$100,000 Jeep Flooded In The River
Matt's Off Road Recovery
So I got a call a call for a $100,000 Jeep flooded and totaled in the river.

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  • Matt's Off Road Recovery
    Matt's Off Road Recovery

    Here is a link to Rory‘s NLthrow channel. You can see more of Trail Mater here. nlthrow.info/start/7gdYr2K4ubgydDnmYWl_hw

    • Lam rof
      Lam rof

      I just wish our politicians and those all around it were as good as this down to earth American. Our government is killing people around the world.

    • sean

      @Max Ironpaw okay ironpaw . how am I wrong . inform me so I do not need no vasectomy. Smartypants

    • Max Ironpaw
      Max Ironpaw

      @sean Your level of ignorance is mind-boggling. I will gladly pay for your vasectomy.

    • Max Ironpaw
      Max Ironpaw

      @sean OK, got it. Use thicker tin foil for your head and you should be fine.

    • Joseph McDonnell
      Joseph McDonnell

      even though you are friends did he still have to pay ?

  • Margarita Rodriguez
    Margarita Rodriguez

    On the banana how is the cooling working out? What kind of radiator do you have and clutch fan?

  • Shane Brown
    Shane Brown

    Jeep wasn’t built for that trail - driver didn’t know the trail

  • John D. Leo
    John D. Leo

    that's a very cool convoy

  • E vazkee
    E vazkee


  • Sebastian Carter
    Sebastian Carter

    You guys are awesome, truly. I am blessed enough to live here in Hurricane and watch you guys save the day all the time. Keep up all the great everything that you do!!!

  • Sleeping BirdDog
    Sleeping BirdDog

    In for the Curious George rebuild videos. This video hooked me on MORR. Binged watched a ton of the older vids over the past couple of weeks. Thank you for a family friendly channel and for giving back to your community. Keep up the great work.

  • Randy Augustus
    Randy Augustus

    So is that jeep done for? The water appeared to be pretty high, but for a vehicle made to go off road, I figured it’d be fine to start once it was out of the water.

  • Luke McCampbell
    Luke McCampbell

    wealth is a poor substitute for skill and being able to assess a situation.

  • TheMateo124

    To think $101k would have gotten him a snorkel…

  • Mark S. 'Tex' Eddy ll
    Mark S. 'Tex' Eddy ll

    Awesome! Folks in the world . Great that your showing, the world our southern valley and red rock state . His jeep was bad a$$ too. You all do a great recovery.. M.E.

  • damnimcooltom1

    You can pay me in hot dogs.

  • Demarcus Q
    Demarcus Q

    So i guess it’s not all terrain capable 😂

  • Daniel Sheby
    Daniel Sheby

    Great rescue and the donations were huge!! God Bless you all and those in need you were able to provide to

  • Llineedsadragstrip

    Hey what happened to the jeep that went on the water did you disconnect the battery and push it outside in dry Utah air let it dry out did that Jeep survive

  • shaggy Daz Ashby
    shaggy Daz Ashby

    U are good people i love watching have been a sub for a long time. I love the content u crazy people 😜 keep doing wot u do much love 🤘🇬🇧😁

  • Bikes and Things
    Bikes and Things

    You guys are a blessing in many ways Matt. You are correct about giving, it's a universal law, it always returns. Well done and God bless. 😁💙👍

  • Cheex79


  • Shady Janzeir
    Shady Janzeir

    @12:10 Soul train.

  • Bucky_johnson

    100k jeep? Was it carrying gold?

  • Brian Bassett
    Brian Bassett

    100K my ass.

  • Mohit M4
    Mohit M4

    Crazy trail and awesome recovery . Love from Himalayas 🇮🇳


    You are good people, good for what you have done, the best !! A hug from Italy, keep it up. Hello


    Loved the ending - Happy Thanksgiving to all. I couldn't help thinking the recovery Jeep had to dump a similar bag on your table for the recovery? LOL I can't imagine the cost to recover and get that Jeep running again.

  • Joe kle
    Joe kle

    How does one bill for a recovery like this? This is a huge job that takes many hours and the risk factors are huge.

  • cool dude 232
    cool dude 232

    Iv met him at moad

  • Anthony Lee
    Anthony Lee

    Awesome rescue! Great Team!

  • Elma Cannon
    Elma Cannon

    Someone over paid 😂

  • Liam Smith
    Liam Smith

    Never hurts to take a dip to see how deep the water is. Oh well...

  • Ronny Braswell
    Ronny Braswell


  • Ken Riches
    Ken Riches

    Thx for the vid. - Ken

  • how not to game
    how not to game

    For sale “slightly used” rubicon

  • Invisible Man
    Invisible Man

    Not a Jeep... dodge Fiat Wrangler not Jeep... not a 100k vehicle either 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford

    jackass jeep owners

  • Ryan Main
    Ryan Main

    should have bought a je... boat

  • cadgod23

    looks like an expensive pull...

  • Nicky T
    Nicky T

    If you were'nt subbed before the end of the episode, you better be subbed now.

  • Gianni Salustri
    Gianni Salustri

    Owner got dollars ,so mutch , he can do easy ......try withouth dollars

  • G. M
    G. M

    Why do they need so many recovery cars to recover 1 jeep ?

  • Lee Webb
    Lee Webb

    God bless all your team. And all the wonderful people that donated money to help all the families in need. Thank you all. So much!!

  • Mike McSnake
    Mike McSnake

    Nice videos other than the poor 24fps video quality. Set your GoPro's to 1080p60 and I'll sub ;)

  • Anton Telegin
    Anton Telegin

    did it hydro-locked?

  • artbrandon1955

    What a bunch of poor little rich boys...... Nice jeep what a ( SHAME )

  • gappy greatest gap of all time
    gappy greatest gap of all time

    God bless America 🇺🇸

  • Eric S
    Eric S

    God is blessing you all.

  • KittyBUnusual

    "That doesn't sound that reckless to me." *Awkward pause* "Thats cause you're married to me." That should be made into a sign for the garage or something.

  • Mordconfessor

    would insurance even cover a total loss like this?

  • Bannedone 3ice
    Bannedone 3ice

    Giving 20k for charity from your pocket is huge !!! May the creator bless you and your family man ❤️👍🏻

  • Frederick b
    Frederick b

    i dont see a 100,000 jeep........

  • Ian Nater
    Ian Nater

    So what happens to a car like that after this? Is it a complete wash or can it be fixed?

  • Dennis Davidson
    Dennis Davidson

    how is the red jeep being steered?

  • Junior E
    Junior E

    you guys are awesome

  • glocksm40

    Your entire Team is Awesome!!!!

  • armourbl

    Man that must suck. Probably total loss.

  • drumboarder1

    8:15 old mate standing next to that line was sketching me the hell out

  • drumboarder1

    Chucking the celcius conversion in is a smart idea, I know 100f is about 40c but beyond that I've got no frame of reference n I'm definitely not the only one

  • 666dynomax

    Facebook market place "Single owner, light gravel trail use only, inside just detailed completely"

  • dethray1000

    that is impressive

  • I'm Hungry
    I'm Hungry

    14:45 make sure you watch this part, then go back and watch the rest.

  • Bruce Summers
    Bruce Summers

    More bucks than brains which is not at all unusual. Not even a snorkel for the engine air intake.

  • Evan Bank
    Evan Bank

    This channel is too cool

  • Natures_Symmetry @
    Natures_Symmetry @

    I'm interested to know how much did it cost to repair that Jeep after it was submerged. Not to gloat. Just want to know in case I get myself in that situation myself. Can happen to anyone that go off roading.

  • Wallace Thomas
    Wallace Thomas

    Matt, you and your family and crew are a beacon positive energy in our world. You all are very appreciated. Thank you for sharing you adventures.

  • やくざやくざ

    It's a shame, my Isuzu once managed to pass through flash floods that are deeper than the puddles passed by the jeep without the slightest problem, even though my Isuzu was not equipped with off-road equipment at all. 🥱

  • Dyricx Bayting
    Dyricx Bayting

    Enjoy your video from Borneo Sarawak,kudos to you guys🙌🙌

  • Doug White
    Doug White

    Jeeps are crap quality

  • C J
    C J

    100k Jeep. Ugh. What a waste of money.

  • jaxfljustin

    more money than brains, the owner of that jeep. he proved it almost every time he opened his mouth.

  • Nefaria Adventures
    Nefaria Adventures

    That costs as much as a house in the Midwest lol. Yikes!

  • Geoffrey Morales
    Geoffrey Morales

    wow, great video, amazing ending... this channel is dope

  • J Jenkins
    J Jenkins

    You know, watching your videos makes me realize that even your worst day at work is even better than my best!

  • Big A Gold
    Big A Gold

    awesome coolness. Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Romantic Donkey
    Romantic Donkey

    Honestly, the end was the best part of the video. A lot a good folks out there.

  • Silidons

    I can see it on Craigslist now: $50k Salvage due to theft

  • ninjadeathgod

    How can someone afford to flood a $100,000 keep? Holy shit

  • Ryan Boyer
    Ryan Boyer

    Lightly used Jeep Wrangler, 65k miles, good condition, $80,000 obo no lowball offers I know what I have will trade for new hellcat wide body or a house no tire kickers

  • Joe Pieczynski
    Joe Pieczynski

    Anybody else wonder how all the people got out of this jeep and appear to be mud free and dry?

    • Tyler Pialet
      Tyler Pialet

      I did. My first thought after though was that they may have grabbed a bag of clothes before they ditched the car and changed when they got to land.

  • Ian rhodes
    Ian rhodes

    great jobs lads well done

  • Alfred Hatch
    Alfred Hatch

    I saw all those vehicles hooked together I was thinking "we got us a convoy".😁

  • peter talon
    peter talon

    Have you heard of a snorkel?. I'm sure they'd be useful when fording deep water.

  • Squamish Finishing Solutions Corp
    Squamish Finishing Solutions Corp

    you absolute legends great video guys mad respect for helping others!!

  • T Status
    T Status

    Lmao curious georges

  • Phone Mail
    Phone Mail

    Thank you, wonderful and entertaining as usual! Wow, 20k for the food bank, God bless you and your generous viewers!

  • Michael Ruff
    Michael Ruff

    The title of this video has an extra zero.

  • tundralou

    Warranty voided--

  • Greg Lawson
    Greg Lawson

    Blessings indeed! 👍🏻🇺🇸

  • Jesse Schneider
    Jesse Schneider

    sweet rescue!!

  • Jason Tilton
    Jason Tilton

    How awesome was that I'm pretty sure he'll remember what a flash flood warning is and the man from yankum ropes seeing what a awesome product they have

  • Lord D Romano
    Lord D Romano

    Matt's a really good dude 💯!

  • Looking Behind
    Looking Behind

    100k dollar Jeep? Wow that guy got bent over and pounded out. Off-road shops love seeing idiots like him coming in.

  • Hike1020

    itll buff out hahahaha

  • Shawn Leek
    Shawn Leek

    Just to let ya know, not everyone from Illinois buys their shit. Most of us build our own trucks. Never seen a guy out on a trail sporting a 100 dollar polo shirt before.

  • richard G
    richard G

    Why would you spend $100k on a truck and then drive it into deep water 🤔

  • Mely

    7:20 *Sad Wrecker Noises*

  • Thereal Animale
    Thereal Animale

    Is it possible to make a cabin watertight up to window level?

  • Anubis jack
    Anubis jack

  • Peter

    I'm not sure what's worse, the fact that he got stuck, or that someone would actually pay 100,000 for a jeep, is that really what they cost? A fully loaded top of the line escalade or Yukon I don't think is that much, or a Toyota four runner. I'm born and raised an urban cowboy so I don't know, where I live there's ot much need for 4wd except in snow maybe so what do I know.

  • Larry Driemel
    Larry Driemel

    the most genuine group of friends on youtube, all real, no drama, really know your stuff , no one's afraid to get their hands dirty, and have a ton of fun doing it, what's not to like :)

  • Irish Hazy
    Irish Hazy

    You guys are awesome! Watch every video from up here in Vermont 👍

  • Kuda Timberline
    Kuda Timberline

    I'm not crying... you are crying.