How Are We Going To Do This? Matt Left Us To Rescue Ed's LJ20
Matt's Off Road Recovery
So I got a call a call to rescue Ed's LJ20 and Rudy got a bunch of calls while I was away.


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Ed's LJ20 Stuck 40 Years In The Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

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  • R T
    R T

    Great family when the son says hit it when I honk twice.. MOM

  • Mix Garage
    Mix Garage

    Jamie and Michelle should go on a recovery

  • J. W.
    J. W.

    Eric and Trevor are hilarious together

  • Matthew Morrison
    Matthew Morrison

    that heart attack joke..............he pointed exactly at his gallbladder. I also suffer from gallbladder attacks and he should see a doctor- i know how weird right?

  • jake lawton
    jake lawton

    Rudy’s definitely matts son “Rudy your Jeep’s braking” “Ok well we still need to get this outta here”

  • South Bay Dual Sports
    South Bay Dual Sports

    Ok what happened to the brand spankin new 392 JL Rubicon? Why was it dead?

  • David Yow
    David Yow

    The wife and I were doing Zion and Bryce and staying in Glendale. Knew from the channel that there was the chance that both Matt and the Fab Rats crew would be out on Operation Golden Nugget. Well, Hurricane is a long way from NC and since we were in the area, had to stop by the shop and say “Hello” to the crew that was left. We just missed Rudy and Jeffe, as they were out on the job in this video. The good news was we had a great chat with Shannon and got to meet the REAL stars of the channel, Max and Lady! Sorry we missed y’all!

  • Patriot 1974
    Patriot 1974


  • Charles Yates
    Charles Yates

    I say buy up the jeep comanches and fix them up to pull and tow paint them up and use them as billboards strategically placing them every 10 square miles. Then when your out on a job and need more power you have a jeep nearby

  • Mike Elling
    Mike Elling

    The fella with the pain in the top right of his abdomen…that’s your gallbladder. Probably has chronic gallbladder inflammation. Get a hida scan - guess is the gallbladder is no longer functioning properly.

  • samson3000

    Jamie's the Engineer of the MORR Train!

  • SouthFlaDiver

    The importance of timing 11:36

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    God Bless You all.

  • Paul Nason
    Paul Nason

    I bet Jamie and Machial could do a recovery on thier own

  • Charley Folkes
    Charley Folkes

    That’s hilarious about the Jerry-cans ! I see every weekend warrior rig here which has never tasted dirt with water cans, gas cans jacks, winches, sand ladders shovels etc proudly mounted to the exterior .. but YOU guys who are off road more than anyone don’t even have a spare tire !!! Thanks for the great videos and positive vibe !

  • DrewT

    BTW you would want to hold the fort. Your enemy would want to hold DOWN the fort. There's your useless Cliff Claven knowledge for the day ;-)

  • Larry Allen
    Larry Allen

    Dang was that a 392 jl?

  • Johnny Of the sticks
    Johnny Of the sticks

    be creative on Matt!! yes you can!! yes you can!!

  • Pete B
    Pete B

    Yay, was that Bryn holding the camera?

  • Jeffrey Stromyer
    Jeffrey Stromyer

    50 is freezing? that is a nice comfortable day

  • Vegas Babyy
    Vegas Babyy

    Great job!!! Like seeing Rudy lead the calls! 👊🏽

  • Kate Lightsey
    Kate Lightsey

    What caused the JLU to die???

  • Daniel Humphrey
    Daniel Humphrey

    I was just watching some of the older video's. What happened to Randy, I haven't seen him in any of the newer vid's.

  • Dean Morgan
    Dean Morgan

    What music starts playing at 07:25? :)

  • Pjangles Smith
    Pjangles Smith

    Had to laugh when she said it's freezing. It's like 50 degrees. I'm from buffalo, NY. 50 is t-shirt weather, break out the motorcycle type weather

  • D Carts
    D Carts

    I’m excited to see how many of those new ford breakdown mobiles…I mean new broncos…will be towed out soon!

  • MrSir

    Awesome crew!!

  • pablopuris

    Awesome videos Ed is the men greeting you from Costa Rica



  • Jeff’s mess
    Jeff’s mess

    Rudy calls his Mom “Jamie” ? That just sounded weird.

    • Jeff’s mess
      Jeff’s mess

      @John oh that makes sense

    • John

      Jaymie is not his mom. He is Matt's son by a previous marriage

  • N S
    N S

    Have not seen the Corvair in a while. Is it okay?

  • Neale Smith
    Neale Smith

    Nice tandem pull!

  • Jon Kirkwood
    Jon Kirkwood

    "I'm going to get it on camera." Great first responder answer.

  • Jalopy Joe
    Jalopy Joe

    Was hear

  • shwa8603

    I think you guys should pay Rudy's Jeep a little attention

  • deltavee2

    Tucker, really nice editing collage, man. The "ploik" sound when the camera hit the water and the underwater shot just broke me up. Thanks for all your hard work. Cheers from E. Ontario.

  • deltavee2

    Aggressive is a good descriptor for the MORRVAIR. What a little brute! And I love the sound of what is arguably America's most important contribution to the motoring world, the V-8.

  • mclaren122

    why have a boring job when you can work with matt's off road recovery. and never have time of. but time of your life.

  • Abel

    Footage was all over I dint knew what was going on like back in time and present and last week ahhh

  • Joe R
    Joe R

    Please never use footage from a phone again, it made me motion sick to the point I threw up. This is the reason why good cameras have either gyroscopic stabilization or image stabilization software.

  • Dustin Tunis
    Dustin Tunis

    "It's freezing cold, it's like 50 degrees.". Uhhm Jamie, I don't think you understand what freezing means.

  • Jared Phillips
    Jared Phillips

    Great work as always !

  • User Anonymous
    User Anonymous

    lmao she says freezing cold 50 degreees sorry thats not cold at all thats great

  • User Anonymous
    User Anonymous

    why did you pull into that? on purpose?

  • Gavin Fields
    Gavin Fields

    That hurt my soul when I seen that was a 392 wrangler 😫

  • Aaron Modlin
    Aaron Modlin

    Props to the editor for the intercutting on this one.

  • Isaiah Chester
    Isaiah Chester

    Rudy was born for that hat 🤠

  • David Straub
    David Straub

    What was the issue with that Jeep Rubicon? Good job all around guys and gals! Take care.

  • Backyard Beekeeping
    Backyard Beekeeping

    In the unseen footage you talk about the landslide in the winter of ‘73. That was most likely due to the saturated hillside as a result of the Strong El Niño in ‘72-‘73.

  • Tony-The-Tiger Johns
    Tony-The-Tiger Johns

    That pain at 4:50 ish is where the gall bladder is located. Don’t ask how I know.

  • Trü Ter
    Trü Ter

    If you go offroading and don't get your 4x4 stuck, you've just wasted your time

  • Adventure Awaits
    Adventure Awaits

    New 392 V8 wrangler hydrolocked!!! 😳😳

  • hardworkingmlm

    I’m curious why the new rubicon Jeep was “dead” and not drive-able? Did it flood too or did it break something?

    • livinthedream


  • keithsj10

    Hilldale and Colorado City... Little house on the prairie. Creepy places

  • tfraz99

    I'd love to see Matt do a breakdown of all your recoveries. Let us know what he thinks of how you handle things!

  • Guns and Things
    Guns and Things

    12:37 No one going to talk about the fact that those guys flooded a wrangler rubicon 392

  • Michael McNeil
    Michael McNeil

    I don't get it.Tearing up the the wilderness in a $50 -$100,000 machine just because !!

  • Ross S
    Ross S

    I love watching them hook two or even three tow vehicles together like a train to get up some hills - that's amazing! And very cool.

  • Trevor McGrath
    Trevor McGrath

    The MORR B Team is bloody DEADLY! I see it in a lot of the comments already BUT has to be highlighted *** Jaymie is Unreal. Quietly working away on the usual episodes but always on hand when needed. And can turn her hand to EVERYTHING!

  • Gary Viso
    Gary Viso

    i have found that the small squeegee for window tinting works really good for removing water from the inside of the windows

  • Barney Rubble
    Barney Rubble

    Really enjoy your videos, and appreciate the attention to the video quality. Good job tech people! Questions: Have you ever broken a customer's windshield towing them out and throwing rocks all over the front of their vehicle? Do you (Matt) teach your employees how to drive off-road and specific to recovery, or is it just OJT? Say hi to Ed. :-)

  • Richard Hobbs
    Richard Hobbs

    Well done ! Entertaining & Amazing ! ! !

  • james myers
    james myers

    I see you meet Donald from "soft roading the west" you guys should do a joint video sometime. Both Yall are some of my favorite NLthrow channels.

  • Dan O
    Dan O

    Jamie is such a badass! Pretty cool to see mom and her boys out makin it happen! What an awesome family!

  • Charles Goff
    Charles Goff

    Sometimes a Fuel Gauge will handle a lot of the Problems.

  • Cindy Connour
    Cindy Connour

    I watched with my hand over my mouth

  • ابوراكان 2020
    ابوراكان 2020

    انا اقدم متابع ممكن ترسلي تي شيرت ياحبيب

  • Matt Hairell
    Matt Hairell

    Damn Rudy's muscles are getting huge. Good work y'all

  • Debbie Henson
    Debbie Henson

    I just have to say Rudy does everything with confidence and a smile, not worried but nothing.

  • Mel W
    Mel W

    You all did a brilliant job while Matt was away, go Jaime girl power you did excellent.

  • jus1taj

    That was pretty damn cool watching those two cars pull a third up a hill.

  • Tristin Caldwell
    Tristin Caldwell

    Rudy what is your jeeps name


    Who's the girl in black leggings and camo boots? She looking THICK AF😍😘😂

  • Robert Fischer
    Robert Fischer

    Slickery is a word here in Ohio.😃

  • Gene Hart
    Gene Hart

    LS pulling out it!

  • Ray

    lmao Tucker! I'm enjoying seeing more of Eric too


    9:15 Been there 👏🏽 Honda trail tractor in its natural environment lol.

  • blair parkinson
    blair parkinson

    Oh that drone footage really cracked me up, I was not expecting it to crash into the side of the rocks, It became a submersible drone lol

  • shadyonej

    The lost episode ☝️👀🛣️🇺🇸💁

  • The Unexpected Off Road
    The Unexpected Off Road

    wow that was a big camper!! awesome video!!!

  • Esteban Zaragoza
    Esteban Zaragoza

    We went down there, from LA i didnt get stuck my cousin did tho its called sand hollow for a reason lol

  • vasyasmanager2you

    I wonder why their work cars don't have snorkels.

  • Jimmy Swint themissourianangler
    Jimmy Swint themissourianangler

    I want to see the video of him getting them shock bolts out

  • Tim Yeates
    Tim Yeates

    It would be awesome to see a build video on Rudy’s XJ.

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson

    I just loveRudy. He airways seems to be even tempered and mellow while getting the job done. However, what grown man goes by the name of Tom-Tom ? No offense, but it just seems a little childish to me.

  • Alex

    The Banana is looking sweet!

    • Alex

      Phew, there really are a few real men left!! Nice work gentlemen!

  • AffordBindEquipment

    "Just Rolled In" customer says that the shock just came undone while off-roading. Has no idea how it happened.

  • chris

    I wonder if the cabin Ed used to drive to even exists anymore or if nature reclaimed it .

  • Sam

    I just realized this, Tom looks like Garrett from Smosh

  • Don Cyr33
    Don Cyr33

    Get some sleeves on those boys!, then gloves and caps in the car in case you get snowed in.

  • joyce minerd
    joyce minerd

    Love your channel ❤ 💕 ♥ 💖 love your sense of humor, you and Jamie are a perfect couple and I really love the karaoke disagreement settlements ! Miss Randy though haven't seen him for awhile hope he's well. The Golden Nugget recovery was amazing you and your crew plus Paul from FabRats are very entertaining as well as definitely knowing what to do in any situation 😀, Stay safe,stay healthy . Thought for sure Rudy was going over in the jeep that took 3 vehicles to rescue

  • james schramm
    james schramm

    I'm sure many have asked but..... how much would a tow like this run, taking the distance and vehicles involved ???????

  • Dylan Olson
    Dylan Olson

    Did that dude submarine his new 392 😳

  • Rick in Oakville
    Rick in Oakville

    Can't believe, 95 degrees one day, next snow is flying!

  • daeraloth

    What a beautiful S15, haven't seen one in ages!

  • Frank MacLeod
    Frank MacLeod

    Thanks guys!

  • livinthedream

    Who is the new female, black pants and grey sweatshirt, that was filming.

  • Nick B
    Nick B

    Well done Ruddy & your crew, you got em out!

  • Joseph Pierce
    Joseph Pierce

    Can you do a walk around video of Rudy's Jeep? Curious as to how it's setup.

  • Hack Jealousy
    Hack Jealousy

    Keep your golden nuggets unseen.