Ed's LJ20 Stuck 40 Years In The Sierra Nevada Mountains.
Matt's Off Road Recovery
So I got a call form Ed for his LJ20 stuck 40 years in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

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  • crazy funny
    crazy funny

    I laughed at you guys eating the berries. I would've been all over them too, and taking some home with me !

  • Petranilla14

    Ed probably has 20 years on me and he is keeping up with these younger men!! I am tired and my knees ache just watching him hike up and down!!

  • MK3 Tcorry
    MK3 Tcorry

    40 years is the magic number, in high school my uncle told me if I could get my great grandpas old willys running that I could have it. It had sat out in the back of his lot for 40 years, it had a tree growing up through a hole in the floor board and out the windows. I cut that tree out and found it had sunk down to the axles so we hooked my XJ to it and gave it a few pulls until it rocked up out of its grave. It has one of those fold down ball hitch things on it so we connected it to the XJ and towed it 10 miles to my metal shop class on old rotten tires. Quick fluid change, replaced spark plugs and wires, drained and cleaned out the fuel tank, tossed a battery in it and it fired right up! I know I’m a little late to the party but I’m catching up on your videos and thought my willys story might be a relatable one to tell here haha

  • M E
    M E

    I dredged for gold up in those hills back in 86 with my brother he’s deceased now I miss him. And I know how good those berries taste I picked enough of them to bottle 24 quarts of black berry jam. Man that takes me back wish I could’ve gone up there with you anyway looks like lotta fun good luck getting it running now that you’re back.

  • Barton Isaac
    Barton Isaac

    15:38. Awesome.

  • Outdoor_LE

    just found you guys, enjoying the content. However, being from the gulf coast Im sorry you find red lobster credible 'steak and seafood' LOL

  • R Jensen
    R Jensen

    Tool cool

  • Capt. Rich
    Capt. Rich

    Red Lobster where your seafood tastes like fish.

  • fomoco300k

    16:04 Matt looks like a bear eating blackberries.

  • oskallife

    No worries Edds, you will have your car back in two weeks.

  • Campbell Manson
    Campbell Manson

    How then fuck is anyone downvoting this? Ya'll need to get outdoors.

  • permadi fauza
    permadi fauza

    🙅‍♂️LJ 20 suzuki start learn make the cars

    • permadi fauza
      permadi fauza

      😂 you need sikorsky heli

  • Daniel Pounds
    Daniel Pounds

    JEEP sponsoring offers incoming in no time.

  • sdpelly

    Ed deserves loyal friends

  • Junkyard Digs
    Junkyard Digs

    Man I wish it wasn't locked up! Would've been sweet to see it drive out

  • MrTwostring

    This is the second time I've heard you Utah folks talk about distance in "blocks" in the middle of nowhere. That's really funny to me back east.

  • Anthony Corkill
    Anthony Corkill

    What's almost as amazing is to see parts of California that haven't burned up recently

  • Harry Patt
    Harry Patt

    I love old hard workers that are still out and about on there property, reminds me of the old miners in here in Australia, tuff as nails those blokes 💪🏼❤️


    40年放置車にしては程度がいいな。 放置車として考えたら極上品じゃないか?

  • Ronnie Freeto
    Ronnie Freeto

    Woohoo! Happy to have you in Reno!! Hope you enjoyed the city! Come back any time!

  • Richard Jensen
    Richard Jensen

    Ah, the Golden Nugget. before it was Washed and (partially) Crushed.

  • Paolo Gianni
    Paolo Gianni

    Haha...Poison Oak... you won't die but you may find yourself longing for the sweet release of death as blessed relief from the torment of intense itching, blisters and skin irritation if you get a bad enough exposure. Reactions to it vary, some folks are hardly affected others are incapacitated. Exercise extreme caution when wiping sweat out of your eyes, picking your nose, taking a piss or wiping your ass. You will know true misery if you get it on your tender bits.

  • Wisnu E.K
    Wisnu E.K

    Mantap Jeep kenangan

  • Kathy Hathaway
    Kathy Hathaway

    Mat you do not have to worry about the poison oak you just have to worry about the chiggers on the black berry’s. If you have never had them you are in for a surprise. There are two places they like to get on people an one place is where the sun does not shine ( front side ) 🤫😂.

  • Ernie Montes de Oca
    Ernie Montes de Oca

    Poison oak… “three on a tree, let it be”

  • Arkansas Made
    Arkansas Made

    both those old men are in better shape than I am!

  • DOUGLAS Compton
    DOUGLAS Compton

    Rent a Hellecopter.

  • Shaggydude

    How the heck did Ed get it out there in the first place?

  • Xx 1uk3 xX
    Xx 1uk3 xX

    That’s such a cool rig

  • hunterr

    Him saying “ its a different strainnn” is all i needed to know 😎

  • Adam Norvell
    Adam Norvell

    A few grand to recover that bad boy

  • Send It
    Send It

    This is the whole reason Big Eds been hanging with theses guys, they just didn't know it

  • erik blankenbiller
    erik blankenbiller

    Where was this? I recognize South Fork Bridge and Malakoff Diggins.

  • Kenshin Himura
    Kenshin Himura

    very cool job of rescue d you guys congratulations 🇧🇷👏

  • M

    Buy a Helicoptor for quick recovery, why not charge them three times the normal recovery price!!!!!!

  • Joseph Lee
    Joseph Lee

    When it comes to poison ivy the one thing to remember is if there are leaves of three let it be I am the one guy who is immune

  • a2cryss

    So is it 33, 40 or 47 years? Why would it have registration from 1988 if it was last run in 1974? Don't exaggerate, you lose credibility. Cool project.

  • timmayvsjimmay

    Little disappointed we didn't get any footage of Trevor in a bib.

  • Rochelle King
    Rochelle King

    Where about is Ed's claim at in northern California

  • anglo saxon
    anglo saxon


  • cryangallegos

    Man, this property is identical to where I grew up. Poison oak, blackberries, red clay dirt and all

  • Nugie Nugraha
    Nugie Nugraha

    GF : I am home alone Me : 0:39

  • W

    🤣🤣🤣@11:20 you can see the water line on Paul's pants... looks like he stopped going in deeper when that cold, mountain water touched his boys 🤣

  • Salvador Fernandes
    Salvador Fernandes

    after 40 years the tires are still filled with air

  • SV Thora Sailing
    SV Thora Sailing

    Might be easier to carry an engine in and drive her out,second option military helicopter it out,this venture is Nuts,I’m gonna watch this one.take care guys.

  • Houston Bigfooter
    Houston Bigfooter

    Should of air lifted it.

  • Chris Ward
    Chris Ward

    Trying to figure out where this is there was a lot of hydraulic mining all the way up from Foresthill to Bullards Bar

  • Rapture Bound
    Rapture Bound

    Poison oak is a plant from hell. Don't EVER think its no big deal. Touch it or touch your boot or gloves or anything that has come in contact with it and trust me you will instantly regret it. You cannot wash that poison oak oil off of your skin or your clothes you just have to throw out the clothes. Smoke jumpers that fight forest fires sometimes are breathing in the smoke from burning poison oak and even that can hospitalize them. It instantly causes a blistering burning red rash that burns & itches so bad you want to take a welders brush to it and scratch to the bone! Some people react worse than others,. thats true.. but most people wish they'd never even come close to it. The patch I ran into was on some acreage I owned in Oregon..it was mixed in among some wild rasberry bushes about 10 feet tall..which because of its 3 inch long needle point steel like thorns is also bad news!. Even the deer won't go into a patch of wild rasberry bushes. ":-0

  • Doug Coleman
    Doug Coleman

    I didn't have 17 minutes to invest but the picture in the clickbait heading shows a vehicle that wouldn't look that good after forty years in a garage. Yellow. Jeepish thing, was that the actual vehicle?

  • Gntl Stone
    Gntl Stone

    It's the Banana's Grandpa!!!!

  • Karna Jaya
    Karna Jaya

    Not Restoration Man

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy

    There are some of us that think your explanation of things are cool , keep your content and don’t change anything

  • saldi supriadi
    saldi supriadi

    Berry everywhere...

  • jeep gang96
    jeep gang96

    20 or 25 then why does it say 40 years.

  • Koda_Daddy

    Poison oak or whatever may not affect you but every time I get it I have to go get a shot to get rid of it.

  • Toph mcgoph
    Toph mcgoph

    The first 40 seconds I was mad because i didn’t get the “so we got a call…”

  • Not Again
    Not Again

    Please get that old thing running-following!

  • Jason Thomsen
    Jason Thomsen

    I love the one guys diaper bag.

  • richie649

    Seems like alot of expense and time to recover?

  • Max Zhur
    Max Zhur

    Fred is right on with the mining history!

  • Free Range Whanau
    Free Range Whanau

    Damn that's some nice country in there!

  • PeterGosenya

    84 years old and climbing mountains like a stroll in the park.

  • LadyTam55

    Just rent a full size backhoe and no big deal.

  • DemonaeTV

    take it apart, put it on trailers behind utv's.

  • bigjax 1969
    bigjax 1969

    You should have taken it apart and hauled it out of there. Or use the helicopter

  • Alan Jackson
    Alan Jackson

    I had one of these in the U.K. early 80’s but in Europe is was an LJ80.

  • Peter Buckman
    Peter Buckman

    How much in donations have you gotten plus it been fun

  • The Abandoned South
    The Abandoned South

    How in gods name did that bone stock Suzuki make it to there

    • livinthedream

      They told you in the video.

  • Ryan Beyea
    Ryan Beyea

    What's up

  • Ryan Beyea
    Ryan Beyea


  • Marwen Yahyaoui
    Marwen Yahyaoui

    Lizzy you look awesome with those shades 01:39

  • Dan Tucker
    Dan Tucker

    I watched the 2 recovery episodes before this one, and what a perspective seeing them in that order. Brought a tear to my eye. What an amazing gift to an amazing man. Well done Matt, Paul, and everyone involved. When I first started watching 2+ years ago, I kinda went, "What's up with the old guy?" Then I came to enjoy & appreciate him more and more. This episode moved Ed firmly into " F'in LEGEND" position, and I think I finally really & truly appreciate why Matt has always had him around. Ed is a treasure. And an 84 year old stud, hiking into the forest with a cane! I'm now looking forward to Paul & Fab Rats restoration series on the LJ. And I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing Ed drive it again.

  • Swirrll Folfsky
    Swirrll Folfsky

    That Suzuki has been sitting for nearly half a century? Wow. This is an epic recovery

  • Sri Ranga
    Sri Ranga

    Are you really gonna get it out from their Excited to see your operation Nevada

  • Jim C.
    Jim C.

    Put it in a museum, like the bus that guy died in that movie?

  • Mank Demes
    Mank Demes

    Matt you can dress like either a lumberjack or a trendy skater, and I love the flexibility lmao

  • Corndawg99

    You guys could have just picked it up and carried it out..

  • Seth Clayborne
    Seth Clayborne

    the fact 40 years ago was 1980 and not 1960 just doesnt sit right with me..

  • E Good
    E Good


  • Mike Azpiroz
    Mike Azpiroz

    Great show, loving the content but coulda called a Reserve Unit and called it "training" to air Lift it out with a Chinook lol But then we wouldn't have the fun. Hahahaha

  • Badical69killemall

    I swear you're related to Val Kilmer!

  • Brodie Anderson
    Brodie Anderson

    I get in trouble at work because of guys like Ed. 3-4hr water heater call morphs into 5-6 hrs but those stories are invaluable. I’ll take a few less dollars for some life lessons.

  • Jaedon Kanyid
    Jaedon Kanyid

    He looks like mature James Pumphrey.

  • George AKA Dad
    George AKA Dad

    Left handed rock throwing competition: Just remember that Left Handed people are RIGHT brained. Hence Right Handed people are WRONG brained. 😊

  • nobby styles
    nobby styles

    first time i seen one of these "oh look what we found" videos where it actually looks like its really just sat there for years.


    These guys freaking out about poison oak is hilarious

  • Vern Shein
    Vern Shein

    Only true friends would try to do a job like this.

  • goatee21

    What shape it's in.. RIP headlight

  • Repent!.

    Repent to Jesus Christ!! ““I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭10:16‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  • Bulik1970

    Sasquatch country

  • Bruce Wiemer
    Bruce Wiemer

    Likley with fresh gas and a set of points, she lite right up. Brought back worse from the dead, much to the chagrin of the socialist state of california

  • Clint .R
    Clint .R

    I know people in their late 20's and early 30's that couldn't do that hike. Ed is a legend.

  • Dave West
    Dave West

    Looks like it's above middle fork.

  • Jared Musick
    Jared Musick

    i think if you guys let marvel mystery oil sit in the cylinders for a little that motor will break free. just sick a breaker bar on the crank and rock it. it would be rad to drive that thing out


    I sweat I thought Ed was your dad or something as much as i see him riding with ya. Lmao



  • Cat 59
    Cat 59

    racing along the airport walkways...not at all competitive

  • Ramiro Montoya
    Ramiro Montoya

    Super Kool Video.

  • Neda Nother
    Neda Nother

    this is a super fun channel. no fake drama needed. Thanks guys and girl.

  • Neda Nother
    Neda Nother

    and forget about the cityboy worry....what sort of desert dwellers have never seen poison oak? I can get a rash just watching this video.