
    Ant R

    We need live stream Q@A

  • Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams

    Looks like Lizzie is ready to start stacking dimes...

  • Trevor McGregor
    Trevor McGregor

    Matt, why not have a torque wrench in the shop so Lizzie knows exactly how tight to torque the bolts?

  • Saad h
    Saad h

    Great crew keep it up guys 👍🏼😎

  • John L
    John L

    Ed is a National Treasure. He’s a to the point person

  • 100Jeanluc

    Lizzie......look at my guns. lol.

  • Terry Baptist
    Terry Baptist

    Why not try to un seize the original engine that's in the golden nugget?

  • DECK-eM J
    DECK-eM J

    dang!!! way to go Lizzy!!! I Love seeing women weld!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Corey's Gaming
    Corey's Gaming

    Kinda curious how much body roll you have lol cause I'm on stock arms so I couldn't imagine yours

  • Najier Patel
    Najier Patel

    Get it liz!

  • Youtuber

    Where the hood where the hood where the hood at?!

  • Jordan Trujillo
    Jordan Trujillo

    What radiator/size are y’all running on the Morrvair and the Banana? I’m wanting to do what you did with my XJ.

  • Chadwick

    Pro-tip Matt... Use all right handed or left handed joints. You only keep one spare and if something moves it's because it's broken. How often are you really going to be changing toe or caster or in the case of an A-arm suspension, camber? Usually it's a one and done setting after some initial testing. -from a guy who has almost lost a tie rod going way too fast and never wanted to even worry about it again.

    • Chadwick

      Another tip- use a bolt instead of your joints to weld the tube adapters. When you do this pit some nozzle dip (anti-spatter goo) on the bolt.

  • rockmahala513

    Is lizzie carrying a benchmade knife?

  • Tim Usiak
    Tim Usiak

    I love the big block reference at the end....I'm a suzuki guy and own a samurai, 1.6l baby lol

  • turbodog717

    15:49 I saw what you did there 😊

  • andri razmadze
    andri razmadze

    so, did you have to get an Aloe soothing gel for your arms next morning, Lizzy? :))

  • Tyler Beekman
    Tyler Beekman

    Haha Lizzy's hood isn't going to stay clean too long seeing how close she is while welding....I used to do the same when I first started tho... Looking like nice welds from what I can see tho...Matt's a good teacher😉😄

  • LonerRider951

    I live 5 minutes from fort Mohave AZ. Would have been cool to run into you guys.