Mud Pit Recovery Dun Right... Eventually
Matt's Off Road Recovery
So I got a call for a Silverado stuck in a nasty mud pit. Little did I expect how long it would take to get home.


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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

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  • marbin barrios
    marbin barrios

    so ball park price on a recovery service?

  • Fox P2
    Fox P2

    A CrossTrek. Are you bloody kidding me?

  • Dan Carr
    Dan Carr

    When I would use my Land Cruiser to pull tree roots I would always put the winch line over a fully inflated tire. That gave the root an upward pull. Would something like that help in a deep mud extraction?

  • Chad Lee
    Chad Lee

    hows that harbor freight winch holding up?

  • GI JO
    GI JO


  • Matt Scocca
    Matt Scocca

    you can't turn off the limited slip diff in the Subaru?

  • MrTcb5899

    soooooo, how was your "full nights sleep" matt? lol being in the towing industry myself i know the pain of a midnight call. another job well done.

  • Scott Morey
    Scott Morey

    Dude with the Subaru needs to learn how to drive.

  • Mike Hoover
    Mike Hoover


  • Theron Wolf
    Theron Wolf

    My old Jeep is purely mechanical. Car makers should have an option to fully disengage the 'intelligent' controls

  • Mike Martin
    Mike Martin

    Those are not "peanut butter mud" rates tires lol

  • murray chapple
    murray chapple

    Love the even keel approach to every recovery. Also, the way Matt shares with everyone and anyone the knowledge he has of the terrain, the machines and the projects is fantastic. We see lots of airing down the tires - what do y'all use to air them back up? Haven't seen any kind of inflator in use yet... Cheers!

  • J R
    J R

    Moral of the story.... new cars suck. Nuf said

  • Rick Boyer
    Rick Boyer

    AKA computers suck dick and human control is still far superior.

  • Joseph Rabant
    Joseph Rabant

    I just got hip to this channel, instantly hooked! The whole crew are so solid/genuine people. The 4x4 content, mathematical rope configurations, rock climbing, and this whole off roading community is amazing. These recoveries and VGG keep my phone batt on the low 24/7

  • Jim M
    Jim M

    Damn. My wife just ordered a new Subie. ☹️

  • lessgrep

    This video should be shown to subaru engineers, such a disaster...

  • Ariff Affendi
    Ariff Affendi

    yep, thats TC overheat allright

  • Daniel Milloy
    Daniel Milloy

    how does that tunnel not have any graffiti? man i need to move out of los angeles..

  • blueridgeheadwaters

    The Subaru delusion. I had this exact same car for a year. I sold it this year because they aren't what they used to be. The AWD system is terrible now.

  • Shaggydude

    Subaru's are not what people say they are, their good for rainy weather traction, they are NOT the off road vehicles their owners think they are.

  • _Краноvщик_47rus

    *Вот бы ещё была русская озвучка))!!!*

  • spacebike

    I hope that subaru had to pay a tow for wasting everyones time

  • dalesworld

    I wonder if some kind of gin pole would help lift vehicles out of mud and holes, of if one would just lift the winch vehicle instead.

  • Brian B
    Brian B

    Older vehicles without all the bells and whistles is the way to go! More technology = more things that can go wrong!

  • Chad J.
    Chad J.

    Matt, I love you buddy, love the videos. Sometimes like today you say things that aren't true. I've got a 20 4runner. It's not the craziest off-road beast in the world but it gets things done. That's all I do with it. I've been stuck once or twice in the craziest things you can imagine and it's never just shut down like that LOL that must be a Subaru for other brand that you listed thing but it's not a Toyota thing. Not to say that we don't get stuck too but I've never seen that happen in any of my Toyota's or anyone else's

  • Andrew Klapatch
    Andrew Klapatch

    My 92 L wagon would have went right through that. Man I miss old cars...

  • Nebraska60

    Always that one "they can make it around me" guy.

  • Nate Souljah
    Nate Souljah

    I wonder why none of these people ever carry those rugged flat boards for DIY offroad recovery

  • Mr2greys

    Seen the same thing with a subaru on a steep driveway covered in ice. The (Alanis level) irony is it was a cherokee that got him up

  • Heath Mendenhall
    Heath Mendenhall

    ON the subaru if you hold the trac control button until it goes completely orange then you can disable the trac system completely, that should disable the ecu intervention

  • Cory Campbell
    Cory Campbell

    On my new Tundra it isnt enough to just turn the traction control off, you have to hold it down to completely free up power to the wheels.

  • 71502

    Mud like that are dangerous. Looking like hardpack and driveable when in reality it's soft, wet and it sinks.

  • 71502

    That mud DOES look deceiving and looks driveable.

  • BoredomARISEN

    i'm betting its a thing to stop the car from burning the cvt belt to nothing which is both good and bad when its an awd equipped and offroady advertised vehicle

  • GAOTU 2019
    GAOTU 2019

    Good for dad for getting stuck so his son can build sand castles. I’d be happy to have a dad like that any day!

  • M Kraz
    M Kraz

    So frustrating to have a vehicle like Subaru, that fails the traction control test. Sometimes if you hold the traction control down for 30 seconds it would allow you The option of spinning the tires but these brand new vehicles just are awful when “off road” is needed. Anywho, love the Video’s/ be safe and Rock On


    Stuck Like Chuck!

  • michael cianci
    michael cianci

    that crosstrek is giving Subaru's a bad name. manual trans subi's will let you spin the wheels and traction control is actually decent and not too over bearing. I've gotten my legacy out of some pretty decent mud, that I then had to pull a grand Cherokee out of.

  • Jason Thomas
    Jason Thomas

    Those subaru cvt’s are worthless when they get hot. Hardly takes anything to get them hot too.

  • Jeff Leombruno
    Jeff Leombruno

    Ugghhhh Subaru's CVT is such a PITA. My Forester has done the same thing when I've been stuck. Won't even spin the wheels at all.

  • Lars Owens
    Lars Owens

    Why no max Trax

  • Jimmy Swint themissourianangler
    Jimmy Swint themissourianangler

    You have to shut off the stability control as well. Usually press and hold the traction control button

  • Edward Estaya
    Edward Estaya

    He needs a AA14 AXLE

  • chris slky
    chris slky

    Excellent teamwork. Cheers!

  • Brad Christian
    Brad Christian

    Traction Boards might be of help in this situation...

  • C.A. Ryan
    C.A. Ryan

    That was impressive, one jeep up close to get lift, long pull for movement. Dang!!

  • Ross Hamilton
    Ross Hamilton

    What's going on with Randy?

  • Kurt Blackwell
    Kurt Blackwell

    The Subie suffered from the same malady as all modern cars: the computer drives the damn thing and you can't do anything about it! If the computer says you stop, you stop. Steer-by-wire, throttle-by-wire, all the controls-by-wire stuff just prevents you from operating your vehicle. That's why my vehicles are from two decades or more ago (97 and an 05) because EVERYTHING IS MECHANICAL. I wanna spin tires I spin tires!

  • Jesse W
    Jesse W

    Did anybody read the manual? Because I'm thinking there's got to be some way to override the computer. If not, somebody should sue Subaru for false advertising.

  • cars & critters
    cars & critters

    my 86 subaru gl 4x4 would do just fine in that stuff fuck new cars

  • 4x4 Rescue
    4x4 Rescue

    Good job, mud recoveries are a different

  • Najier Patel
    Najier Patel

    My Subaru would have made it.

  • Jacob Earle
    Jacob Earle

    That's amazing... We got stuck fishing in that exact same place and had gotten stuck but had the right equipment to get ourselves out of it and our spot we got stuck in made it in a video lmao

  • ItzIsaac915

    What’s your recovery setup ?

  • Harold Phipps
    Harold Phipps

    2 questions; 1) where is the feller that is worried about destroying the planet? I mean, heck, they ran over a Reed. 2) where is the expert with the handyman jack ????? I mean, shoot, he says just lay the spare tire on the ground and put the jack on top of it, he can get it right out hisself!!!!! 🤪 But seriously,, Excellent recovery !!

  • jsnmarch

    People seem to forget that a stock truck no matter what stickers or badges they slap on it at the factory is still a stock truck.

  • Richard Woodworth
    Richard Woodworth

    I love to see those Subaru's stuck, they are so cocky, lol, thing was helpless.

    • Jon Rich
      Jon Rich

      I genuinely feel bad for anyone who bought one of these subarus with the cvt expecting to off road like subaru shows in there commercials. Helpless is an understatement.

  • Jeffry Blackmon
    Jeffry Blackmon

    Subaru is off my list of eligible car choices. Great work Matt and crew!

  • A C
    A C

    Awesome explanation about the newer cars with traction control. "...won't make it in our sand...". "Theres a subaru coming out this way..." lol

  • Freedom_ Foz_
    Freedom_ Foz_

    All I can think about is how off balance those wheels are gonna be!

  • Texas T
    Texas T

    I got rid of a 17 z71 because I thought it was junk ,and this is the 2nd time I've seen you have to pull that model out😆

  • Chadocoon

    He had that subaru In the wrong mode, the traction control was on, He probably didn't know how to shut it off hahaH

  • Thai Cycle
    Thai Cycle

    Dun? you mean Done?

  • 1992kaveman

    On every vehicle with traction control need to hold the traction button for 10 sec to turn it completely off when off-roading Even for 2wd. A message will pop up saying stabilizer system off or the traction light and the stabilizer light will be lit at the dash same time.

  • 4WDriver

    That moment when everyone stacks up behind the exit wondering what's the hold up, and you explain, "We got a Subaru stuck in the sand up there..." LoL 🤣 Sure, a lot of newer "SUV's" are like that, but they don't all claim to be off-roaders like Subaru does.

  • Cody Dotson
    Cody Dotson

    Matt I would love for y’all to come to TN and ride with us at windrock off road park I know you and Paul would have a blast

  • Isaac Nelson
    Isaac Nelson

    Stupid cvt's in the subarus....

  • Bryan Robertson
    Bryan Robertson

    Leave it to Matt to expose auto manufacturers "Achilles heel" with driving on sand dunes. 😂It can't 😂 Stay awesome, dudes!

  • trapfarm projects
    trapfarm projects

    how much would something like this cost a person to get out of?

  • Chris Fernandez
    Chris Fernandez

    Your always letting air out you should check out a system we used in military trucks called C.T.I.S. central tire inflation system it automatically let's air out or back in depending on your selected choice for what you need

  • David Hereaux
    David Hereaux

    So.. A Subaru will get you stuck, trying not to get you stuck?

  • Peter

    It appears that they made that tunnel too narrow, that's engineers for you and the government, they'll give illegal aliens, criminals I mean, a million dollars though but a wider tunnel, there ain't no money for that.

  • Jim Barber
    Jim Barber

    Why didn’t the dump ass in the black bronco move out of the way?

  • MrSir

    Electronic garbage holding up the fun. Glad I prefer gas powered sand blasters. V8 sold separately.

  • Off grid Living
    Off grid Living

    I now own a 2016 Colorado diesel but I sure miss my Cherokee

  • blastman8888

    This case a trail wrecker could lift it up need to add on a boom on the Moorvair.

  • Mitchell F
    Mitchell F

    Great video

  • Christopher Ives
    Christopher Ives

    No, that driver is doing something wrong for sure. I've owned many Subarus, new and old. I know new traction control does make it more difficult, and I'm not saying Subarus are good in sand, but something is just wrong with that specific car, or the driver did something wrong. It sounds like maybe it was a hybrid? Maybe the hybrid drive did something?

  • Texas Outdoors. Channel
    Texas Outdoors. Channel

    This guy matt is arrogant now that he's been a big deal on NLthrow, said nobody ever!!!

  • aaah tex
    aaah tex


  • Baja Joe
    Baja Joe

    Subaru has a feature call “crawl mode” it’s one every car with a “manual” mode. Move the shifter to manual then upshift to 2nd. Should help with locking out the computer overrides

    • Smoke

      He was just trying to get some traction

    • Miguel Perez
      Miguel Perez

      And this is why i dont like modern vehicles much now even the once really good offroaders like subarus are sufering from wierd computer safety garbage lol

  • 1oldskoolluvr

    Jefe, what model of Oakley's were you wearing in the Silverado recovery?

  • Tomas Sulek
    Tomas Sulek

    that's the end, it's amazing how many pulls and people you set free, but why take the rubber next to it, there is no pattern. that car has proper grabs. why you don't have it either or it's inappropriate

  • napalm6969

    Guy in the Subaru should not have been out there had his traction control I trying to go through deep sand with that piece of garbage of a car and didn’t know how to drive at all he should have been on the gas if you can’t back up your vehicle with mirrors the. You shouldn’t be driving especially off road guys missing brain cells

  • Dir Aziz
    Dir Aziz

    04:13 - Matt's almost apologizing for him reducing tire pressure..

  • Michael Dickens
    Michael Dickens

    I guess if most people had common sense we'd be broke right

  • Jeff Brown
    Jeff Brown

    On the Subaru if you would turn the traction control off,, Matt should know that

  • 68air

    How 'bout a T-shirt that says "So we got a call..."

  • 46Rambo

    ah the great outdoors, all the little city pigs dance in a row, it ain't like it used to be, I don't like it

  • Jon Samos
    Jon Samos

    Good to know that the new Crosstreks do that. I was planning on buying a new one for daily driving and offroading and going up to the resorts up near Ogden ut where I live but seeing this makes me thing otherwise. I'll just go for an old Jeep or Toyota or something lol. I just wanted a new vehicle that I could use for daily and offroad use but nevermind.

  • jack palczynski
    jack palczynski

    I have a Subaru just like that one. If I wanted to run Sand Hollow, I'd leave it home and take my Wrangler.

  • Egbert Nijboer
    Egbert Nijboer

    The Subaru had to push the button stability control off, then he would have been able to drive all four wheels

  • rcjg24

    i used to like subarus but damn that shit is pathetic as hell. it may also be because its a hybrid version. we dont have those here.

  • Garrett Lewis
    Garrett Lewis

    Subaru drivers are a menace

  • Victor Marino
    Victor Marino

    Morvair is great, the Bannana is top notch. But when Matt has to make a call it is Rudy answering the life line. Why is it that in a LOT of MORR videos Rudy's jeep is the most capable?

  • Capt'n Jay Greybeard
    Capt'n Jay Greybeard

    .... and the subaru was sold the next day

  • Continue Education
    Continue Education

    Dude in Subaru doesn’t know how to drive on top of the computer

  • Bryce Young
    Bryce Young

    Matt, question: If you disconnected the battery in that Subaru, say twenty minutes, could that reset the computers and get everything moving again?

  • Jeremiah

    It’s not Subarus, it’s ndf,s