Note To Self...Avoid Holes Deeper Than Me.
Matt's Off Road Recovery
So I got a call for a Can-Am stuck in massive whole on the side of.a mountain.


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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

Reacties: 2 272
  • dukeflem

    Matt and Lizzy made that look a lot easier than it actually was. One wrong move and it would have been off the mountain. Very nice customer on this one. I would have been a little cranky after being stuck out there for hours with my machine in a six foot hole on the side of a mountain.

  • 46Rambo

    i just lower my head and do the Lurch moan when I see people this devoid of common sense, my 47 Willys doesn't have DPS, thank gawd, the number of these I see you pull out lets me know NOT to buy one

  • Papa Lilburn
    Papa Lilburn

    WOW! Sure wish Lizzy had buckled up!

  • jr

    Dynamic Power Steering Precision-Engineered Handling. The Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) with Visco-Lok QE auto-locking front differential means you can select less assistance at high speeds and more at low speeds to effortlessly take on any terrain. More Efficient Design

  • Kyle Tracey
    Kyle Tracey

    Hope the next guy spots that hole b4 ripping right into it. Isnt a fun day out if you dont get buried or stuck and need your winch

  • Jack Ham
    Jack Ham

    Recoveries like this really show your expertise in recovery. Nice balancing of the UTV.

  • Jon Anderson
    Jon Anderson

    Yeah Liz is brave. No doubt confidant but to leave it there. You're ignoring the trust she has in Matt.

  • Alan Hughes
    Alan Hughes

    Dynamic power steering

  • netpoke58

    This world can sure use a lot more Lizzys and a lot fewer Mileys in it.

  • Alan Hughes
    Alan Hughes

    Can am!!!!

  • Hank G
    Hank G

    I've watched a ton of Matt's videos and have learned a lot but the successful food searches just plain MAKE ME HUNGRY! I love these people

  • PianoMagicDotCom

    EPS = Electric Power Steering :-D (Always love watching your vids!)

  • SW

    😎 always refreshing watching Matt & his tribe tackling these jobs… Someones Momma / Daddy did a good job raising their kids. ❤️

  • 392hellscat

    Awesome recovery guys! I am visiting St. George next week and thought I could stop by and grab some merch?

  • Jim Nuttall
    Jim Nuttall

    Digital power steering

  • Jordan C
    Jordan C

    dps is dynamic power setting

  • jason carmichael
    jason carmichael

    Dps on canams power steering

  • Bruhilda

    Can you start your video without saying "we got a call?".. This is hurting my ear..

  • MrTwostring

    "Easy Peasy when you have the right stuff." We all know Matt and co have the right stuff!

  • Michael Dickens
    Michael Dickens

    You go lizzy daisy Duke I feel bad for lizzy and Matt but it's a living on stupid people I know but use your head

  • Val Cruz
    Val Cruz

    GPS . . . “Global Positioning System” p. I think!

  • Gene Goodman
    Gene Goodman

    I’m surprised you have shirts that big

  • Lav And
    Lav And

    lizzy is so much cute when she said say that again

  • Ben Doler
    Ben Doler

    Guaranteed poor solution

  • County boy yee yee
    County boy yee yee

    I like her belt buckle

  • Joel Hurley
    Joel Hurley

    Steering sensitivity

  • P Lz
    P Lz

    Stop: asses. Stop: asses. Love how Matt approaches each situation and gives simple, easy to understand instructions to his crew all while educating his children, encouraging them to try new things and passing down that awesome knowledge so they can do it themselves one day. Great operation team!

    • MrTwostring

      I think it's spelled "assess". I had to read it four times to figure it out. Hysterical typo.

  • oneclickaway1

    that was a hard rescue! most people wont be able to recover from this even with the right tools

  • Craig Langley
    Craig Langley

    Good recovery

  • Ken Carnley
    Ken Carnley

    I don’t know what led you to build the best looking ATV but I love it! I have had many vehicles but my first one was a 66 Corvair Corsa Convertible, 180 hp Turbo!

  • Mark Araujo
    Mark Araujo

    she did a good job with bravery,

  • Elsa Gonzalez
    Elsa Gonzalez

    Ricket in road

  • John Terrana
    John Terrana

    The Dps on can am is just how much steering assist comes from the power steering

  • Jared Hawkey
    Jared Hawkey

    I'm from Pennsylvania. Its crazy to me how Lizzy said its 95 degrees and if its any colder she will need a jacket. Tucker even said he was under dressed. To me 95 is a hot ass day..hahaha. Then again being in the mountains I am more accustomed to cold weather. Keep up the great videos guys!

  • Trailnecks

    30k plus machine but no winch.....smh

  • DOC Ohm
    DOC Ohm

    How much $$$ was this recovery?

  • Konstantinos Stengos
    Konstantinos Stengos

    DPS = Dynamic Power Steering

  • Lulzy Wizard
    Lulzy Wizard

    dps? damage per second.

  • Donald William
    Donald William

    LIzzy great job.

  • squidkid2

    Only a cowgirl like Lizzy could fall asleep in the Corvair. Of course a bucking bronco is probably more comfortable than the Corvair!

  • First Last
    First Last

    I think we need a Lizzie 2022 calendar. Proceeds donated to her favorite nonprofit.

  • abdullah yıldız
    abdullah yıldız

    The first time I wasn't liked it, this was too dangerous, it could easily roll over man !!!

  • Peyton Benich
    Peyton Benich

    DPS standard for Damage Per Second. Let me tell ya, that's definitely not what it stands for on can-ams!

  • J Frazier
    J Frazier

    What a Gal in so many ways.

  • Jake

    I think Lizzy could sleep on a picket fence.

  • Dave Gibbs
    Dave Gibbs


  • SLUJ

    9:06 "unless that tree breaks..." Lizzy: =I

  • Mustang Josh
    Mustang Josh

    That look Lizzy gives as Matt says "unless that tree breaks..." lol True pros at this job. I can see Matt analyzing things in his head as he decides what and how to do it. I'd be scared to death just riding along on some of the trails you all pull people out of.

  • hooDio

    no one's wearing a mask in the store, *HOW*

  • Dale Perry
    Dale Perry

    Lizzy is up for anything and everything!

  • Don S
    Don S

    DPS= Dynamic Power Steering.

  • Kyle Kelly
    Kyle Kelly

    DPS stands for "Dynamic Power Steering". It's and adjustment on BRP and Can-Am's that allows you to adjust how much you want the power steering to assist in turning. Level 1 means minimal, and the max is of course, maximum assistance.

  • Ronnie Paul
    Ronnie Paul

    you have to push and hold the mode button to change ride modes! Pushing it just displays your current mode!

  • Ivoe

    Really should have 2x4 while the dirt/sand gives it will drag the 2x4 in and also giving alot more traction while pulling out (might not be "experienced" enough but in theory would work rather then digging in far more. Also this vehicle would have never gone up a 80% incline due to suspension being far more stiff. At the end of the day it is still all speculation. Backing up was definitely the way due to the extreme incline and also the single tire not allowing the other to move

  • Boss 420
    Boss 420

    Lol lizzy so nervous she didn't know how to tell the truth

  • Jean Racine
    Jean Racine

    Answer to your question, G.P.S. Stands for the following definition, Ground Position Signal. I really hope this helps!

  • GoldenPants

    didnt finish the video yet, but man do you guys need your own tv series! netflix needs to make that happen!

  • Nebraska60

    Watching Lizzy climb in through the window it was clear that she's not a Dukes of Hazard fan. lol

  • GamingClipz

    DPS=Dynamic power steering

  • Ken C
    Ken C

    Wow. That was a tough one. Great job everyone.

  • Roberto Pozo
    Roberto Pozo

    Se ve que ella, confía ciegamente en ti. Muy valiente también ella. buen trabajo.

  • 119JimmyZ

    Love the morvair

  • David Fox
    David Fox

    ..should she have been buckled in?? I mean they are the experts, but holy smokes 5 pt harnesses have expiration dates and she's got nice hair.

  • Gas&Mudtv

    Can am front locker to the rescue lol Not!!! Canned hams are not very capable when they get into trouble. Glad my side by side has a real locking front diff. Makes s huge difference when it really counts

  • Kacey83

    Sitting here thinking about the gas and how much you charge 😬

  • Chippys ATV
    Chippys ATV

    Dps for canam is for the powers steering

  • Phase Change
    Phase Change

    should have just used a shovel and knocked the bank down. Also I'm shocked how many people dont run winches on their UTV's

  • Eyeout

    That giant hole came outta nowhere!!!🤣


    Guarantee that hole was not that bad until they got stuck and made it worse, then having to recover it. Once again another CANAM destroying roads. now no one can go up it. just saying.

  • octavio lozano
    octavio lozano

    That can am didn’t need Matt

  • M E
    M E

    I love Hermie's Burgers

  • Cameron Padron
    Cameron Padron

    Seems like half the people Matt pulls out are people that have no business being out on those trails lol.

  • Cobus Winkel
    Cobus Winkel

    DPS is power steering

  • Henry Busjahn
    Henry Busjahn

    is this a road? or an unreasonable facsimile?

  • Public Perception Consultant
    Public Perception Consultant

    Let me guess. It's hot outside.

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor

    Just get everybody on the back of it and lift it out of there.

  • Mason steele
    Mason steele

    maxx tracks will do the job

  • IcantSignIn

    I want a Morrvair T-shirt and I'm willing to bet a lot of others would too.

  • GrimbleGrumble

    DPS Models: This moniker denotes vehicles equipped with Can-Am's Dynamic Power Steering. Unlike other manufacturers, the DPS models allow steering effort to be adjusted for more or less assist.

  • Lance Leavitt
    Lance Leavitt

    So, after watching this, I guess Lizzy's not afraid to ride a horse.

  • toni rvd
    toni rvd

    "easy peezy when you got the right stuff...huh?" no it isn't dushbag, he put Lizzy safety to risk to save your property, and this is all you have to say? they should've left it there and not risk the safety of no one

  • Dan Coffman.
    Dan Coffman.

    How many times have you smashed your head on the roll bar? I think you could use a little seat mount modification.

  • Mana Man
    Mana Man

    Well she is no Ed, but ok in a pinch.

  • Maire Ni Laoi
    Maire Ni Laoi

    When you said “We’ve got Tucker with us today”. I thought you meant the Australian for food, not a person 😆😆

  • Tim Sullivan
    Tim Sullivan

    What are you driving? I think you can do a vid on your ride. Please. Looks like a rambler station wagon

  • The Audio Guy
    The Audio Guy

    why does Lizzy seem so unenthusiastic...?

  • toorimakun

    1:45 ooo she is pretty cute

  • Abaddon

    Not being a safety nazi but why does your young lady not wear seatbelts when recovering vehicles?? Especially in the razor. When can I quit my 9-5 BORING office job and come be a team member???

  • J Gemmell
    J Gemmell

    Ok. Where is Randy, Lady & Max?

  • bokkenrijder172

    +1 for “the perfect merge!” 😎

  • Cynthia Viers
    Cynthia Viers

    GPS - Global Positioning System

  • Doober

    Lizzy is a badass you don’t find a women like that everyday she jumped in cold water to put the bungee strap on a rock to pull a jeep outta a forest that’s been sitting there for 40 years that’s badass need more women like her in this world

  • Wayne Pantry
    Wayne Pantry

    Why didn't they have a shovel ?

  • glenn jaggard
    glenn jaggard

    You call yourself a 4x4 recovery when you don't know a thing about off road dig the bank away where the lowest wheel is

  • Ameen Amjad
    Ameen Amjad

    Brilliant work guys

  • Ameen Amjad
    Ameen Amjad

    In most of the trip she sleeps on the way to the destination... lol 😆

  • Mansch80

    And would you have been able to pass this? Was waiting for that in the video.

  • lucid dreamer
    lucid dreamer

    Put your head in first lean it over the console/shifter and then put your butt in the seat go back to upright it's how Shaq gets in cars works for me I'm 6'4

  • Oh No Not That Guy!!!
    Oh No Not That Guy!!!

    Dynamite power steering

  • Ben Owens
    Ben Owens

    Mad props for Lizzy. She got