Can Your Jeep Flex Like This?
Matt's Off Road Recovery
So I got a build project to flex out the suspension for the Jeep Banana.

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Ed's LJ20 Stuck 40 Years In The Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

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  • Matt's Off Road Recovery
    Matt's Off Road Recovery

    Shop with a Cop patches will be available for pre order on Black Friday (Nov 26) Thank. You so much!

    • SFMC 98
      SFMC 98

      @XJR15ftw The law and constitution don't say what "you can't do" with an American flag. In fact the constitution says the opposite. We have the freedom in this country to stomp on, burn, or deface the flag if people want to. I don't advocate it but it's not illegal.

    • Ken Allen
      Ken Allen

      You should add a direct donation link on the web site so people could directly to the project. Have a great Thanksgiving!!

    • BitBuhkit

      @Fattrucker Well said!

    • BitBuhkit

      @michael abran Thanks for serving!

    • BitBuhkit

      @Geriatric Ginger Yep, there's at least one in every crowd (@Mr. Quindazzi). Gotta pollute this great channel.

  • Larry Guerriero
    Larry Guerriero

    Speaking of bumbles anyone else notice Matt is a dead ringer for Yukon Cornelius?

  • BankLO

    Love the connection between Rudy and his pops! It reminds me of my relationship w my pops just working in the garage on the c10.. he passed away this year at 49 years old we had so many plans still..

  • The Crafty Tech
    The Crafty Tech

    i did 36 inches on a short arm xj with a 4.5 inch rubicon express lift. i was expecting more, mind you it would do 5 inches less the other way, somethine about the panhard bar, not exactly sure.


    Us "Rust Belters" are very jealous! Apparently TomTom forgot to carry his towel today. Of course, Ed would have a Rokon, probably what he uses for mining without the Nugget.

  • inanc zorlu
    inanc zorlu

    "There is a nice gap here" "Let me check with my finger" :))

  • Dahlhouse Enterprises LLC
    Dahlhouse Enterprises LLC

    The answer is always 42

  • Wabash Outdoor's
    Wabash Outdoor's

    Wife and I been watching yours and Paul’s channel for the past week! We really enjoy your guy’s channels.

  • npalmi88

    ORIs are awesome

  • Heimdall

    1:18 plasma cutting with glove: that's warm. Few moments later cutting without glove: doesn't give a shit 😂

  • the chevy dude
    the chevy dude

    Everyone that comes to work for you do you want them to learn how to do everything that matt knows how to do?


    Can Your Jeep Flex Like This, nope, but my wife CAN. 🥰.

  • throttle bottle
    throttle bottle

    my eyeball is better than I thought, I though 36" height well before it was measured.

  • P A
    P A

    Jeeps are crap. Poorly made and last not a long time.

  • Lennie Phillips
    Lennie Phillips

    I really appreciated the Erick and Trevor comedy recovery episode!

  • JustaDumbFarmer

    Thought is was shot by a cop

  • MrSir

    Trip-over Trevor, and ecstatic Eric to the rescue

  • mikkei

    no more pigs on this channel

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery
      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Prepare to be very disappointed. Lol

  • Famous Potato
    Famous Potato

    What do you have done to the yellow Jeep as far as suspension components and lift?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery
      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      All of it.

  • Gary Onnen
    Gary Onnen

    Some one else’s pain is all always funny, as long as it is not to serious.

  • Travis H
    Travis H

    What size of tires are on the jeep now?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery
      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      37 12.50 17

  • james gray
    james gray

    Man id give anything for my Jeep to be like this

  • vanlife_unlimited

    Did Trevor feel a bit uncomfortable close to the cops? LOOL!

  • Michael Sylvester
    Michael Sylvester

    I wonder how he stops oil starvation so he doesn’t burn his engine up

  • Moey

    Why does Lizzy wear the same jeans every single video

  • Brian Ferreira
    Brian Ferreira

    It doesn’t rain where your located ?

  • Bo H
    Bo H

    roll cage the banana.

  • Alan C
    Alan C

    Great work and thank you for supporting the LEOs and their programs.

  • 1954shadow

    Kudos to Rudy on his fabrication and welding skills on the gates!

  • Dale Wyatt
    Dale Wyatt

    And she welds too!!!

  • Jimmy Jones
    Jimmy Jones

    Love your stuff.

  • Bolo83

    when are we going to see some country dancing :)

  • moni

    Hey I know Rich ! Great guy ☺️

  • Pete North
    Pete North

    "We don't have to do any rust prevention here in Utah", then proceeds to show video of rusted out wheel well on the banana.

  • Luis Deringer
    Luis Deringer

    Right in the pride for Trevor with that fall haha jk glad he's okay! Reminds me of when Rudy fell on the white hundyai recovery

  • Zyhfi Zx
    Zyhfi Zx

    Smh backing the blue smh smh Kids are gonna be like can't believe I fell for this being cool. When knowing their parents may have gotten killed or hurt by one of them . Smh smh

  • Lee Byrd
    Lee Byrd

    LMAO ERIC KNOWS ABOUT BUMBLE! I knew he was a cool dude.

  • David


  • Richard Berryhill
    Richard Berryhill

    It is absolutely cool that Lizzy is such a beautiful young woman and she participates in all of the activities. She may not realize it, but she is already confident in so many things that she can step right in and take over whenever needed. She and Randy are both so cool and clearly so happy it’s half the reason I love watching you!

  • John Niedermier
    John Niedermier

    Looks like competition with Lite Brite on Jeep Flex

  • Fishgrub Blades
    Fishgrub Blades

    Awesome. God bless the police.

  • Kevin Chatwin
    Kevin Chatwin

    Rudy, you built some beautiful gates! I really like the improvements being made to the facility! Trevor and Eric make a great team - even though Trevor just learned to walk yesterday! 😉🤣

  • Kevin Chatwin
    Kevin Chatwin

    Lizzy, I am impressed by your many talents - and yes, I’m sure you can dance! 😉 I really like that you’ve gone green; according to a childhood friend of mine, it’s not easy being green! 🐸😂

  • Brad Crabtree
    Brad Crabtree

    Paint that gate with PPG PSX 700.

  • J T
    J T

    How could you not love Lizzie!

  • John West
    John West

    Very nice work on those gates Rudy! ~jw

  • MrDigitalCypher

    Why is the young bloods Belt buckle bigger.. than all of her actual....her? Are they not too far north for buckles that large?

  • Larry Alexander
    Larry Alexander

    I need a job with you guys !

  • Lee Byrd
    Lee Byrd

    As long as you don't live near the ocean or somewhere that they use salt on the roads rust is not a problem. ~ An Alabamian

  • lucas mathis
    lucas mathis

    couldnt imagine welding in bare metal up here in the upper peninsula of michigan. Must be nice.

  • Roman Marino
    Roman Marino

    my gen 7 pro rc can

  • Eric West
    Eric West

    Can I ask what kind of shoes is TomTom wearing?

  • Evan Brown
    Evan Brown

    Anyone else waiting for Trevor to introduce himself as "Tripping Trevor" after that fall.

  • Denis Bourk
    Denis Bourk

    Impressed with Lizzie's welding, who taught her? I've been a welder for 50 years

  • Daniel Bergendorf
    Daniel Bergendorf

    Can someone explain the relation of Lizzy and Rudy to Matt? Are they his children? I am sorry I am new in this channel

  • Richard Walker
    Richard Walker

    That was very funny, sorry Trevor !!

  • Michael Carter
    Michael Carter

    Outstanding workmanship on those gates! 👏

  • 1966johnnywayne

    "Shop With A Cop" ... Oh no, you've just lost all of your BLM/ANTIFA supporters. I guess they were never going to "make a call" anyways since the vehicles that they wreck don't belong to them in the first place.

  • A S
    A S

    Good ol' Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy quote.

  • Howard Gaskin
    Howard Gaskin

    42... Nice (as long as the comment is no reference to the film).

  • Phil McKanna
    Phil McKanna

    3 videos in one, how awesome is this?!

  • iNawrocki

    That ending is so wholesome. You guys are all awesome. You're so much more than a recovery company.

  • iNawrocki

    Lmao "In the climate we're in, this'll become a problem in about two hundred annnnd fifty years.." I love it. It's true. My poor XJ started surface rusting after 2 weeks in Tennessee. It never. Stopped. Raining. I love being back in the desert and just never thinking about rust ever again.

  • D R
    D R

    I’ll stop by to get my truck some much needed flex. 36” is great!!!

  • FrankieTuned

    The editing on this video was amazing! Very entertaining and well put together! Keep up the great work ladies and gents!

  • The Shiv
    The Shiv

    As a fence installer and gate fabricator for over thirty years I give you an A +++

  • Michael Morris
    Michael Morris

    No, No it cannot.

  • TheWhiteLoaf

    genuine question, is Lizzy matts daughter?

  • DG

    Man that poor old fella. Calls Matt’s recovery for a rescue and gets the goof troop !

  • Hate ForAll
    Hate ForAll

    Happy Thanksgiving to the MORR family and friends!!!

  • mc see
    mc see

    Have you got Trevor's fall from a different angle, I missed seeing him hit the deck. Sorry Trevor, it bought a smile to my face, sorry it hurt so much. lol

  • ke6gwf - Ben Blackburn
    ke6gwf - Ben Blackburn

    Be careful though, trips to California will knock a few years off that rust free life span... Lol

  • Cliff Collins
    Cliff Collins

    Sorry Matt, I don't understand how or why you would let a "Mister Cool" take your business car out on a job, under your name. Driving with one hand, off road is just stupid. And for a while I thought he was on the highway, but the car was jumping around a fair bit, so it was obviously a dirt road or track. But did you note the amount of time he spends looking at the camera still being "Mr Cool" and driving one handed? Honestly doesn't he know that even a rock will rip the wheel out of his hand before he could react, never mind what a water rutted track would do. After watching his recovery performance he seemed to know what he is doing--- until he undid the wheel. doesn't he know that if you have to fight to wriggle a flat tyre out from under a car, especially on a slope like that, you are not going to be able to fit an inflated tyre back without jacking it up even further, on an unstable surface, without the safety to himself and to the car, of the damaged wheel to catch the fall. You cut that part out but I would say it would have been an interesting few minutes. I didn't see if he had left the tow line attached while he was working or not, but I doubt it. Honestly he may be a mate of yours, but you need to have a long talk with him.

  • Hyperwarp Twitch
    Hyperwarp Twitch

    i love the new gate door

  • David Blalock
    David Blalock

    10:28 well to answer your question: The lake was named after Elwood Mead. He was the commissioner of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation from 1924 to 1936, during the planning and construction of the Boulder Canyon Project that created Hoover dam and the lake behind it.

  • David Blalock
    David Blalock

    Lizzy is just the cutest! ❤️‍🔥

  • Ken Kinman
    Ken Kinman

    We are

  • Decadant Dog
    Decadant Dog

    Ed has a ROKON? It just gets better.

  • blastman8888

    I bet all that steel cost lot of $$$$ for those gates. I'm afraid to visit the steal shop see what it's costing now.

  • John Grams
    John Grams

    Just bought my patch. Thank you Matt and team for helping out for the less fortunate.

  • Mike Zimmerman
    Mike Zimmerman

    You guys need to post an all-staff line dance video of the "Achey-Breaky Heart" Or Macarena or something, with Lizzy leading in the front. That would be pure comedy.

  • coldie5445

    How does it drive on the road doing 70mph on those struts?

  • Kerry Stevenson
    Kerry Stevenson

    Thanks for my dose of Eric! Always makes me smile!! Absolutely love the shirt too! 🇺🇲

  • Trey Veston
    Trey Veston

    Another amazing video! I could not stop laughing at Eric and Trevor's interaction when Trevor fell hard. "Been walking long?" Pretty sure I've heard that one a few times over the years from my buddies. Loved the Sportsmobile 4x4 van rescue. But could not figure out what brand of tire failed so spectacularly on it. Saw that BFG KOs were the spare, but couldn't place the tread pattern of the failed tire. Shop with a Cop patch pre-ordered and still a huge fan of MORR!

  • Jack Reed
    Jack Reed

    It won't be long before there will be nothing "Jeep" left of the Banana! It will be a "Matt and company". So much the better! jack

  • redlight722

    Even more interesting…. What is Ed working on? Out in the yard during the briefing?

  • Dan Olsen
    Dan Olsen

    The banana looks good

  • mystery meat
    mystery meat

    9:10 zombie apocalypse ready

  • Joe Bowd
    Joe Bowd


  • Jeremey Laffan
    Jeremey Laffan

    I little bit off topic but you guys should get a gopro and harness that straps on to Lady would love to see doggo pov on Recoverys

  • Glenn Fisher
    Glenn Fisher

    Curious what operators you guys plan on attaching to your gates? Nice work, Rudy!

  • Termite Offroad
    Termite Offroad

    Man that’s some good flex!!! Love it!!

  • PB223

    Why do people buy new jeeps when old Cherokees are so badass and cheap at the same time? Im a 4runner guy, but now that my project 4x4 keeps going up in value, id feel better about abusing an old Cherokee on the trail. You guys have proven time and again how great the 80s/ 90s cherokee really was. People are dumb to sell these things for cheap.

  • FoxieDJ

    F- Democrats

  • Ben Laub
    Ben Laub


  • John Hornback
    John Hornback

    When Trevor fell he should've yelled RUDY 🤣😂

  • Brian Sallis
    Brian Sallis

    I am the same as Eric if you hurt yourself I will burst out laughing, I'm concerned that you are not hurt, but I just can't help myself from laughing, even when my dad cut through a live wire cable with his saw and electrocuted himself I was laughing, as he was dancing about, and when he stopped he asked why I did not unplug him, I said I couldn't as I was laughing too much, he kicked mt shin lol

  • Justin Colton
    Justin Colton

    Man that sliding gate is very impressive

  • Pamela Johnson
    Pamela Johnson

    Haven't seen the dogs on a recovery for some time. Is that because they don't fit in the Morrvair?

  • Tj Phelps
    Tj Phelps

    Some of the best content on the tube