We Finally Made It To Ed's LJ20 In The Sierra Nevada Mountains
Matt's Off Road Recovery
So I got a call for Ed's LJ20 stuck in the Sierra Nevada mountains. It's time to help a well deserving friend.

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Ed's LJ20 Stuck 40 Years In The Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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Note To Self...Avoid Holes Deeper Than Me.

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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

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  • Jbray DA9
    Jbray DA9

    Your jeep is amazing matt.

  • First Last
    First Last

    This is like the modern day camel trophy. Awesome

  • For the Koz of Helping Others
    For the Koz of Helping Others

    Children did a great job in making it

  • Steve T
    Steve T

    should a rented a helicopter

  • Richard Stevenson
    Richard Stevenson


  • Josi Atokirina
    Josi Atokirina

    The Banana mini dozer would have been handy on that trail! Great adventure. Thank You for sharing the fun!

  • Donald Sexton
    Donald Sexton

    Oh Guys . . . Serpentine is Asbestos . . . Don’t be drilling and making dust to breath.

  • how not to game
    how not to game

    Why tow the banana?

  • jay dickey
    jay dickey

    Ed must have been one hell of a driver back in the day. That little rig with a little four banger and tiny tires?


    Would liked to see more of the overhanging ledge / cave by the water. Would possibly make a nice ATV or backpacker's camp spot! Any fishing?

  • John Grimes
    John Grimes

    thats uncredible. i love to hear amazing stories like that. glad to see you got to it. No amount of effort is to much when it comes to earning that feeling of accomplishment you get from completing a feat such as this. much respect to matt and the crew for being will to take on a task like this.

  • B.G. OPP
    B.G. OPP

    Need a CJ

  • Kevin Bode
    Kevin Bode

    Funny, the nugget would fit easily.

  • bigbobk1963

    That was HELLLLLL OF A VIDEO!!!!! Glad saw Lizzy on Fab Rats and followed to ur guys channel and subscribed :)

  • oskallife

    What Eds was smoking back in the time???

  • Kevin King
    Kevin King

    NEVER make fun of the cook!

  • Dana

    That was insane! Great episode!

  • Lee Byrd
    Lee Byrd

    I didn't know Eric stayed strapped. From one carrier to another 🤙

  • joe black
    joe black

    It's called a bulldozer....

  • Big Country
    Big Country

    That jeep is a frickin animal!!!

  • heidi271

    I don’t know how you can get anything out of it

  • Edward Schmitt
    Edward Schmitt


  • Dreams of snow
    Dreams of snow

    I know it's about a great adventure you guys are undertaking but its truly awesome that you're doing this for Ed 👍KUDDOS .

  • Bryce Hellwig
    Bryce Hellwig

    Living in northern california and nevada for years before moving to arizona. Makes me miss how amazing those woods are

  • Helio Soares
    Helio Soares

    Howesome work! Guys, You are amazing!

  • Joshua Cox
    Joshua Cox

    Should of brought a renegade.

  • Tristin Price
    Tristin Price

    Put a grand into a decent jackhammer I’m sure it’ll make situations like this much easier. In the time you rigged up the winch you coulda softened and moved enough with a jackhammer to get by.

  • Adam T253
    Adam T253

    At 21:10 if you value your arm you should keep it in the vehicle at all times.

  • Karl

    ONLY in America!🥰

  • Karl

    AMAZING 👍❤️

  • Truer words have never been spoken, My Princess!
    Truer words have never been spoken, My Princess!

    What's the yellow and grey truck? It looks like jeep/kaiser wagoneer from the 70s?

  • Cindy Connour
    Cindy Connour

    I think there should be Adult Driving Diapers for roads like this🤣

  • Cindy Connour
    Cindy Connour

    This is crazy!

  • Giant Scale
    Giant Scale

    saw some big foots peaking out the bushes

  • Zach

    As someone who has managed to infect myself with poison oak more times than I can count, all I could think through the video was, "Do they know that are probably standing in the poison oak?" Glad it was called out at lunch! Stuff's nasty!

  • Daniel Pounds
    Daniel Pounds


  • P Krott
    P Krott


  • phil towle
    phil towle

    He cuts down trees, he wears high heels suspenders and a bra.

  • Sam Tenney
    Sam Tenney

    Maybe a dumb question.... but did you use frame stiffeners on the xj

  • MrT

    This was a great vid and venture. You guys do this right. BTW, you're all crazy. :-)

  • jeremy ogburn
    jeremy ogburn

    Awesome video and you guys are great friends for doing that for Ed

  • Ryan Schuette
    Ryan Schuette

    LOL"I still wana know what they were smoking"LMFAO

  • Ryan Schuette
    Ryan Schuette

    I love when Ed said something like I hope there is no snow,and then he did that laugh afterwards, o man I love when Ed does that short laugh, it's cute hahaha

  • Matthew Cronin
    Matthew Cronin

    Love me some ED!

  • xjaguarxstormx

    9:23 He depressed ma guy

  • Marlon Williams
    Marlon Williams

    Why did he park it for a year and come back a year later? Makes no sense to me

  • 110% America Loving PATRIOT
    110% America Loving PATRIOT

    A big skid steer with tracks and bucket would have came in handy🤣

  • K Sut
    K Sut

    Could they have used a helicopter to air lift it out?

  • Jesse Barraza
    Jesse Barraza


  • Danny Hartline
    Danny Hartline

    Perserviere … well done lads and lass!

  • Boxed Fender
    Boxed Fender

    Forest floor has good grip so you had that going for ya

  • Jeff Mclearen
    Jeff Mclearen

    Holy balls that was a SERIOUS job🤭

  • Marcelo Romero
    Marcelo Romero

    All I can think of is all that Poison Oak. I’m itching just watching this.

  • Ronnie Freeto
    Ronnie Freeto

    Woohoo! Reno!! You stopped at the Mavericks right by my house! So wish I could have said hi! Love what you guys do!

  • Steve French
    Steve French

    build a geo tracker

  • Travis Tetzloff
    Travis Tetzloff

    Reminded of the Camel Trophy days. Skill, adventure and fun!

  • Paolo Gianni
    Paolo Gianni

    Ed has the classic nicotine infused smokers voice. You don't hear voices now with this quality as often as you used to. It's slowly fading away as fewer people take up smoking at an early age.

  • Trece Daves
    Trece Daves

    As much effort that went into this recovery would it have been much easier to Johnny Cash it? (One piece at a time).

  • Ronnie K
    Ronnie K

    In no shape or form I would not have done this. Great bug out location. At least no-one would mess with you

  • Trent Devost
    Trent Devost

    Why you running no hood

  • Jim Lahey
    Jim Lahey

    “I cantaloupe because I’m married.” LOL!

  • You Aint Slick
    You Aint Slick


  • Shaggydude

    If this doesn't prove that the Cherokee is one of the best off road capable rigs, nothing will, granted, it's not stock, but, most rigs aren't.

  • bikemikeb

    Glad to see my XJ isn't the only one that doesn't have door panels...or headliner...or an owner that cares lol.

  • aaron finlayson
    aaron finlayson

    The amount of times I cringed in this video, watching grown-ass men put themselves between a rock and a hard place. SMH.

  • Vince Gordon
    Vince Gordon


  • Samura1Mac

    wish i could like this video 100 times!!!!!!!!!

  • Texas_Stone_LETS_GO_BRANDON

    Now I'm no genius, but why not drive a four wheeler up there????? Way more narrow. Could still haul stuff in there if you bring a couple of them....

  • Life Soldier
    Life Soldier

    This is one wholesome Chanel kind of restores a little faith in humanity 💜💜good work everyone stay loving and strong much love 💕

  • markyboi79

    Should have invested in some rock sliders before the trip. I miss my XJ every time I watch these videos!

  • The Masked Musician
    The Masked Musician

    We know the hard spots now “the whole thing?” I though that was hilarious

  • The Masked Musician
    The Masked Musician

    This is where bucket seats come in handy and same with a 5 point harness. I have both of those on my truck

  • imbezol

    Absolutely insane. Great episode!

  • Anton Lueker
    Anton Lueker

    Holy shit man that recovery was crazy!!! I would’ve cut a road in with a dozer lol !!!

  • Bob Bates
    Bob Bates

    Fab RATS were asking where they could get another one of those cars. The answer I know of is another NLthrowr. called THIS FARM WIFE. . They have one that runs and drives very very well in the mud that is the result of their cattle being in one spot for the food . Anyway they may sell that auto . they are not rich farmers just very small farms in either NC or SC . I can never remember which one

    • livinthedream

      She already mentioned in one of her earlier videos that the Suzuki was not for sale.

  • Old Scout
    Old Scout

    At 4:38 ? How long is that pine tree that’s down ? It starts uphill & goes out of sight. WOW a big ole tree. I don’t know what they were smoking either, but it must have been good shit !

  • alan ward
    alan ward

    Too many advert breaks

  • Alfredo Amaya
    Alfredo Amaya


  • John Ellis
    John Ellis

    Absolutely insane! This is the epitome of off road, taking a vehicle somewhere it was never meant to be. My respect for the work, effort and sheer will put in to this adventure. The ultimate recovery.

  • Thadeues Aukai
    Thadeues Aukai

    “That’s how Matt threw out his back” got me dead

  • LeNomEstYves

    Dang at 2:00 ol' Eric is STILL rockin a Galaxy S4?! Lmao

  • Edward Poland
    Edward Poland

    I can't wait to see that jeep is done

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith

    smoking something for sure lmfao

  • Mark Baehne
    Mark Baehne

    That was so much fun to watch, surprised you didn’t strap a couple logs to Suzuki to float in the creek 😂 so much fun !

  • Send It
    Send It

    Lizzy show us your bits

  • Mikey Roland
    Mikey Roland

    I’m from Tahoe

  • Jay H
    Jay H

    Be easier to helicopter it out

  • Robert Ducat
    Robert Ducat

    What's the excellent music on this?

  • Nick Britton
    Nick Britton

    Ed is half the reason why I watch the channel lol

  • David Miller
    David Miller

    I have to admit, I was glued to the screen and holding on to my seat as if I was in the Jeep! Y'all are crazy in a great way! What an Adventure!

  • ThunderCamp

    9:18 I had no idea Liz was a feminist. Sad.

  • Jesse W
    Jesse W

    Incredible! You guys are the real deal. This is world class content, up there with 4wd24/7 and Expedition Overland.

  • Jesse W
    Jesse W

    Somebody needs to sneak in some footage of Trevor sleeping.... I'd say he deserves it.

  • MrNatedizzle250

    You guys are nuts!! I love it!!

  • Scooby Duo
    Scooby Duo

    Bozemas83 they have a grey Golden Nugget I just seen it on NLthrow yesterday and it says it was on 11 months ago maybe nine months ago but it was the exact same Golden Nugget

  • David Noaker
    David Noaker

    Lizzy is just Stinken Cute. Ditch the dinner bell.

  • MadMatt 4WD
    MadMatt 4WD

    What an adventure. I’ll look for my invite to the next one of these. 😜

  • Sam Hoekstra
    Sam Hoekstra

    The timelapse from the drone’s view was Nice to see

  • Salt Björn
    Salt Björn

    This makes me smile somehow, maybe because I am living a completely different life...riding my bike, sitting at my desk at work in the city lol

  • W

    It's really impressive to see y'all work together