Our Crew Comes Out Squealing In Hog Canyon!
Matt's Off Road Recovery
So I got a call in Hog Canyon and my team was squealing on the way out.

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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

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  • Kevin Storm
    Kevin Storm

    Matt's problems with the A/C and other vehicle issues reminds me of a friend of mine. His father was the president of the local carpenter's union, yet his house was always in need of finishing some carpentry project or another. LOL

  • Dinsdale Seven
    Dinsdale Seven

    You showed brisket. Damb you.

  • Graham Ball
    Graham Ball

    Looks like zee zee top goes recovery , great show Guys 🤣🤣🤣🤣🇬🇧👍

  • Mike Desilets
    Mike Desilets

    Thanks for watching.... us cut into a mouthwatering brisket. 😁 Well earned treat.

  • Justin

    Nice recovery and a GORGEOUS brisket...

  • A. P.
    A. P.

    I just binge watch these when I have the time. One of the few NLthrow sites we both enjoy.

  • Bill Chessell
    Bill Chessell

    Where do you get a 1963, uncracked, Corvair dash?

  • Smokie McPotter
    Smokie McPotter

    Was the Rustoleum 9:17 seasoning for the brisket? I mean, some form of primer is required.

  • Jose Marinho Silva
    Jose Marinho Silva

    you guys are amazing good work ..power with everything. portuguese

  • Bruno Tomas
    Bruno Tomas

    You should build a fold up bar/gantry style tower for the rzr trailer to snatch block the winch too and help lift those with busted front ends onto the trailer.

  • squidkid2

    The no-air less-vair.

  • Weptek911

    “Roadkill Shoppers” -Guilty! :-)

  • Timidater

    would love to see that recipe for brisket from Hefe!!! Looks Awesome!!

  • Dale Perry
    Dale Perry

    Good posting this time, but Ed and Lizzy!

  • Higor martos
    Higor martos

    Now i'm hungry. Thanks a lot guys. :-(

  • V

    the banana would be so mad at you if he knew you were eating bananas with someone else

  • Davidson W
    Davidson W

    Your adventures can be made into a video game

  • shiminowind

    You ain't never backed up a trailer until you have backed it uphill on a rocky canyon cliff face 🤷‍♂️

  • Gary Sanders
    Gary Sanders

    New to the channel....LOVE IT.....where is winders towing at ?

  • tippitytop

    Can't stop watching your vids today. Lol what the hell did you do to me 😊 subscribed. ~shadrin

  • Lance Leavitt
    Lance Leavitt

    It strikes me as a little odd that Matt can drive a truck and trailer everywhere people think they need a RZR to get too. --- The RZR owner has to be thinking " Why didn't I just trailer my RZR to here."

  • Rashaun Everett
    Rashaun Everett

    Don’t tune out, don’t tune out! 😂😂

  • Q Stew
    Q Stew

    Ppl can say what they want about ur builds, the fabrication and the looks of the work but this shit just works. Trailer preforms perfectly and the trucks do what they r built for effortlessly.

  • Christopher Soprych
    Christopher Soprych

    I love you guys! And gal.

  • ClappedOut 300
    ClappedOut 300

    I could listen to that v8 make beautiful sounds all day morvair is one hell of a work horse


    those razors seem to go better on trailer, lol

  • Paul

    Helping people in a badass way. That's awesome.

  • Cody 404
    Cody 404

    I just started watching this channel and i have to say you all seem like a family on vacation on every recovery

  • Will Rector
    Will Rector

    No gas gauge is no excuse. .......... use the trip meter... works great. Clear it everytime you fill up... if ya know your range then there ya go

  • Onel Shell
    Onel Shell

    see any deer?

  • Charles Bronson
    Charles Bronson

    Aah man, that Brisket is killing me. I'm about to fire up my grill. I don't have any brisket, but I do got a few good looking ribeyes in the fridge...

  • Rod Pasichnyk
    Rod Pasichnyk

    800k subs, congrats, here's to a cool mil, cheers!

  • 2200Z

    Oh, Rudy... ya gotta do the Kraft "Deluxe" mac 'n cheese in the blue box.

  • Jabone Yoyo
    Jabone Yoyo

    LET'S GO BRANDON 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  • Ted Walker
    Ted Walker


  • Zcb Bender
    Zcb Bender

    If he's only a couple miles up the road why didn't you just take it up to the house it was already on a trailer where you guys just retarded that day or you took the covid shot which dumbed you down obviously if you have no air conditioning no fuel gauge you guys need to find some new mechanics normally you guys have pretty good videos and I didn't really care for this one just being honest you should use that trailer to go get that old yellow Jeep I don't know maybe it's in a different video maybe you already have it done I didn't see it not yet anyway well anyway keep up the great videos we'll keep watching

  • Ian Mangham
    Ian Mangham

    Amazing BIG wheels 😘🙏

  • MediocreMan

    That's the kind of girl you marry up quick. If she decides you're worth it.

  • Stang413

    Those customers were great because they weren’t afraid to help push instead of watching.

  • Timothy Geiger
    Timothy Geiger

    That brisket looked good😄😄 Not too sure about those razors, it seems like they have alot of issues, & they leave you stranded at the worst places😄😄

  • Jonathan Seaman
    Jonathan Seaman

    The Morrvair sure is one good looking vehicle.

  • kyle swainston
    kyle swainston

    I was on a road trip back from Canada to Utah. Walking out from one of many quick stop markets for a pit stop and gas, I walk out with my arms full of road trip food. I said to myself, this is how it feels to eat like the MORR crew. By the way, way to go Rudy giving that lady a shirt. When you handed the shirt to the guy, totally saw the look on her face- what... I want one of those.

  • Conrad Hergott
    Conrad Hergott

    Cold up here in Canada, eh.

  • Rick Boyer
    Rick Boyer

    No you’re going to hear all of the less than heterosexuals bitching about how unsafe is is to ride in the trailered vehicle!🙄

    • Rick Boyer
      Rick Boyer

      Oh my god, now I’m hungry as a motherfucker! That brisket looks beautiful!

    • Rick Boyer
      Rick Boyer

      Even I recommend trailer brakes based upon this video though.

  • enterprise59

    A suggestion about your A/C. Once you have it running, drive with it on, but with windows half way or all the way down so there's a mix of warm/cold air blowing on ya. This way, when you get out, you're not blasted with a HOT slap in the face. It'll still be cool enough for ya this way but with out the hot blast. Try it see how it goes.

  • firefightingmailman Snypes
    firefightingmailman Snypes

    Next Matt's BBQ Shack

  • ProboChronicles

    That Jeep rescue video is one of my favorites, I was amazed at how that went.

  • ProboChronicles

    I'm curious if anyone has thought to make a trailer hitch and trailer designed for off road.

  • Trevor Wright
    Trevor Wright

    Remember, banana to mouth not mouth to banana.

  • Sergio Jimenez
    Sergio Jimenez

    That brisket looks amazing! 😃

  • Michael Koop
    Michael Koop

    Damn that brisket look awesome 👌. Good job.

  • attobuoy

    Brisket? Gimme BlackJack tri-tip.

  • attobuoy

    So Matt, the Morrvair has those 1960's-style open-able front window vents that were designed for the pre-air-conditioning days. If you just open them, you get an air blast while you drive to keep you cool..

  • Harvey Harvey
    Harvey Harvey

    Where is lizzy?

  • Graeme McKay
    Graeme McKay

    I could listen to that engine purr all day. Don't need a stereo when that motor plays a v8 concerto.

  • macsloan58

    Glad you said to not tune out. UTV recoveries generally blow.

  • Ronny Dowdy
    Ronny Dowdy

    Too short of a show lol. Brisket looking good

  • orange taby
    orange taby

    Those two "customers" are idiots. !! Wear a Helmet !... breaking your skull open,,,, is different from breaking your arm. Broken open SKULLS are deadly......Arms and legs not so much.

  • CanadianHonker

    Denied on the handshake...lol

  • Wk WRPG43
    Wk WRPG43

    I DIDN'T, I DIDN'T tool out. LOL. Matt's too funny

  • Brian Bullock
    Brian Bullock

    Dang man that brisket lookin good now

  • Dennis Couch
    Dennis Couch

    Where is Hog Canyon? I can’t find it on Gaia. They show Hogs Haven. Map coordinates would be great for google earth. Can you start putting them in the comments?

  • Travis Fox
    Travis Fox

    Wait, wait, wait... this one will be interesting. False. How did I know that yet ANOTHER side-by-side would be owned by people who ride 4-wheelers without safety gear. :/

  • James Morgetano
    James Morgetano

    This video and channel is awesome!! The best part of this video is in the last 2 seconds... in the background behind the dogs!!! Who is that?

  • Dave Cramton
    Dave Cramton

    Tucker, please use a high pass filter on the audio for these vids. All the low end rumble upsets my dogs.

  • twinzturbo

    the boy was going for a shake @8:20 and played it off decent

  • Cameron Jensen
    Cameron Jensen

    Bro I was literally eating a banana 🍌

  • Aaron Zahler
    Aaron Zahler

    That brisket!

  • Gary Christison
    Gary Christison

    Brisket, yum. Looking at the macaroni, I'll pass. Enjoyed watching as always.

  • PSG

    I love the blue's music 🎵 at the end very cool

  • Rob Bolden
    Rob Bolden

    Poor Rudy went for the final handshake but played it off smooth!!!

  • james david
    james david

    how can Trevor handle the heat with that blanket on his chin?

  • draco

    my have dyslexia. when they put up "no winch needed", i thought it said, "no witch needed."

  • Trey McGehee
    Trey McGehee

    That Brisket looks amazing

  • Walker Rochester
    Walker Rochester

    Is it just me or does the home picture look like a rc car

  • gordon peden
    gordon peden

    I Swear I can smell the brisket at the end. Go Jeffe!😀

  • zeke smith
    zeke smith

    good job on the brisket!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fish R Relaxing
    Fish R Relaxing

    You always run out of gas in the morvair bow the fuel gauge doesn’t work lol.. 😂😂😂 seriously after all this time idk why you don’t as standard equipment carry a 5g gas can.. not just for your use but for customers too.. how many go off-road and get lost and run out of fuel.. just as many if not more then get stuck. It only makes sense yet for years you’ve refused to do this.. it just baffles me.. you come prepared for so many scenarios but never for fuel..

  • Dojoadventures

    Why don't you have onboard air?

  • Bruno Severs
    Bruno Severs

    OMG thoses last 30 sec were... yummy !

  • Errol Wong
    Errol Wong

    Fuel tank sensor needs a better connection to ground?

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson

    "Don't tune out! Don't tune out!" I do manage to pick out one or two minor, ever so small, differences between each razor recovery lol. I always continue to watch though, even if it is the same winch it up, pick up the wheel that broke off, clean up the rest of the mess, drive out (occasionally lose the trailer on a sand dune and need a recovery yourself) every video. Seriously though, is that the easiest a rzr has ever gone on the trailer??

  • Matt Hodel
    Matt Hodel

    Your brisket looks like the bomb!

  • John Bourgeois
    John Bourgeois

    Good job as usual

  • aleyton

    im wondering how you guys don't are sweating with 44°c

  • Random Luck
    Random Luck

    I am positive you will get the A/C squared away in time for winter.

  • barry mueller
    barry mueller

    OMG..... YOU HAD ME AT BRISKET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ken Prevatt
    Ken Prevatt

    Oh my that brisket looks really good

  • Michael

    2:00. How did you find a gas station with windshield soap!! Are we gonna gloss over that unicorn like it didn't happen?

  • ray moon
    ray moon

    Just noticed the Morevair doesn’t have a flag.

  • Raja atiq
    Raja atiq

    Where iz lizzie?

  • Brian Richard
    Brian Richard

    Did anybody try to start once you got it in neutral?

  • peter clausen
    peter clausen

    Yummy - nice juicy brisket.......im a little jealous !!!

  • Cameron Skaggs
    Cameron Skaggs

    Good job Matt and crew get that sending unit fixed that way you know how much gas you have till next time

  • Robbo 8169
    Robbo 8169


  • Leatherhead Adventures
    Leatherhead Adventures

    No tow hooks on the 4x4 equipped models especially the TRD off road or Pro is the most ridiculous thing ever. I still can't get over the fact all these so called truck loving and owning Toyota engineers would believe that was a good thing to do. That right there alone would keep me from buying the truck. I have actually used mine and most likely will need to in the future. Hopefully they rectify this soon.

  • Glen Jordans
    Glen Jordans

    Love the fact that you don't dramatize everything. Simply filming and explaining what you're doing, no bullshit!

  • STONEDay

    How do you like your banana? Curved or well curved?

  • Pauly Huipio
    Pauly Huipio

    Damn shes cute asf not afraid to get dirty

  • JC Isme
    JC Isme

    You post it, I watch it. Don't care what you recover. I love the scenery in Utah.

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