How Do We Fix This? Worst Week Ever.
Matt's Off Road Recovery
So I got a build to fix the Jeep Banana, but this week was probably the worst we ever had.


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  • Jeff S.
    Jeff S.

    So much for the new engine break-in period. 😀

    • Robert Weitlauf
      Robert Weitlauf

      transmission doesn't shift all that good. i break my shit in by putting it in the car and take it to the strip. if it don't break then im in.

    • you said
      you said

      @Rodney Harris I've used this method for all my cars. My '14 Impala, I took it to the freeway, accelerated to 75 at a normal pace, got off, got back on at a slightly quicker pace, and repeated that 4 or 5 times and considered it broke in. My '20 Camaro, I took it to the freeway, gunned the absolute balls out of it to "75," hit the exit, got back on, gunned it to "75" and repeat. My '12 Cruze I didn't even bother doing anything special. Just drive it and make sure you don't use cruise control or spend more than 5 or 10 minutes at the same speed. My '08 Yamaha R6, I took it up to Miller Motorsports Park when that was still around and raced it straight from the factory all day, put well over 300 miles on it. '12 Honda CBR250rr got a similar treatment up the canyon. Never had engine trouble in any vehicle I've ever owned. Worst repair I've ever had to do was a ball bearing on my Impala from taking it on a rough dirt road a few too many times. The Cruze I still have, it runs alright but the transmission is notoriously crap so it's slipping a little, I'm sure I'll be putting a new one in it within a year or two.

    • Rich Wood
      Rich Wood

      @Ayla Hughes Could be as simple as a broken gasket around an individual port. Deeper problems such as cracked intake runners have been found. How many can you think of?

    • G5

      @ronald simmons Yes, but the "gentle" camp is wrong. Engineering engines is my livelihood. Easy break ins are the best way to assure poor ring seating, oil consumption, and high blowby. Most OEMs will run new builds on a test dyno (*at full load*) before shipping them with a manual (written by lawyers) saying to go easy on the engine. DO what they do, not what they say.

    • Bub Dawg's What do you think?
      Bub Dawg's What do you think?

      Break it in hard and it will work hard for you🤣

  • Brett Gardner
    Brett Gardner

    kudos y'all

  • Kevin Phage
    Kevin Phage

    This is actually a great video and a lot of fun. Lizzy needs to get some sleep, her eyes are showing it. Trevor saying he dropped the ball is actually him saying he worked his but off but he’s too humble to admit it.

  • Duane Hancock
    Duane Hancock

    As a kid, I lived in Hatch, UT and went to school in Panguitch, UT.

  • rastachip

    This channel brings me joy…and hope..i wish more people were as nice as you all are….

  • Shawn Bossert
    Shawn Bossert

    Good job Trevor! Banana 🍌 Rollin on 37's!

  • Doug Alexander
    Doug Alexander

    Mom!!! Matt’s a gear head.

  • Cooking in the Dark
    Cooking in the Dark

    i love the dash in the bannana lol

  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    AND THIS IS WHY WE LOVE MATT!!! LOL he is a mad man like us on the east coast so from the east NICE BURN ON THOSE BIG OL 37S OR 38S what ever size those skins are nice smoke show matt!!!

  • Daniel Bonner
    Daniel Bonner

    Next time your in FL, you should get up with Cleetus. Somebody needs to introduce that boy to rock crawling 😎

  • Thomas Del Grosso
    Thomas Del Grosso

    "we're on a boat" -awesome

  • Brent Miller
    Brent Miller

    It's nice to know that things WILL get done even when the boss thinks they can't because he's not there to tell his crew how, what, when, where and why to do things ---- RIGHT Matt?

  • edgeofeternity101

    Did you go to the North Turn Restaurant? I had a shrimp dinar and it was excellent.

  • iNawrocki


  • White Dragon
    White Dragon

    Wow, it looks like the Morrvair was painted dark brown.... LOL

  • Bryn Deamer
    Bryn Deamer

    Great editing on the story telling part at the beginning!

  • Kevin Williams
    Kevin Williams

    Its funny, I leave Florida to go out west to vacation, you guys leave Utah to go to Florida.

  • Martin Wilson
    Martin Wilson

    Nothing is more childish than burning the tread off of a good set of tires.......I love the guys on this channel, but seriously, grow up.

  • Michael Dickens
    Michael Dickens

    I love that your singing blondie that is so cool

  • Pig Stain
    Pig Stain

    That time when your boss does a burnout in the office .. on work day .. sign me up to work there !

  • GoldenPants

    love the clips of matt on vacation lmfao!

  • Mike Britton
    Mike Britton

    Guess ya got plenty of money for more tires. It's ok. Make it up by charging the customers more.

  • American CITIZEN
    American CITIZEN

    Nice shirt Ed!👍

  • Charles Goff
    Charles Goff

    Who's burning Rubber??????

  • Charles Goff
    Charles Goff

    There's a Ticket looking for a place to happen.

  • Stevie Ray
    Stevie Ray

    Wait, I got it. How about focusing on your business, clients, and employees instead of a bunch of mouth breathers on NLthrow! This channel contributes nothing to mankind. But wait! There's one more nothing after this commercial interruption of your numb brained idleness! Go grab some caramel corn syrup fluoride water and a bag of unnatural GMO chemically ranch flavored corn chips and I'll meet you back here after this commercial of a white man with a black wife and 3 phillipino babies...

  • Cliff Shawn
    Cliff Shawn

    "We are on a boat!" 😂😂😂

  • stalbaum

    Oh yeah, that is not a yellow corvair any more.

  • EatingInternet

    You guys have the coolest job ever

  • C DP
    C DP

    who done it!!

  • Bob Haskin
    Bob Haskin

    That tranny needs a kit to make it shift crisper... Nice work boys and Girl

  • Phase Change
    Phase Change

    I think i have the same air intake does yours whistle ?

  • Barry Davidson
    Barry Davidson

    Is Lizzy Matt's daughter?

  • mbolduc

    I hope Rudy's getting paid to wear those shades

  • buzzscb

    This is a discovery channel show but without the crap

  • Cliff Cross
    Cliff Cross

    Ed's weather report at the end was Awesome, especially with his new shirt. Thank you guys for the videos.

  • Mastercreamer

    Matt the only guy who’s an actual man on the group besides Ed. The rest are boys

  • Ron G
    Ron G

    I must say that was a clickbait title and thumbnail.

  • Jose Bustamante
    Jose Bustamante

    With air leak for white smoke.

  • TacoBag Charlie
    TacoBag Charlie

    NGL if i had to choose between playing in the moorvair and going to florida id go play in the moorvair lol

  • skodbolle

    Please don't ever sell this to a TV station! This is my favorite new show! :D

  • VX Adventures
    VX Adventures

    Ed's closing scene. When the sun is out I got my guns out! 💪

  • Jon Courtney
    Jon Courtney

    Wouldn't you get better gas mileage if you have the fan only run when the engine is hot instead of on-all-the-time yeah? Less burning gas means a better profit margin, which is better for business, or am I missing something here?

  • Albert Orozco
    Albert Orozco

    Trevor and lizzy are awesome. I think trevor should be validated more. He is a a genius work horse.

  • theyetirulrs

    6:44 omg yup they been mudding!

  • Raymond Balcom
    Raymond Balcom

    I noticed on the banana hummer rims Did you clearance the centers to fit your hubs? For sure if they were On a early dodge Dana 70 That’s a very healthy 6 banger…!

  • Sotm

    Is Ruddy Your son Matt??

  • Jim C
    Jim C

    6:11 - Mud color is not as appealing as the washed color scheme. Prob. last time Lizzy wanted to wash it. (Whats the point of trying to keep it shinny). 🙃

  • Witherskeloton 208
    Witherskeloton 208

    My favored part we’re mat at we’re on a boat

  • Gayle Sweeney
    Gayle Sweeney

    Boys and their toys!

  • Jay Stax
    Jay Stax

    never have understood burnouts .... spend a lot of money on tires that grip well and make um bald as quick as possible ... I guess if that's what you wana do

  • randy

    Whats with the hawaiian shirt Matt, are you sending a message.

  • L H
    L H

    I've got a semi stock 96 XJ 2 door 4.0 H.O. with huge Falkens all around and can't get it to light the tires up like that..had to have been wet ground.

    • L H
      L H

      Just saw the Stroker vid..nevermind.

  • port starboard
    port starboard

    boss is away mice'll play

  • C.W MOSS
    C.W MOSS


  • Levy Dan
    Levy Dan

    It’s great to see Ed back on the saddle.

  • Levy Dan
    Levy Dan

    Hey guys. I want to buy stock on your business. Go public !!

  • tony gonzalez
    tony gonzalez

    You did great all of you what a great group of people 👏 👍 😀

  • Manuel Serrano
    Manuel Serrano

    Love you 😍 lizzy

  • Chris Cantella
    Chris Cantella

    check out 12:02 that folks is what a sh@3 eating grin looks like...

  • Pig Stain
    Pig Stain

    Amazing people and amazing fun team , love you all from Bali island ❤

  • bcslack09

    I wish I could afford to burn tires.

  • Jeff Pope
    Jeff Pope

    This is my new favorite MORR video.👍 Loved the “interview collage”.

  • Hawk Eye
    Hawk Eye

    LUG 👍

  • George Newport
    George Newport

    who is Lizzy or Lindsey?

  • sidj76


  • James Cozzitorto
    James Cozzitorto

    Tip for anyone stuck in mud or water up to their exhaust never and I repeat never shut your car off water can get sucked back up into your engine... If your gon be stupid and having fun somewhere out in the middle of no where always go prepared full tank extra gas car battery charger tire pump I got myself a little 300 psi motorized pump that plugs into my cigarette lighter. You'll be thankful later cause you never know

  • Civilization Biggest lie
    Civilization Biggest lie

    01:20 He's trans ?

  • James Lanier
    James Lanier

    WOW! what an edit!

  • craigshred13

    For a second I thought it was Boyd Coddington lol

  • Fred Alves
    Fred Alves

    Matt looks like Boyd Coddington in that Hawaiian shirt..

  • Jason Hauer
    Jason Hauer

    Man I miss my XJ

  • Rags722

    Why do I love this channel so much? You guys are the greatest. Any chance of getting a 20 second clip of Lizzy doing some rodeo?

  • Sameer Narkar
    Sameer Narkar

    GT is best

  • Nic Restrepo Sus
    Nic Restrepo Sus

    I love how confortable with NLthrow and cameras and putting on a show hes gotten. I hadn’t visited the channel in a while. Aaaand we’ve learned the art of clickbait titling!! Pretty cool.

  • ABob

    Great video style

  • rex springer
    rex springer

    You guys are awesome!

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones

    Need to see the mud bog recovery in full!


    I started to like this family, I think there is more employee employer attittude still remains between people. Matt u hav to erase it to alittle to none. They their expressions ll be more natural..

  • Vortec Garage
    Vortec Garage

    I love how the jeep parks itself through the door it is magically in the shop nice edit

  • chanceapants

    Cool video. I've been away a week too. About to go through withdrawals

  • Lee Byrd
    Lee Byrd

    Fam I love Trevor's shirt. If he doesn't want it plz mail it to me. Thx.

  • PDaddy Warbux
    PDaddy Warbux

    Awesome burnout !!!!!!

  • OpenEye Automobile
    OpenEye Automobile

    This is the rare time we don't start with "We got a call ..."

  • James D. Buzzard
    James D. Buzzard

    Love the shirts guys especially Trevors 😂

  • P MAE
    P MAE

    I love this channel, but why would you waste tires you paid good money for just to make smoke?

  • Jeremy Freestone
    Jeremy Freestone

    Throw a turbo on it.

  • Names_Stryker

    How do you guys like the Hercules line of power tools? Are they worth the savings compared to Milwaukee?

  • TheLoner801

    Where in Florida did you guys go?

  • xJG91x

    Yeah the sand castle looked like a geoduck alright. 😆

  • Tony-The-Tiger Johns
    Tony-The-Tiger Johns

    I know that you have probably already said it somewhere but, what engine is in that Jeep?

    • Tony-The-Tiger Johns
      Tony-The-Tiger Johns

      Well, as soon as I posted that I found my answer.

  • Scott Symonds
    Scott Symonds

    JAYMIE! There are no MAVERICKS in Florida! The boys must’ve STARVED!!

  • Donald Heigh
    Donald Heigh

    Lizzy is stunning

  • snowboundtours

    looks like a map guy would go a long way for you guys. sheesh!

  • DeathFromBlaow

    Gooey duck 😂

  • mervjb

    We need more pics of Lizzy in full cowboy mode. Before I get some guff, Lizzy herself, called it a cowboy hat. 😇

  • Burton Matchett
    Burton Matchett

    Were on a boat! Lol i love it

  • woody4u247

    That was a fun episode to watch! Great editing. See how well the entire team does even when Matt is gone? They get it done. Also like watching the behind the scenes screwing around & bloopers. What a fun group. Looks like the banana still needs a fan shroud?

  • Dustin Tunis
    Dustin Tunis

    I'm watching this a week later and not reading 2K comments to see if anybody else asked, but is there going to be another Banana vs Morrvair episode?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery
      Matt's Off Road Recovery


  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    Lizzie should go sleeveless moreoften! Ed, looks like he’s been in florida for years. He’s the only one without a farmers tan!