So The Police Made A Call. Runaway Truck Ramp!
Matt's Off Road Recovery
So I got a call for a Nissan Pathfinder in the mud pits of Lake Powell.


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  • Fred Seaborne
    Fred Seaborne

    There may be more than one reason that the SUV did not sink into the runaway truck ramp's loose gravel nearly so soon as expected: (1) it was a fairly-small vehicle and thus was much lighter than a lumbering semi-truck, and so it may have just kind of "floated above it all" for a good while, rather than "sinking" or "digging in" almost immediately, the way a heavier vehicle would, and (2) the vehicle was only going the speed limit instead of crazily rocketing down the slope without brakes, so it may not have been forcefully blasting through the ramp's soft surface the way an out-of-control tractor-trailer would have.

  • Fred Seaborne
    Fred Seaborne

    Breathtakingly-lovely eroded-sedimentary-rock cliffsides near the beginning of the video :D

  • Joshua Breeden
    Joshua Breeden

    Matt I love how you put the oh sheet handles on the roll bar in the back I love your channel I love your videos and I love all of you guys. P.s Lizzie is so beautiful and you too Jamie 😉

  • Maytag Mark
    Maytag Mark

    Did you clean that windshield with a Tee Shirt? LOL.

  • Nate Bell
    Nate Bell

    “Is this the back or front” “Yup” 😂😂 great work as always!

  • Pitatito

    Please Lizzy, use your Seatbelt!!!! thanks for sharing!

  • Fred Parkinson
    Fred Parkinson

    Always wondered if a runaway trunk ramp would really stop you, looks like it will.

  • Hayley Cunningham
    Hayley Cunningham

    Dean.c I am not a big girl but you are the one that has to be with you so you don’t want me going back and I just don’t know how you do that you.

  • Schneider Classics
    Schneider Classics

    good to see you doing some less adventurous tasks aswell

  • Michael Dickens
    Michael Dickens

    It looks like zz top in the back seat I love it 😀

  • Al Atwood
    Al Atwood

    Where's Ed? Like where's Waldo. lol....

  • Jonathan Adami
    Jonathan Adami

    Absolutely stunning area, I would love to ge there one day! Wow thanks for bringing me there vicariously!

  • County boy yee yee
    County boy yee yee

    Lizzie is cute

  • Cognitive Dissonance Camp
    Cognitive Dissonance Camp

    She obviously put the van in 4WD and locked hubs before merging into the truck lane.

  • Sean Fao
    Sean Fao

    What kind of sunglasses are those? I need some!

  • Scruffy City Fishing
    Scruffy City Fishing

    Erring on the side of foolishness. Put that on a shirt!

  • electrontube

    hey, that's the 59 truck ramp on the way into town

  • Getting Along Alone
    Getting Along Alone

    Why do people drive Factory stock vehicles to these locations?

  • thecohorts

    As a truck driver that knows how vital those runaway truck ramps are, I hope that woman got a massive ticket.

  • Solo Night Drive
    Solo Night Drive

    @8:05 feel like gta san andreas...

  • Tyler Hamilton
    Tyler Hamilton

    Rudy knows how to eat.

  • Elhanafy Monir
    Elhanafy Monir

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  • Trevor Miles
    Trevor Miles

    I am just a by stander.... ahhh are we getting paid?

  • Sam Fish
    Sam Fish



    There is no way she hit that speed ramp at 40 mph.

  • donparker1000

    Haven't seen Randy in a while. Did he get fired?

  • WintersSnow

    13:55 ...Sir you have something on your seatbelt

  • Mike Ross
    Mike Ross

    Dude this jeep is so cool. What even is it? Apologies I am Scottish!

  • N0 Attention
    N0 Attention

    you guys really drive far a lot ! is that normal to take 4 hour trips

  • mangoodbad13

    Good video but man seeing you guys walking around on that ramp gives me the shivers. That's not a place to be if a truck needs to use it

  • Fr. Bob Lacey
    Fr. Bob Lacey

    If that's a river, and that's that's a lake, then that's an interstate. 😀

  • blackhawks81H

    Guy: "Is that the front or the back?" Lizzy: "YES!"

  • docsavagE

    “First pull, yea kept going, it woulda came out” No buddy that’s called the arrogance chemical hitting your brain

  • Eric Brammer
    Eric Brammer

    New to this channel.....but now I'm paranoid of my phone "knowing" me. Air-cooled VWs and I spy a trail-worthy 412? Unreal.

  • Jerry Phillips
    Jerry Phillips

    LIZZY does the risky job.

  • Thomas Riding
    Thomas Riding

    3:31 when mom says we can go get ice cream after getting groceries

  • Joe Wahrer
    Joe Wahrer

    Do guys wear the Lizzy Hats too? I'm partial to Kawasaki Green! :)

  • Bruce Stewart
    Bruce Stewart

    What's the fine for using the runaway truck ramp?

  • Steve Adkins
    Steve Adkins

    I love the fact that everyone in the off road community know exactly who You guys are. Good stuff.

  • Salah Baker
    Salah Baker

    Dumb and stupid save the day..

  • Alex Gallardo
    Alex Gallardo

    It's just me or this video is from a not so distant future? The timestamp says "817,433 vistas 1 oct. 2021"

  • 🆁∕∕∕🆂

    13:45 same reason for the original motor sport: Sporting Trials. They're lightweight with a smooth underbody so they just float over gravel. That van isn't exactly lightweight by car standards, but it is by goods vehicle standards! The ramp is designed to catch vehicles with a weight-per-square inch way higher than the total weight of that car.

  • Jeff Rock
    Jeff Rock

    This is the type of work I could get out of bed for with a smile

  • 3nineteen

    This channel is awesome with great content. However , without the adblock add on these videos would be unwatchable.

  • Class Act
    Class Act

    Like how they kept the Honda from rolling & pulled it out.

  • greenspiraldragon

    I think you would get more likes and views if the girl wears some short shorts and lowcut tops.

  • Hiffinhoffin

    Wouldn't a bungee cord help with those fast take-off tugs...?

  • Mauri Silverman
    Mauri Silverman

    she made it that far cause her van isnt as heavy as a rig, so instead of immediately burying itself due to the speed it skipped over it.....

  • Bruce MacKinnon
    Bruce MacKinnon

    You have a lot of people there. In country like tat in Australia you probably wouldn't see anyone at all in a week.

    • Bruce MacKinnon
      Bruce MacKinnon

      Hey youv'e got a guy from ZZ Top in the car! Where's the guitar?

  • Cyberdactyl

    I use to think Matt hired Lizzy as a NLthrow attraction thing. But I was SO wrong. She has proved herself to be the real deal in off road recovery.

  • Gayle Drewry
    Gayle Drewry

    Nice element

  • stoatku

    Yuuup dem Dorito's

  • Kay Cypher
    Kay Cypher

    I'm just gonna say it : I'm in love with Lizzie. Don't give me crap I know you are too !

  • Randy Price
    Randy Price

    I would absolutly love to have a 2x shirt and a hat i do admire you guys work i drove tow truck for 7 years in wine country lots of windy roads lots of recovery work. Love the covair it is sweet.....

  • J Ro
    J Ro

    Dude you're rig is badass!!! It looks and sounds beautiful!

  • Hanx

    Nice one with ZZ-top in the back!

  • Speckled Jim
    Speckled Jim

    Full size Axial Wraith :)

  • Christy’s Crazy Day's
    Christy’s Crazy Day's

    Was that a praying mantis on your seatbelt at the end of the video? Maybe a cricket?

  • Aaron

    Road tyres on a mudflat. That's a special kind of stupid.

  • Slavery is Freedom, War is Peace
    Slavery is Freedom, War is Peace

    I was once driving down one of the steepest roads in NSW Australia and right in the entrance to one of those truck ramps was a family sitting on a blanket having a picnic. The mind boggles.

  • bob builder
    bob builder

    She was speeding

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    The hills have eyes family lol

  • John Sessoms
    John Sessoms

    Port & Starboard - The way I remember it is both Port and Left have 4 letters. Also on boats the red light is on the left and Port is a red wine.

  • RebelKing

    The good ole bone stock R51 pathfinder with independent suspension and street tires

  • Tashanda Jackson
    Tashanda Jackson

    Asian woman driver in the gravel?

  • Festivejelly

    Wow that scenery is fantastic!

  • eric olsen
    eric olsen

    does anyone know what traction boards and a shovel is?? dumb asses for paying for this. Great job Matt!!!

  • Harvey Stephens
    Harvey Stephens

    Lizzy wins best dive, what a trooper! CJ run thru car wash did unstick all wheels allowing it to roll better. CJ fit thru all tight places without issue. What a great bunch of friends Mr. Ed has. Looking forward to seeing Paul’s work on this. Enjoyed both videos a lot. Glad y’all recovered Ed’s note books too

  • 82ndAbnVet

    Mmm, gas station burritos, what could POSSIBLY go wrong!

  • Craig Cooper
    Craig Cooper

    Tell me that guy from the second rescue wasn't from Men in Black ?!

  • sam yeates
    sam yeates

    Wow! Thanks for sharing !

  • Jerry Yang
    Jerry Yang

    What a beautiful rig

  • Don Wells
    Don Wells

    Are you sure your not on Mars? The landscape is beautiful and weird.

  • High Flying Rider
    High Flying Rider

    the morvair needs a movie about it.... ligit movie its to bad ass to just tow... it needs to be the hero car like back to the future or mad max

  • Annthony Wright
    Annthony Wright

    Anyone else notice the guest of honor on Matt's seatbelt at 13:55?

  • blurble923

    Pretty cool when driving on roads like that is just part of your job.

  • Jason ochs
    Jason ochs

    glad to hear the weather reports LMAO

  • K R
    K R

    A dover would have helped ed

  • David R
    David R

    I love to watch this guy work because he loves his job and is damn good at it.

  • The Pursuit of Happiness
    The Pursuit of Happiness

    That’s a gorgeous Rambler.

  • Matts Van Tassel
    Matts Van Tassel

    I'm jealous, Matt, Rudy, and everyone else get to look at all the best scenery all the time.. I would love to come out for a week and hang out with doing off-road recovery.....

  • Phil Z
    Phil Z

    I don't think that poor fellow is worn a large and quite some time

  • imagin916

    It be cool to see you guys pull out a tractor trailer from one of these escape ramps! I’m from NY I had never seen a runaway truck ramp nor did I know they existed until I drove cross country to CA 2 years ago. How could someone mistake the ramp for an exit or road, there are multiple signs 🤦‍♀️ Ever since then, when I’m driving anywhere that isn’t flat ground and semi trucks are around I am hoping their brakes are working. Love this channel keep up the good work guys and gals, my 4 year old nephew loves watching you guys work its fun to watch with him. Stay safe!

  • bluenetmarketing

    The guy riding in the back at 10:05 belongs in the movies. He has the look, personality, and voice of a real character actor. He reminds me of Robert Shaw from the "Jaws" movie.

  • Jesse The pond hopper
    Jesse The pond hopper

    Bet that's a nasty bill

  • greg E
    greg E

    The 1st call had to been an expensive shirt

  • Gayle Sweeney
    Gayle Sweeney


  • The Guy With The Face
    The Guy With The Face

    "Education is important. But big biceps is importanter" lol

  • Ben Leininger
    Ben Leininger

    Anybody else see the grasshopper on his shoulder? 13:51

  • salomon1080

    0:23 "Tucker, who is an expert of other sorts" 1:56 LOL

  • John Marty
    John Marty

    I often wonder how much these recoveries cost? Does insurance cover it.

  • David Porter
    David Porter

    Lizzy... Secret Weapon. No fear. Wow!

  • R D
    R D

    Always amazes me that people will drive on a muddy lake bed.



  • keagandevon

    Anyone notice the grasshopper on matts shoulder on the seatbelt at the end? Or just me

  • Jesse Juliano
    Jesse Juliano

    What kind of truck is this recovery vehicle? Its so cool


    Fyi I was unsubscribed for some reason

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    That lady is clueless

  • G P
    G P

    Have you all ever thought about installing a Jerr-Dan self loader on your recovery vehicle... Imagine if you get someone with a broken ball joint.. or flat with no spare., It would come in handy for sure...

  • 46Rambo

    snack and fashion tips, ha what's next makeup tips?? if powell gets any lower the lights go out...............runaway truck ramp.........hmm in Seattle we called that DWO