I'm Glad I Hit The Tree! Things Could've Been Worse
Matt's Off Road Recovery
So I got a call a call for Jeep that went over the edge. He got lucky he hit the tree.

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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

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  • Jason Griggs
    Jason Griggs

    Ok what ya expect I would charge the guy extra for wearing pajamas out in public

  • William Markhart
    William Markhart

    I was 4wheelin back in the 90's came across some young men, very drunk, stuck on the edge of a cliff. A tree about 3 inches around is what stopped them from going over 300ft drop. I pulled them out. They were so wasted they didn't realize how much danger they were in. we're in Arizona.

  • TheFirstHunter

    "What is the diameter?" -"Bigger than my thigh." & " A basketball"...I've alwasy thought the memes were unfair but this proved it! XD I love you Americans. I truely do, rofl.

  • throttle bottle
    throttle bottle

    time for a luggage rack and totes on top?

  • Jahkiboy

    It's long overdue at this point, so I'm going to say it. Lizzy is a hard working, unstoppable, boss.

  • Van Goodwin
    Van Goodwin

    I've ridden road motorcycles since I was 14. I have built up a few trucks for off roading. Loved my Warn winch! I ran a rope underneath all the time in case I ever needed the cable out the back. Warn had battery cable quick connects and I still use them today on my 88 Ford 3/4 ton farm truck for jump starting and running 12V trailer winch. Matt and crew, I appreciate your cleaning up the enviroment as you recover vehicles. I wish more folks would be considerate of nature and the next generation as they enjoy the outdoors offroading. You all are in my prayers Hoka Hey

  • rai babar
    rai babar

    kindly mention distance from your base when you are going on recovery.And you do have some viewers from Pakistan.😊

  • Sean Frank
    Sean Frank

    Kinda rough on that customers rig there. backing it straight into the bank like that.....not good IMO...

  • In Muse
    In Muse

    Beeeautiful scenery!!! 😍

  • Denis Bourk
    Denis Bourk

    I thought Lizzie was Matt's daughter

  • William Sanders
    William Sanders

    Cute bunch of kids! Looks to be a handful... 3 little ladies, and Mom? You better have some extra bathrooms in the house for them when they get older (And your own in the garage...).

  • Ronald Johnson
    Ronald Johnson

    DJI much? Sadly they are like Apple. They got good products. Company sucks. Autel will be the last drone I buy because nothing I fly will have remote ID.

  • B D
    B D

    This channel is incredible. Keep it up Matt!

  • Jango

    Tucker you really need a bull bar or a deer bar :P

  • Daniel Sampe
    Daniel Sampe

    I laughed super hard when the winch came off the rock and hit the front of the jeep. Damn that was funny! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • OcRefrigeration , Hvac & Electrical Video's.
    OcRefrigeration , Hvac & Electrical Video's.

    Sorry Lizzy , But i Had to Laugh when u Fell on your Butt When u jumped off the hill. 09:57 For Fabulous replay's.

  • Peter

    That poor guy with three beautiful girls lol, I knew a guy once who had six daughters plus the wife, he said he never stood a chance because eventually, well you know what happens to girls and that monthly occurrence, God bless Matt's off road recovery and all who sail in her.

  • David Baldwin
    David Baldwin

    1:36 Get a can of window spray, and double up 2 blue roll shop towels to do a real window clean in 2 minutes. You won't bother with the squeegee much after you try it.

  • KSA 1
    KSA 1

    0:04 Who goes out in the backcountry in pajama bottoms and croc's ?

  • 4x4 Comando Tragedias
    4x4 Comando Tragedias

    lizzy you are the best woman in the world



  • rosevillains rosevillains
    rosevillains rosevillains

    the shots of the morvair running thru the trees is so amazing

  • Shubham Jain
    Shubham Jain

    8:30 he ensures everything 😁😁😁👍👍👍

  • Nathan

    I felt Tuckers anxiety when his drone DC'd.

  • Craig W.
    Craig W.

    Was kind of anxious to see if that rock was going to pull the Jeep down the hill along with it 😮

  • Ramiro Montoya
    Ramiro Montoya

    Nothing like girl's. God has blessed me with 2 beautiful ones. Thank you for sharing that part with us Matt.

  • CarSmarts Radio TV
    CarSmarts Radio TV

    Make a poster of the shot at 6:12 and I will friggin frame it! Wow!!!

  • Fin Finagan
    Fin Finagan

    You do know they make deer warning whistles that mount on your front bumper... I won't drive without them. Not only do they work for warning deer and elk, they also scare off cats and dogs, too. I think they should be mandatory on all vehicles. Did he say sasquatch or squaw snatch?

  • Kevin Watkins
    Kevin Watkins

    Lizzie likes big worms .. 😂🤣😭

  • DEZERVED-420

    Deer whistles are awesome.

  • Paul Powell
    Paul Powell

    Been on that trail dozens of times, that’s the easy part of the trail.

  • Dani

    Recovery is good but dam no need to damage the customers jeep ffs only thing i hate you all think its a laughing matter dam guys come on seriously.

  • John Booth
    John Booth

    To much air in them tires in the stuck jeep

  • Drax68

    Good Show!

  • AirplaneEmergency Turnbacks
    AirplaneEmergency Turnbacks

    10:39 These Off Road Pretenders. Destroying Jeeps the idiot way. I have a 2006 and i love it. Wont abuse it. I baby it instead. I fix it, and dont destroy instead. Im A JeepSaver. Not a Jeep Crapper.

  • Matts Van Tassel
    Matts Van Tassel

    Good job Matt, I'm very proud of you for using your winch... You get a sticker

  • Matts Van Tassel
    Matts Van Tassel

    Poor Lizzy, coming off the side of that mountain and fell on your caboose... OUCH.. it was funny though.. another thing Lizzy, you said the leaves were turning yellow, green, orange and red... The leaves were already green silly.. lol

  • murraystewartj

    Matt's Off Road Recovery and Child Care. As always, everyone's in good hands.

  • Eddie Urrutia
    Eddie Urrutia

    Hey! We tried saving him before you tried! We only had our jeep but we didn't have enough rope to recover him. As you said, no trees along the hillside. We tried anchoring on the large rock that you removed. Nice job on the recovery!

  • Jim Gallaher
    Jim Gallaher

    You guys are so much fun!! Thanks for the education and the laughs.

  • priZm

    Amazing drone footage! It should be made into an intro for the channel

  • Mr2greys

    Now the jeep owner has an excuse to get rid of the "BushCracker" fenders. You breathe on those and they crack.

  • Ron Tribbey
    Ron Tribbey

    Beautiful area and a good recovery, and no one hurt.

  • PaperHatchet

    I wanna see the worm!

  • Brian Hartley
    Brian Hartley

    man for a guy that didn't like winches you have came a long ways......

  • J C
    J C

    You beat the crap out of that guys Jeep. Smashed the back end into the hill and then push a Boulder with the bumper. Lazy.

  • J C
    J C

    love the happy, smiling, precious children!!!!! ❤🥰❤

  • Twan Skully
    Twan Skully

    Born and raised in American fork!

  • Mikhail Kalashnikov
    Mikhail Kalashnikov

    What trail was this?

  • punkrocker10115

    I love watching you guys but, why not invest in a set of max tracks instead of having to stack rocks?


    How much does a recovery like this cost

  • G R
    G R

    Glad to see real guys taking care of their family. Great video!!!

  • Jonny'sWalk

    Well done gals & fella’s 👏 I don’t want to be completely impertinent (and this may already be common knowledge to folks - as I’ve only been subscribed lately) but without you needing to mention figures for this kind of recovery am I correct in assuming that this here would be north of $ 2K - whatever you fellas charge its cheaper than leaving your jeep for the “vultures” I guess - and you always put more than a shift in 👍 Warmest wishes from Jonathan in Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 UK 🇬🇧

  • Jonny'sWalk

    Fair play Tucker - I know how you feel - when you’re having a rough day - it don’t rain 🌧 it pours bro 😞 But good drone recovery & epic footage fella 👍 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🇬🇧

    • Gary Goodlund
      Gary Goodlund

      Tucker, you're getting some gorgeous video with that drone!! That's some of the prettiest outdoor/mountain/nature photography I've seen in a long time. I shoot primarily with a very good Nikon system but I don't get those "straight up in the air shots." You're making Matt's channel look just that much better. 👍


    Any jobs going 😯

  • Tuneuptony

    Beautiful state, I hope to visit soon. I am considering buying my first Jeep, its a 1996 mechanic special. After fixing the engine knock if I make it there and get stuck I look forward to meet the crew! Best channel on youtube!

  • James Four Eight
    James Four Eight

    The hook comes off the rock and smacks that guys Jeep 😂

  • Brett

    HA! you went to Tibble fork Reserve it looks like (at least that's where you guys met up)

  • Jared Phillips
    Jared Phillips

    Great video! Awesome as always. And...that winch is proving to be well-worth the time, effort and money it took to install it.

  • Ian BEADLE
    Ian BEADLE

    What would Matt do without Lizzie?

  • ReligiousZombie

    I'm with Lizzy. I'd forget the rock and go straight for the worm.

  • george gouvas
    george gouvas

    poor lizzy , no one is paying attention to the big worms

  • Kevin Benecke
    Kevin Benecke

    It would be neat if you could mount some hydraulic spades on the back and/or front of the Morvaire so they can dig into the ground to help anchor it when you do recoveries like this.

  • WaruiKoohii


  • Lorne Given
    Lorne Given

    This channel is a perfect example of how "I have a jeep I can go anywhere" is a horrible mindset

  • Thomas Woodson
    Thomas Woodson

    You need a off road recovery bus, or van. 👈😉👉

  • jpspen

    I hate to be the drone police.. But VLOS ! and it's not so much about me caring if you're doing it or not.. But putting it on the internet is a good way to lose your 107. Big brother is watching.

  • sdpelly

    great drone pictures

  • Mr-Doge123

    does anyone else have a crush on lizzy? or is it just me?

  • Cal Tom
    Cal Tom

    Real moron in his pajamas and orange jeep.

  • Kristy Jones
    Kristy Jones

    You guys are always awesome & always entertaining!!!😎👍🏼

  • Chris Barnett
    Chris Barnett

    Nice drone shots at the 6:00 mark. Oh, haha! Just saw it almost got away from ya' ; )

  • Kenny Halla
    Kenny Halla

    Nice and slow with their vehicle. Customer vehicle, hold my beer watch this.

  • interstate odd jobs
    interstate odd jobs

    Freed a Mall Crawler from A tree.

  • Speeding Semi
    Speeding Semi

    Im sorry, even if he would not have ran into the harmless tree he would have had to make the call just to get out. turn in your jeep.

  • Thomas Gabrielsen
    Thomas Gabrielsen

    03:40 = International Baby Language

  • Devin Parsons
    Devin Parsons

    I live up near AF and the fall time colors in the canyons is unbeatable, glad you guys got to experience it too!

  • Trent Burbish
    Trent Burbish

    I’ve never heard such a bummed out Tucker

  • Marissa Shin
    Marissa Shin

    I love how Lizzy/Lizzie is so interested in the large worms while Trevor is loving how the large rock was pivoting. 😂

  • Brian Blank
    Brian Blank

    Wow, the videography in this one was brilliant. The landscape and fall colors just exploded off the screen. What an amazing drone capture! This is definitely top 3 for best shot drone footage and journey montage. I really loved seeing this part of your state at this time of year. Thank you so much for sharing! (And I'm still hoping lizzy brings back the howdy howdy, brings a smile to my face every time)

  • That’s NOT chocolate!!!!
    That’s NOT chocolate!!!!

    How much does a recovery like this cost the jeep owner?

  • fagejs

    How the heck did that even happen. It’s like the nicest road ever! Texting and driving😂😅?

  • cindys2699

    I thought lizzie was mattts daughter

  • Sajjad Mohammad
    Sajjad Mohammad

    65 and chilling here we get beyond -10

  • Sajjad Mohammad
    Sajjad Mohammad

    Driving long odd hours is tuff

  • Dave Friedrichs
    Dave Friedrichs

    Your team rocked it again!! Get it?

  • Pouria S
    Pouria S

    I think Tucker did an amazing job with capturing this beautiful scenery!

  • Ryan Igielski
    Ryan Igielski

    9:05 hi every buddy

  • jdjeep98

    Damn, Matt! You hit the lottery when you found Lizzie! Is there anything she can't do?

  • LockonNick

    The air view shots are amazing! best of the season

  • pine tree
    pine tree

    Wow, that's a looong run for a towing, more than 1/2 the state away! I guess I should call it a recovery.

  • Garrett

    I wonder what it is like doing recovery's during hunting season near hunters???

  • ☠406ffroad☠

    Thank god tuckers kids are ok👍

  • Matt Yarlett
    Matt Yarlett

    Lizzy “Like a Dorito in a bag….”crickets Matt “Anyways” 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Jason Redd
    Jason Redd

    3:40 "What did you get Abby?" Toast and jelly. High five sweet girl! :-)

  • Curtis Whittaker
    Curtis Whittaker

    Great recovery! I can see that you crossed the stream in Mineral Basin. Do you know which road/trail the actual recovery was on? Just curious so I don't waste time on a "dead end" drive.

  • Pjangles Smith
    Pjangles Smith

    Lizzy talking about the worm, I just wanted to see it

  • Pjangles Smith
    Pjangles Smith

    Like a Dorito in a bag...I think the Doritos have more room. It's not Lays but they still have lots of air lol

  • Ted Reeves
    Ted Reeves

    What makes Matt's videos so good is a special formula of old timey wholesomeness. It's family friendly. Filled with humor. Kindness all around. And the drone shots are simply amazing. Also, whoever edits the videos does a fantastic job! This isn't easy folks.

  • Bertrand Métrailler
    Bertrand Métrailler

    How can you guys and girls go out so far on these recoveries ? It should cost the customer thousands !?! Or does the youtube income pay for the customers ?