WARNING: Don't Use This Trail! We Could've Died.
Matt's Off Road Recovery
So I got a call to rescue a Lexus on a trail probably no one should drive on. It's too steep for a rescue.

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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

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  • Matt's Off Road Recovery
    Matt's Off Road Recovery

    Here is the first job we did on this Trail. m.nlthrow.info/local/tJKohJyScXxrk6w/video.html

    • Jane Fondle
      Jane Fondle

      @J B 5050 to be fair, he wasn't voted in but I hear you.

    • j in AVL
      j in AVL

      Idk why or how I found this channel but you guys make it real easy to binge watch your content..god bless ya's

    • Janis Rocans
      Janis Rocans

      You should create anchor points along that trail to be able to winch up

    • Sam Sears
      Sam Sears

      have you thought about useing tracks in the sand on the movire that wood be badass

    • redneck suburban idiot
      redneck suburban idiot

      You mean people actually get stuck on that little incline. Lol

  • Lawrence Klein
    Lawrence Klein

    As a guy who's seen a lot in my 70 years on this spinning ball of dirt and water, you guys have nerves of steel... Or else you have wings under your shirts! Dang! I'm on the edge of my chair just watching this!

  • Ole Buck Ranch
    Ole Buck Ranch


  • kingcat2004

    Yup, would love to see how it works out, just can’t keep wasting time with NLthrow’s BS

  • kingcat2004

    5 times I tried, gets to the first ad, plays the ad, locks up and won’t go back to the video, hit refresh, back to the beginning again, plays to the first ad again, repeat! Great channel, need to find another outlet, one that actually prioritizes the content over the ad and makes sure the content actually plays, NLthrow bean counters are wrecking what used to be great

  • kingcat2004

    Fuck NLthrow and their ads! Can’t even complete a damn video anymore

  • Steve T
    Steve T


  • Joshua Rivera
    Joshua Rivera

    The Corvair made climbing up that hill look way too easy!

  • R Stare
    R Stare

    The Morrvair should be a vehicle choice in Hill Climb Racer 2.

  • Denis Bourk
    Denis Bourk

    holy cow its a straight drop off, you wouldn't catch me on that road

  • Sean Frank
    Sean Frank

    Looks like that Lexus was well built. Likely just inexperience got them in trouble.

  • sticks0012


  • RC Fun
    RC Fun

    What a Nice Recovery Truck !!!

  • Farang Keenok
    Farang Keenok

    I wonder how many more people have tried this road because of these videos, knowing Matt can rescue them if their truck isn't up to the job.

  • cumminsscout

    About 30 years ago I decided places like that were not for 4x4's and then bought a Trail 90 Honda. If shit goes really bad you can just step off.... Now I have a Rokon 2x2. I'm not interested in rolling end over end or side over side down a mountain in a 4x4!

  • karentimanderson

    How much fuel?!

  • dan sorrell
    dan sorrell

    nice vew

  • Super Duper
    Super Duper

    Are 4 point harnesses recommended for this sport? O you can chris-cross the seatbelts like a 1990’s rap duet, nevermind.

  • Carol Watts
    Carol Watts

    How steep of a grade does a hill/mountain have to be before you will not attempt it? And do you have a device that tells you the steepness/ grade of the hill?

  • White Dragon
    White Dragon

    I would not have attempted that job. Its was too dangerous.

  • heidi271

    I haven’t watched for a while Matt I’ve been very busy but it was a very good episode and I’m glad to be back

  • Stan .Rarick
    Stan .Rarick

    compare with: from Bishop CA (el. 4,150) to Grandview Campground (el. 8,600)

  • ercost60

    0:37 "Dying of sweat" in just 40-50% humidity? That's a dry day in SC and FL. Toughen up, Buttercup!

  • Eric Marquis
    Eric Marquis

    which hill is this? i want to go hit it

  • Average guys channel
    Average guys channel

    Fuuuuuuck that

  • Average guys channel
    Average guys channel

    50% humidity!?!? Lol that’s a nice day in Georgia lol!!!! 95 with 70% to 80% is normal here in South Georgia….

  • Riley Lewis
    Riley Lewis

    im gonna go and NOT almost die na na na na boo boo go stick ur head in doo doo

  • Mike

    I want to be you guys when I grow up.

  • Christophe Moinat
    Christophe Moinat

    Stupid activity, polluting, selfcentered, materialistic. I am amazed how popular you are. You will never see someone doing this in the alps. Probably get arrested.

  • Paul Abes
    Paul Abes

    I am a four wheeler who has a phobia of falling to my death so you will not see me on that trail...

  • Don't take freedom for granted -
    Don't take freedom for granted -

    This wasn't clickbait. I was sweating watching this. This tow was sooooo sketchy. You guys are so brave including the guy in the Lexus-version Land Cruiser. If Matt was scared, you know this isn't exaggeration. You can tell in the video. Wow.

  • slaytryx

    That wagon is too cool

  • swauss Swaussinator
    swauss Swaussinator

    Wow that trail should be called puckerville hill..

  • Trikie Dik
    Trikie Dik

    At some point the value of a lost vehicle fails to outweigh the risk required to recover it... you can always build a new rig but you dont get a 2nd shot once you die on the job! That being said, you guys seem like well seasoned professionals _(Way more then other popular off-road recovery channels)_ so hats off to your skill and dedication to the job! What ever you get paid by these customers, i can tell you its NOT ENOUGH!!!!

  • Andrew Newman
    Andrew Newman

    Great work guys. I like how you assess the situation carefully. I’m scared watching. Regards from. Australia

  • Bob Holliston
    Bob Holliston

    I just thought of this (second time I've watched it), if that pitch was at a ski area it would be kind of boring.

  • Jonny'sWalk

    Scarey biscuits !!!🍪 😳 Well done you fella’s and gal 👍 👏

  • Mike Hoover
    Mike Hoover


  • Ernesto Jose Hofmann Vera
    Ernesto Jose Hofmann Vera

    que modelo de camioneta es

  • Lance Leavitt
    Lance Leavitt

    This isn't Disneyland up here, folk, its the real world. If you make a mistake, there are real consequences.

  • The86er

    Really like watching these. I just had back surgery and this is helping pass the recovery time greatly. Stay safe and keep up the good work. Also thanks for being interesting without cussing. I can watch in front of my daughter which is awesome. Bless y’all.

  • Elias Bubbe
    Elias Bubbe

    What Lexus IS that?

  • DirtRider22

    That’s not what most people had in mind when you said Lexus 🤙🏼

  • Joe Doe
    Joe Doe

    Nice driving Matt 👌

  • thebeastdemon95

    I would love to take my toy up that hill ... I'm alot heavier than most of these guys tho

    • thebeastdemon95

      P.s I use mine for hill climbs tho

  • Cooper Ben
    Cooper Ben

    Tough going Scary stuff WITH OUT the typical loud mouth Bravado - Made for a good watch.

  • 2high2flyfpv

    You guys need to buy a little kwad like a Diatone Taycan for filming instead of someone having to run with a camera. You could fly that thing from inside a vehicle. It would really be handy on really steep recoveries, like this one.

  • Mick Anonim
    Mick Anonim

    That is some pucker factor hill... BZ guys!

  • Robin Culkin
    Robin Culkin

    I have watched this a few times and I don’t know what you were paid but it wasn’t enough!!! That’s some wild recovery work guys

  • aburgheim

    Going into beautifull areas like that with a vehicle like that should be illegal anyhow!!

  • H. KoPP
    H. KoPP

    22 metric or 22 imperial degrees? ;)

  • Bavaria off the grid
    Bavaria off the grid

    Wow!!! This was the best recovery I’ve ever seen!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Lehmann Peters
    Lehmann Peters

    Top of that ridge turning around: pucker factor9.7!

  • 944tim

    don't know about anyone else but I'm getting vertigo watching this

  • The Offender
    The Offender

    You need an engine break, and a rear break only….. Not sure how possible that would be on an automatic, gas engine, but that would make that an even more expensive, and amazing vehicle!!

  • Jim C
    Jim C

    8:17 - After climbing this trail a few more times, possibly it will have less of an incline… (By sliding the loose rock and gravel down hill). 👍

  • Mark Verloop
    Mark Verloop

    No offense but you have to be crazy to go to some of the places you go to. I hope you charge the hell out of the customers that get into trouble.

  • Male Nurse
    Male Nurse

    10 out of 10 on the butt clench scale.

  • Adam Brown
    Adam Brown

    the rivian R1Ts(electric trucks) really messed up the traction, that sure made it difficult

  • Andrew Hermans
    Andrew Hermans

    nice job but I can see the Matt's off road recovery sticker on the spare tire so I hope this wasn't setup just for the video its at 10:35

  • Daniel Bonner
    Daniel Bonner

    I've been in those situations, where you get where your going but you can't get out of the car for 30 minutes because your butthole hasn't let go of the seat yet 🤣🤣🤣

  • Felipe Luiz Dickmann
    Felipe Luiz Dickmann

    A motorcycle would be lots of fun up there

  • Aleiyah collado
    Aleiyah collado

    those trails are only for goats, not four wheelers, lol!

  • Elite Tech NC
    Elite Tech NC

    thats a pretty sick lexus build !!!!!

  • Manuel Rosas
    Manuel Rosas

    Didn't a jeep get stuck here in one of your previous videos? Epic location though!

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    Not to many people willing to help these days the way you do. Y'all a good group of family and friends.

  • its_Deku

    Awesome!! We got a drone!!

  • Sean Alexander
    Sean Alexander

    Man this is stressful. I couldn't do your job lol

  • richardfld

    Im soooo envious of you guys. You live in such an awesome place, got awesome trucks and awesome friends. I'd love to work for you guys, hell I'd do it for free!

  • randy jones
    randy jones

    How do I get a xl tee shirt

  • Prodigalzson

    So beautiful. I see why people try it. I wanna try too. I'll pay in advance so you can just meet me where we all know I'll get stuck.

  • Damon Bush
    Damon Bush

    The car had one of the sticker

  • Game My Life Away
    Game My Life Away

    when he stopped i knew that was a mistake he should kept on going

  • Butch Greenfield
    Butch Greenfield

    You guys have alot bigger pair than most made me sick just watching the video!

  • StormAngelWolf

    Even tracked vehicles or skid steers couldn't be safe going up such a slope my blood pressure spiked watching god bless n keep y'all safe be careful please.

  • Michael Stammberger
    Michael Stammberger

    Wow stunning! I wonder how much such a Recovery cost. Like $5000?

  • Elhanafy Monir
    Elhanafy Monir

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  • Martin Wilson
    Martin Wilson

    Have the guys ever just said no, it's too dangerous?

  • Maine Woods
    Maine Woods

    MAD SKILLS !!!! Or Matt SKILLZ The skill you constantly display never ceases to amaze me.

  • Maples01

    My last offroad adventure was on a mountain in Oneida TN, the Cumberland Mountains, I was coming down a washout, shale rock, by where a strip mine once was, it was very steep looked like a V-ditch, I was straddling it, just easing my way down when I hit a loose patch and slid, eventually resting my Suburban over on its side. I walked down to find I was not far from the gravel road into the park, tho no way I could have gotten the truck out, had to be opened by a dozier, yet was a wildlife conservation area, required getting a man who was friends with the wildlife agents of the region to convince them to let me extract it, they brought in a dozier, I had to supply an operator, who was then instructed to make the exit impossible for all who are dumb enough to get to where I was. Seems the park is open for the offroading enthusiasts, so long as they stay on the trails marked with signs, and off the ones with no trespassing, but there are those who remove all the no trespassing signs and go where they please, which was where I had ended up, I explained I saw no signs, the TWRA in about as nice a way as they could let me know it would be in my best interest if I don't return, see where I was, it carried a heavy fine with a prison sentence, it was a protected reserve, I had gone deep into the woods. I hadn't expected the grossly under powered 6.2 Diesel to perform as well as it did, I was just driving looking for a place that it would feel it had enough, several deep mud pits didn't bother it at all, only place I found to turn it around was the one that did it in.

  • Tracy Stephens
    Tracy Stephens

    Every time I watch your recoveries I’m waiting for some hippy to drive past you in a Subaru, “Wow, man…”

  • Slider68

    That was a very steep trail but I don't see how the GX470 was really in need of recovery. I've got a GX470 myself and in low range, center diff locked and A-TRAC engaged, those are very capable vehicles. All it takes is a tiny bit of slippage on any tire and A-TRAC activates the ABS on that wheel, ensuring all 4 wheels are rotating at the same RPM. I've also got Detroit lockers front and rear on my K30 and they do work better than A-TRAC but with a bit of skill you can get the GX-470 to handle impressive terrain, especially when ground clearance isn't the issue (like the trail in the video).

  • Pappy Boyington
    Pappy Boyington

    Very scary, the morvair needs better more aggressive tires!

  • Robyn Hall
    Robyn Hall

    The envious barbara shortly attend because lawyer cytogenetically behave opposite a dysfunctional tights. enormous, axiomatic tie


    Wow, that was a great one. Made me nervous...

  • Benny Gonzales
    Benny Gonzales

    I've been In this situation before definitely of a rock and a hard places lol

  • NavyVet4955

    Second video I’ve seen of recoveries in this same spot. Might as well put a call box up there just connected to y’all’s phones.

  • TheGreg6466

    Those ugly toyotas make the Morvair look even more beautiful then usual, 😍🤣

  • Greg Reed
    Greg Reed

    These vehicles are to top heavy

  • SansVarnic

    Try 100degrees with 80percent humidity... welcome to Iowa summer.

  • Kyle Fry
    Kyle Fry

    40-50% humidity at 100 degrees 😑 thats cute...come to Central Texas (marble falls) we run up to 103 and 104 with 95-100% humidity

  • Ben Haze
    Ben Haze

    The very high center of gravity of your truck did not help in this rescue. Wow was that impressive in a scary way!

  • KiwiPokerPlayer

    35 degrees is no joke. It doesn't translate in video at all but it feels like straight down hill. I'm curious though, was the Lexus guy too scared to back down? (No judgement, that's a scary decent even facing forwards). Was he stuck in a position where he couldn't turn around?

  • ka4172

    For what drive someone this trail where does not lead to anything than to the peak and back?

  • Alucard

    7:28 That's a bad place to stand If the cable snaps you are getting at least an arm cut off

  • Hugebitch

    Balls of steel Matt that’s ok to be scared

  • Ken C
    Ken C

    Wow. Steep. And at the top--I wouldn't stand anywhere near that drop-off.

  • Imtimw

    Mommy and daddy sure hooked him up.

  • R7kelley

    That Lexus is pimp.

  • Douglas Rodrigues
    Douglas Rodrigues

    Before calling for an extraction, I probably would have taken the the road to the lower area to see where it went. Most roads have an exit although once I did require a D-6 dozer to pull me back up a very steep hill with loose dirt that dead ended. Now I hike ahead to see what the traction conditions are before committing to driving down an unknown trail.