Have All The Upgrades Been Worth It? Trail Hero Shake Down
Matt's Off Road Recovery
So I got a build project and it's time to shake down the Jeep Banana. How will it do at Trail Hero?

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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

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  • Gregor Holmes
    Gregor Holmes

    Ya'll put your mufflers on backwards? Seen it 100's of times

  • Support - DTK Utah
    Support - DTK Utah

    Is the badlands winch as good as the main brands.

  • Astro BOY
    Astro BOY

    I can only assume that Clifford has "the big Red Jeep"

  • Rayburn Stockinger
    Rayburn Stockinger

    Still like this video!

  • alexis ulloa
    alexis ulloa

    Anyone know the wheel the banana has in this video ?

  • Stewart Scott
    Stewart Scott

    You went to smaller tires?

  • Jared Miller
    Jared Miller

    I swear i saw that dually in Mad Max: Fury Road lmao!! Nice mix of vehicles

  • Noah Froio
    Noah Froio

    Just binge watched the entire build, from the $80 bid from the junker, with Trevor in the fork, to this episode, amazing build, amazing crew, and more fun to watch than anything on the car channel. Ed's weather report with the Florida cutoff tee = priceless. Love your stuff Matt and Team, I am officially hooked, subscribed, and belled for every video!! Thanks for showing how good people doing the right thing is better than any made for TV BS. Now, on to Ed's Jeep recovery series!!

  • Ronnie Freeto
    Ronnie Freeto

    Everyone: man these trails are kind of tough Matt: it's so nice to do this without my trailer and in the day What an absolute legend. Love the videos

  • 100SteveB

    Boy I wish we had those kind of playgrounds here in the UK!

  • fredio54

    DUDE, please stop fucking welding without a helmet with your eyes closed as if it'll save you from burning your retinas :-( it's painful to watch - you're such a good guy and so onto it in so many other ways but you have to pick up your game on the welding safety - it's no joke.

  • Kenneth Hardin
    Kenneth Hardin

    How can there be dislikes on this video? I would really like to know what is going through peoples minds.

  • imgettinby

    don't care for all the music, but at least, unlike so many others, you still let the natural sounds come through so we could hear the engines and tires squeals and metal bangs, so thanks for that.

  • scott rigby
    scott rigby

    Glad to see the Banana

  • Todd O'Halloran
    Todd O'Halloran

    How does the Banana do against the Morrvair now that it has the 4.6 stroker?

  • Slider68

    Is there an x-pipe in the exhaust? Years ago I added one to my '84 Grand Prix, with a mildly built 5.7 small block in it. The exhaust volume dropped by about a factor of 3. There was still a nice deep rumble to but it was almost too quiet. Performance wise, I believe power increased, but I never dyno'd it.

  • retrofitter

    Get 2 mufflers that have only have 1 outlet each and aren't designed for high flow, split the exhaust before them

  • iNawrocki

    Banana did amazing. It just needed to lose another 5lb's of air in the tires and it would effortlessly cruise over everything you did. Not to mention the new tires, in general! Such a great build.

    • iNawrocki

      @Matt's Off Road Recovery Hah! Those were at 6 lbs?? I stand corrected; I misjudged how little they squished. Regardless, you guys are awesome and your Banana Build has turned out so awesome.

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery
      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      5 pounds less would’ve put me at 1 pound. Lol The new tires definitely needed to be broke in.

  • Michael Dally
    Michael Dally

    'The answer is yes'

  • Justin Newman
    Justin Newman

    Good ole Rory Irish

  • Grady Rogers
    Grady Rogers

    Yes, tailpipes need to go out past bumper for quieter, yes it will, ONLY on inside

  • Trent Ufford
    Trent Ufford

    The plant minister broadly introduce because rabbi immunologically march given a spotless position. jaded, few fierce oval

  • Rajesh Khadgi
    Rajesh Khadgi

    Great work man love it

  • samson3000

    First Thing: It is so rare to see Lizzy without her hair in a braid! Second Thing: I believe it is a mistake to remove Winder Towing signage from the Banana. MORR is a division of Winder, so Winder should stay on the doors and MORR signage should replace the Recovery Rope signage on the rear side windows. The Recovery Rope sign should go on the rear hatch glass.

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery
      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Not a division, separate businesses. And as you can imagine, my Winder Towing dispatchers love answering all the questions they get. Ha ha It would be like if you owned a landscaping company, and you also owned a restaurant. And 200 people called the landscaping company every day to ask the hours of the restaurant, and what the daily specials were. And how much every food item cost, and if all the restaurant staff were related.

  • Michael Dickens
    Michael Dickens

    I think it sounds good

  • michael traweek
    michael traweek

    Matt is Lizzie your daughter ? ...

  • Just A. Seeker
    Just A. Seeker

    Why do people feel the need to drive over rocks??

  • Fernando Cruz
    Fernando Cruz

    jhon dident come with the tow truck this time

  • Fernando Cruz
    Fernando Cruz

    i dont get it what wissle

  • Linda Thrift
    Linda Thrift

    Good move

  • Swistak Oczykobry
    Swistak Oczykobry

    Toll 🇩🇪✌️

  • Animals Of Evolution Always Evolving
    Animals Of Evolution Always Evolving

    your XJ is sick as fuck tho too.

  • Animals Of Evolution Always Evolving
    Animals Of Evolution Always Evolving

    trail mater is so damn beast ugh

  • GamingClipz

    I love these videos! I wish y’all where around me. Last month my H2 got stuck so I called a recovery place.. they came and they ended up flipping it 2 times. Now the damage is 13k…. Sucks

  • yopa yopa
    yopa yopa

    You can put some cool fog lights in front of that steering thing

  • Swirrll Folfsky
    Swirrll Folfsky

    13:00 that's one gnarly dip right there.

  • bwilson187

    I will miss that Winder decal. Personally I would have left it on, but I understand why you changed it.

  • Kimberly Lake-morrison
    Kimberly Lake-morrison

    What mufflers are they running? I know he said three but what brand are they?

  • Jacob Chandler
    Jacob Chandler

    Stock muffler off any new pickup and itll be quiet

  • Tarzaan

    All of those upgrades and no beadlock wheels, i know you're more experienced than i am, but im interested to know why

  • IcantSignIn

    Another video, another call for a Morrvair t-shirt.

  • Edward Onka
    Edward Onka

    Love the Badlands winch!

  • Markus Pienaar
    Markus Pienaar

    Sorry for asking a stupid question, I am not very knowledgable when it comes to 4x4s. Does the Banana oprate with a manual or automatic gearbox. I can't see inside the Jeep but it sounds like an automatic.

  • Benjamin Speer
    Benjamin Speer

    Look into twin loop mufflers. you get the performance but cut down on the sound if you dont want it.

  • Johnny Greene
    Johnny Greene

    That's awesome you guys can get together and do this! Love your vids

  • LookIleftpooponyourpage

    So I've been wondering why you use manual locking hubs instead of auto lockers? I don't know a lot about locking hubs, most of my 4wd vehicles had auto locking hubs and then I got a Chevy Tracker with manual hubs and I got tired of getting out into the snow to lock them so I replaced them with auto lockers. Are manual lockers stronger?

  • WintersEnd3873

    Hey Matt love your videos by the way if your still looking for a quieter alternative muffler look up the walker silent series mufflers they were stock ok my dakota with a 485 horsepower motor and made it extremely silent until i changed it for a magnaflow because i wanted an aggressive sound. Btw when she was straight piped she would rattle windows. Dont have the truck anymore but also catalytic converters can help to quiet things up with the walkers as well

  • BerserkFury89

    Why do people no take their pintle hooks off when going through stuff like this?

  • pnw rednecks
    pnw rednecks

    Cool to see bsf recovery out there

  • Michael Scave
    Michael Scave

    Mad Max vibes for sure

  • Jeffrey Krout
    Jeffrey Krout

    Awesome People !!!!

  • rightwingmanscott

    My Go To First site on NLthrow! One of the most entertaining shows available. No big drama kick with constant reviews to eat up time. We'll get em out!

  • Jeeper Guy
    Jeeper Guy

    Where is this exactly? I’m interested in checking this out!

  • Desert Maverick
    Desert Maverick

    This has got to be, hands down, one of the best F@cking videos I've watched in a long time! That was absolutely fun to watch. I wish I could of been with all of you when you did this. You've got your own "Moab Hells Revenge"! I always enjoy watching your videos. And the Banana 🚖 OK, I've never done this before as I've watched all of the Jeep and off road channels over many years. I am going to SUBSCRIBE to your Channel.

  • Tim Steinkamp
    Tim Steinkamp

    Of course the upgrades are worth it if it makes you happy. Don't plan on making me happy with the upgrades, what's left of them.

  • Truth Keeper Films
    Truth Keeper Films

    Banana vs Morvair II should be in the works!

  • iowa_don

    If it scrapes off, leave it off. 🤣🤣

  • Andy Bonner
    Andy Bonner

    Surely I’m not the only one who wants to see another Morrvair vs Banana showdown now that the Banana hit the gym 👀

  • Captain Kevin
    Captain Kevin

    WEL, I was hoping to be able to get the Jeep, but the post office didn't seem to think so, as they managed to lose the package, and I have serious doubts it will ever be located.

  • Rick Newman
    Rick Newman

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

  • MrJmattr3

    Genius exhaust tips!! Love these videos!

  • Jordan Integro
    Jordan Integro

    You should carry a short string and plumb bob to hold in front of the camera to give perspective of how steep a lot of the grades are. The camera alone doesn’t reflect how insane some of the slopes are especially when you’re doing recovery.

  • urstupid670

    Those stock hummer h2 rims look great on that thing

  • jackburner8107

    I think you took the banna where les stroud camped......


    @17:34 You need to put one of those big trucker wings on there to keep the back end from coming up! LOL 😛😛😛😛

  • Gayle Sweeney
    Gayle Sweeney

    Good luck 👍

  • PSCruising

    Kick ass Matt and crew. My shirt just came in. Wore it proudly on our last "jeepin" adventure. Cheers and good luck. Keep getting em out!

  • Usay Uwannit
    Usay Uwannit

    I remember when ur jeep was Frankensteind together a few years ago. Was genius fabrication but extremely ugly welding.

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez

    Mad Matt: Fury Road

  • CB Church
    CB Church

    Use both logos, matts & Winder.

  • Diz Heller
    Diz Heller

    My sound engineer's ear says, "It sounds way more civilized with the new 'mufflers'."

  • Tony Velasquez
    Tony Velasquez

    Also, Matt, will you please do a build on my Jeep Renegade Trailhawk??

  • Tony Velasquez
    Tony Velasquez

    I instantly went to the website and the bananas were already sold out!! I want one!!

  • nightcrep

    Lizzie needs a hubby, where should I submit my resume??? 😬😬😬

  • Tiffanie Eakman
    Tiffanie Eakman

    Love the off-road wreckers! And the Banana of course. Cool to see all you guys together ❤

  • Szymon Gauza
    Szymon Gauza

    i lost the plot were did Randy go. Is he alright.

  • Jose Condemarin
    Jose Condemarin

    Very awesome upgrade guys!! the BANANA has come a long way it's a new designed vehicle 👌. Can't wait for operation golden nugget. Stay safe and healthy thanks 😊

  • keith t
    keith t

    No disrespect to winder towing but the rebranding of the banana has been overdue. The banana has put this channel on the map😎 well done matt and company

  • Manuel Serrano
    Manuel Serrano

    Love you lizzy. God bless you

  • dcbrot

    Can you guys comment on what exactly happened to Rudy’s driveshaft and what you had to do? Broken ujoint and had to do a trail swap?

  • Graham

    I have to move to Utah before I die


    I miss watching bsf

  • N. Soto DC5
    N. Soto DC5

    if this clip isnt in the next mad max movie i life wont be complete

  • Dead Bambi
    Dead Bambi

    Idk....I kinda like the chrome headlight trim

  • scoob gaming
    scoob gaming


  • Leo Cross
    Leo Cross

    Man all you great talented guys and ladies in one convoy is one heck of a wrecking crew on the trail. Amazing! Thanks for all the videos and great off-road tips!!

  • Funner Than Before
    Funner Than Before

    Yall need a side by side...

  • Tyler Gainey
    Tyler Gainey

    So happy to see the BSF crew getting some love. Been watching their stuff for a long time. From muddy style to MOAB style.

  • Jim Derrick
    Jim Derrick

    WOW great run. and the Banana is looking awesome !!!

  • BlueShark Rides
    BlueShark Rides

    Roys dually is so sick. I've seen plenty of videos of that thing hauling out RZR's on flatbeds doing some insane crawling.

  • Ryan Ogden
    Ryan Ogden

    damn hes tryna make his car quieter meanwhile me strait piping the shit out of my car

  • MrSir

    Looks SO much better with the new ''Matt's off road recovery'' livery on the Banana.

  • Josh Johnson
    Josh Johnson

    Hey to anyone who knows. I’m a Hawaii boy going for a first evening road trip from Utah to Yellowstone. Can anyone recommend a good rv rental company

  • Patriot 1974
    Patriot 1974

    Great video as always God bless America

  • Wyatt Earp
    Wyatt Earp

    Well watching it again😂

  • ชัยวัฒน์ ขัดทวงศ์
    ชัยวัฒน์ ขัดทวงศ์

    Cheer you guys..from Lampang Thailand✌✌✌✌✌✌

  • ชัยวัฒน์ ขัดทวงศ์
    ชัยวัฒน์ ขัดทวงศ์

    Powerful vehicle..

  • Joshua Garcia
    Joshua Garcia

    the Winder Towing decal coming off was a bitter sweet moment but I can't wait for what's to come with MORR!

  • enterprise59

    I've got the Winder Towing "mini" Banana already, and look forward to the new one! All caught up sorta, last 2 vids I'm saving for tomorrow!

  • jay longton
    jay longton

    Put a Honda generator muffler on it.