Cutting Up The Banana, This Better Turn Out Right
Matt's Off Road Recovery
So I got a build project for the Jeep Banana and this week we're getting finishing up some touches on the engine bay.


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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

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  • Jean-francois Brodeur
    Jean-francois Brodeur

    So im new here to the show and its awesome , so is Everybody related there ???is Ed the father of Matt and Matt the father of Lizzy and Ruddy ?? Thanks for letting me know, from Montreal Canada

  • Cindy Connour
    Cindy Connour

    Oooooo. Looks neat.

  • Wayne Ullman
    Wayne Ullman

    I saw a video you did about yourself. You said you have 4 sons which surprised me. I thought maybe Lizzy you was your daughter although she does call you Matt. Is she related to you?

  • Wayne Ullman
    Wayne Ullman

    Happy Birthday Ed!

  • sdpelly

    lizzy rocks

  • Juan Miguel Fernandez Blanco.
    Juan Miguel Fernandez Blanco.

    Hi Matts, I have not seen your videos for a long time, as always you offering good stories in your work ..... I have seen here some changes in the banana, I wonder if the issue of purging the radiator system is adequate, since There is a hose that is on the radiator and that can generate an aure bubble not very good for the system, it is visible that the area is difficult, but another route for the hose may be a good idea .... Greetings to all.

  • Dave40

    Lizzy missed the opportunity to say the fan really sucks haha

  • justj sse
    justj sse

    Ed is the man. Hope his l20 turns out awesome for him

  • ezpipes

    by gas.......please

  • Gunsmoke Norway
    Gunsmoke Norway

    You guys are awesome 😎 greetings from Norway. ( T-shirt swap at 5:40 ish. 👍🏻😁)

  • manu Honkanen
    manu Honkanen

    One can not eat a banana without peeling it!

  • Deadman 1121
    Deadman 1121

    My ears can tell your welding parameters are on point

  • blue noser
    blue noser

    Olfa make a scissor that will cut anything. I use them all the time to cut stainless wire and since I am in Canada copper pennies, because they are not in circulation anymore ... Cheers

  • drcurioustube


  • Jessie Pacheco
    Jessie Pacheco

    Don't forget the never seez

  • Tim Weidner
    Tim Weidner

    Okay then, I think I know what your next project is going to be for the large military differentials you had delivered? Should I mention it or will you have a guessing contest?

  • Phil O'Shea
    Phil O'Shea

    Lost opportunity for Lizzy to say “it sucks” after mat asks how good the fan is.

  • Jeff Stansell
    Jeff Stansell

    Nothing more rewarding than seeing Ed with the biggest smile know he’s touched your family’s as well as so many other lives! Thanks for having Ed around whenever he can be! Such a wholesome channel to watch! 💖

  • Hayden Driscoll
    Hayden Driscoll

    I have a big crush on Lizzy

  • samson3000

    So, everybody cheered for Ed, when he walked into the garage, except the Grandpa in the grey shirt, who never took his eyes off his phone.

  • Baker McBrad
    Baker McBrad

    Soo why is the winch set so low? Is it better for pulling like that? Or cuz it helps w airflow/cooling?

  • Jeff Teeter
    Jeff Teeter

    I think that is the third brake that I have seen.

  • Williams diesel Repair
    Williams diesel Repair

    Probably was covered somewhere, but what size tires are on it now?

  • ชัยวัฒน์ ขัดทวงศ์
    ชัยวัฒน์ ขัดทวงศ์

    Great banana..🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • ชัยวัฒน์ ขัดทวงศ์
    ชัยวัฒน์ ขัดทวงศ์ Ed

  • Darrell Curr
    Darrell Curr

    Where is your safety glasses Matt?

  • William Crawford
    William Crawford

    Sad jeep face in corner. 🤗

  • Manuel Serrano
    Manuel Serrano

    Love you lizzy

  • Kirk

    Nothing I like more than a girl welder, I’m a 61 year old retired welder of 37 years and it does my heart well to see the girls doing the craft I loved all my life! I’m so proud of you Lindsey, “You Go Girl “ and you rock! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻

  • James Bryant
    James Bryant

    Happy birthday Ed your are doing great

  • Ioan Baciu
    Ioan Baciu


  • Karen Minard
    Karen Minard

    Just curious, who is Ed is he one of you folks’s dad? Slowly I figured out who your family is, your sons, your wife at first I thought Lizzie was your daughter. I am new to your station so I kind of had to figure out by process of elimination.

  • juniatariverotter

    Happy birthday Ed! We can all strive to be as active as you at 84. God Bless you and the crew.

  • outdoors 1221
    outdoors 1221


  • enterprise59

    Love the YooHoo... I'm 62, and I drank that stuff back in the late 60's. Have some in my fridge right now!

  • Stephen Roush
    Stephen Roush

    Happy Birthday Ed!!

  • Cole Cioppa
    Cole Cioppa

    Matt: What do you think “Matt looks at Trevor” Matt: You don’t care 🤣

  • Timothy Hare
    Timothy Hare

    Safety first MATT where is ur safety glasses?

  • Matt Riley
    Matt Riley

    Happy birthday Ed God bless

  • Jesse Brown
    Jesse Brown

    Why do you keep running the milestars?

  • simms4lyfe

    Yahoo's are delicious

  • Becky Ascher
    Becky Ascher

    Ive been welding forever. Er70-6 .035 with 90/10 is my preferred

  • Vasi Sepul
    Vasi Sepul

    Hey Matt, why don't you put a gopro on ed's head? It would be cool to see what he sees in the recoveries! XD

  • Desmond Garcia
    Desmond Garcia

    Nice job with the banana 🍌 Matt!!

  • Arnoud Jan Schut
    Arnoud Jan Schut

    When are you going to work on Rudy's Jeep? Should that one not be yellow, too?

  • Gary Arbogast
    Gary Arbogast

    Very nice radiator shroud! Almost semi permanent!

  • Dustin Tunis
    Dustin Tunis

    It's driveSHAFT! JEESH, you and Fab Rats Paul. Even Michelle knows it's a driveshaft... It must be a regional thing. Love the videos.

  • Daniel Metcalf
    Daniel Metcalf

    Happy Birthday Ed!

  • Eduardo Rodas
    Eduardo Rodas


  • alex longman
    alex longman

    happy birthday ed from wales uk

  • BloodBeard

    Looks like just the right amount of room for a banana sticker on the top of that fan shroud ;)

  • Brian Shotton
    Brian Shotton

    Happy 84th Ed!!

  • Samuel Taylor
    Samuel Taylor

    Did the hood shut

  • Samuel Taylor
    Samuel Taylor

    I think the name should be changed to Ed's Recovery

  • Phill Black
    Phill Black

    It funny Matt LMAO mounts made to keep it from moving extremely bad.... LMFAO okay one time all it takes LMAO

  • teamidris

    Yay it sucks :o) It sucks a lot :o It’ll be sandblasting the engine :D

  • Henry McCarty
    Henry McCarty

    Fab videos are the best.

  • Explore With me
    Explore With me

    German chocolate cake??

  • KnownBarkerT

    4:24 was the funniest thing I've heard all day 😂

  • Jamie Shibley
    Jamie Shibley

    what kind of plasma cutter do you have

  • Tim Chick
    Tim Chick

    The Banana will turn out so good the Morrvair will get parked and they won’t use it any more.

  • mike smith
    mike smith

    lizzy just looked completely tired and not wanting to be there

  • lvsqcsl

    Ed is 84? He still goes and stays out at night helping you all with towing in snow, blizzards and sand? He's in good shape. Great video!

  • Ronald Sampson
    Ronald Sampson

    What video editing software do you use ?

  • Jordon 780
    Jordon 780

    U guys have so much Random shit why u have a concrete cutting blade For a slab saw/wallsaw?

  • OcRefrigeration , Hvac & Electrical Video's.
    OcRefrigeration , Hvac & Electrical Video's.

    Good Video ! At Least now it looks like u have some decent airflow through the radiator at idle. 1) Yea, optimumly - the Fan blade should only pertrude into the shroud a Half Blades width. ie: rear shroud edge should line up with center line of Fan Blade. That way it has suction effect & can also Discharge the Heat removed elsewhere. 2) 1" Clearance around fan blade edge is Perfect. 👍 1-2" is Good. 3) Looks good ! Make Sure Heat Removed can Get out now too.

    • OcRefrigeration , Hvac & Electrical Video's.
      OcRefrigeration , Hvac & Electrical Video's.

      Thanks For the ❤️ Guys ! im Going to have to take my 8,000 Lb Fully Loaded Utility service truck - 2 Wheel Drive Dodge Ram Diesel & Get it stuck out there Just to Meet u guys & Get a Shirt 👕. Where's a Good place to Get Stuck at ?

    • OcRefrigeration , Hvac & Electrical Video's.
      OcRefrigeration , Hvac & Electrical Video's.

      Me: Certified Niase Mechanic & Airflow Has Been my life for 40 Years.

  • Philip Watson
    Philip Watson

    Guys you have only five senses. You lose only one and you are seriously screwed. Don’t joke about PPE. Use it !

  • Chase Holladay
    Chase Holladay

    holy cow! what size are those tires?

  • TheChillBison

    Did you use lock nuts or threadlocker on those shroud bolts? Probably not something you want to come loose, fall off, and have that million-cfu fan choppin' up your shroud.

  • MostlymoparIH

    Wow Ed. You've kept yourself in good shape. Happy Ed's Miracle Day.

  • sidj76


  • VopenA CattleCo
    VopenA CattleCo

    Cant stand people using the counter weight on the metal break as a lever and not the handle made for that use

  • DFW Designer
    DFW Designer

    where are the dogs?

  • Tom Oakhill
    Tom Oakhill

    OK, I am not a fan of car fab videos, but I love watching this. Rudy, Liz, Trevor, and Matt are such fun to watch. I am not sure why, but I always love watching these.

  • Ed Perry
    Ed Perry

    My buddy needed help cutting a body for bigger tires. I put on my safety glasses and he called me a big pussy. 20 minutes later, he got a piece of metal in his eye. LUCKILY I had a badass little magnet in my truck and before we went to the hospital, I snagged that little piece out and saved a trip to the hospital. Mike now wears safety glasses when grinding and cutting or doing anything under the Mudbitch.

  • Tom Oakhill
    Tom Oakhill

    Idaho Falls is an *easy* drive. Hurricane and Idaho Falls are both on I-15. Just be sure you time it so you go through Salt Lake City NOT at Rush-Hour. I have done this drive and it is a lovely trip. Takes my 7 hours.

  • Riko M III
    Riko M III

    Maybe put some of that rubber trim around the part that covers the fan to protect fingers from being sliced. Nice looking bumper!

  • brabs2

    lots of welding on a car with a modern EMS computer, how do you guarantee protect it from getting fried?

  • John Evans
    John Evans

    Hi From the UK. I live in the crowded south of England, not much chance for off roading so I don't think I will be needing your services anytime soon but I love you guys and love your channel. You are living the best life and helping people when they need you, it is great to see. It reminds me of the time in 1981 when I spent two years travelling the US in my '67 F250 with a cabover camper.. I drove on to Pismo Beach and had a great day on one of those Honda three wheel ATCs...that was fun. Got my two wheel drive F250 stuck in the sand though and this recovery guy turned up and pulled me out...he's probably Ed's age now! Keep the videos coming, I must visit when I'm next in the US, I believe Utah is the one contiguous state I have never been to.

  • chris johnson
    chris johnson

    Everybody loves yoo-hoo

  • Dartmoor Dave
    Dartmoor Dave

    They may cut roofing membrane, but would they stall on Trevor's beard?.

  • Dartmoor Dave
    Dartmoor Dave

    Always leave a bit of bumper outboard of the body panel for when you "kiss" that rock!!.😀

  • Dartmoor Dave
    Dartmoor Dave

    Happy Bd Ed. In the UK you get a card from the Queen when you reach 100. The Banana may be sorted by then. Lol.

  • AButlerr

    Happy Birthday Ed!!!

  • Justin Van Buren
    Justin Van Buren

    Y’all are awesome!!

  • Zach Monsue
    Zach Monsue

    Yoohoo good choices all around

  • Colin king
    Colin king

    What kind of tires did you say you used

  • Billy Jack Simmons
    Billy Jack Simmons

    Happy birthday!

  • Gene Balinski
    Gene Balinski

    Happy Birthday Ed !!

  • Cody McGill
    Cody McGill

    Yoohoo in the can is AWESOME! I'll drink a whole 12 pack in a day if I'm not careful! 😂

  • David Holm
    David Holm

    Cute outro.

  • Ron Davis
    Ron Davis

    What does Tom, Tom do in Idaho Falls ❓❓❓

  • invisible.spectra

    I really wanna know how you price your recovery jobs, watching your videos makes me want to build my 4x4 into a recovery rig, I live in the Midwest though

  • jake32401

    0:27 Nice seal driver, lol

  • Roger Hector
    Roger Hector

    Happy Birthday Ed

  • Big D's House of Samurai
    Big D's House of Samurai

    What kind of cameras do you use?

  • Nathan Douma
    Nathan Douma

    Happy Birthday Ed!

  • Matt gaming
    Matt gaming

    Happy B-DAY ED! And I love when a shop works on their employee vehicles too.

  • Thuramir's House
    Thuramir's House

    Ed does not look 84

  • cesar gomez
    cesar gomez

    I want trevor as a friend he is hilarious