Search & Rescue Mission Takes A Chilling Turn
Matt's Off Road Recovery
So I got a call for a Chevy 3500 in the back country. The next day I got a call I didn't expect.


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  • Debbie

    I have no idea how who ever was driving the white truck back for the customer did that. Scarry.

  • lucky_x16

    Good thing you took your lucky charm "Lizzy" with you. IF that were my grandfather, you could not charge enough for recovering him. I would have to put it on a payment plan, or work it off in the shop.

  • Corvaire Wind
    Corvaire Wind

    Time to mount a spare to your roof. ;O)-

  • Finger Lakes Fishing
    Finger Lakes Fishing

    What was the chilling turn

  • Bart Powers
    Bart Powers

    Nice job

  • Peter Pack
    Peter Pack


  • Rob Heywood
    Rob Heywood

    You guys are just good people!

  • cat server
    cat server

    If y'all promise to wear your seat belts and wear them in videos, I will subscribe. I can't let the kids watch this without seat belts showing. Lost a loved one that was thrown from a car.

  • Mark George
    Mark George

    Matt, is anyone in your crew an EMT? It might come In handy. Rudy , Lizzy?

  • Robert Schaefermeyer
    Robert Schaefermeyer

    Maverik - Adventures First Stop

  • xl

    This is what happens when you insert yourself in someone else's life.

  • Eduardo Rodas
    Eduardo Rodas

    Rudy is one hella of son!

  • Taven outdoors
    Taven outdoors

    My mom has the same truck and same color😂

  • Marcus Bustad
    Marcus Bustad

    U rock! Some people need to stay on paved roads.

  • Jason Simpkins
    Jason Simpkins

    Should get a drone if you don't have one already. That could help tremendously.

  • Dave Adams
    Dave Adams

    Gosh how did we survive before cellphones huh 👍😎

  • Kathy Jenkins
    Kathy Jenkins

    Thank. The. Lord. For. Watching. Over. The. People.

  • Mary Gray
    Mary Gray

    I don’t know a thing about cars, trucks, off road stuff….just watch this cause the people are so nice…this video is exactly what I mean. Matt and company are good empathic people.

  • T8M2C

    probably just being picky but at the start 0:13 etc can clearly see your jack just sitting in the back, prob be an awesome idea to have a cargo barrier or the like to stop that going thru the back of your head in accident

  • Dani


  • Dani

    Lol as i always said matt always bring a dam spare lolololo i just love it hehehe

  • ArizVern


  • Eric Hodges
    Eric Hodges

    A few weeks ago maybe 3-4? Weeks ago no rope has showed up yet? I called the shop to ask Matt directly to purchase one. I was referred to the website. A little bit of time later? I'm wondering if it'll arrive before Christmas? Thanksgiving has come and gone. The website would not let me order other soft shackles at 1 point I thought you could buy a four pack? Of just soft shackles

  • Robert Palmore
    Robert Palmore

    I worry that is exactly the kind of thing that will happen to me in my future. Getting old sucks.

  • halmc

    Silly man! ALWAYS carry an aerosol can of Fix - A - Flat.

  • Joshua Breeden
    Joshua Breeden

    Even Barbers get haircuts and a roofer sometimes has a roof that leaked and sometimes mechanics have car trouble people get mad about that matt then they need to take a break from NLthrow lol love y'all and thanks for the videos and Lizzy you are just so beautiful and one hell of a welder all of y'all bring a smile to my face and make each day better in my life

  • kotabear

    That jack in the Morvair scares the hell outta me. In a front end collision it'd be become a lethal projectile. Needs to be locked/strapped down!

  • Pete Hinton
    Pete Hinton

    In West Virginia my GPS has told me to get out and walk. Lol

  • Charley Folkes
    Charley Folkes

    It was interesting to see how you broke the bead down but it would have been interesting to see the rest of the mounting too ! Great channel ! Love those gas station ham and cheese sandwiches too !

  • Vize Iron
    Vize Iron

    This is why you always let someone know where you are going, these old men could have easily died if their family hadn't known their whereabouts.

  • Dennis Banks
    Dennis Banks

    When is this going to be on the discovery Channel?

  • Jeff Huntsy
    Jeff Huntsy

    I'm deeply in lust with Lizzy!

  • Jeff Huntsy
    Jeff Huntsy

    And some of us like BOTH on our hot dogs!

  • Gene Goodman
    Gene Goodman

    People buy these 4x4s and think they can go anywhere, well they can’t. Especially older people that don’t think straight. These are very lucky guys, if it wasn’t for onstar this would not have turned out good. Thanks guys, you definitely saved 2 lives.

  • Johnny Greene
    Johnny Greene

    Great work and patience getting them out!

  • Andrew Van Staden
    Andrew Van Staden

    Can’t change his own tyre?

  • Paul Joseph
    Paul Joseph

    Matt’s girlfriend is so hot. Congrats dude.

  • S Q U I D D Y  B O I
    S Q U I D D Y B O I

    I live right near St. George in Hurricane, I had no idea this happened so close to where I lived. Glad that everyone’s ok!

  • george bischoff
    george bischoff

    Realey mat got a flat nooooo

  • Shawn C
    Shawn C

    Great folks. God bless you all

  • Darrell Roeters
    Darrell Roeters

    You gonna follow me this time know it all.

  • Harold Cotten
    Harold Cotten

    Windy and up and downy

  • Arne Jahr
    Arne Jahr

    Wat a great feeling it must be to help people in the way you an your crew do. You an your crew are awesome.

  • Arne Jahr
    Arne Jahr

    The tractor won't break if you don't take it out of the barn

  • Ann C
    Ann C

    It sucks to get old. So happy you all helped these gentlemen out.

  • John Halter
    John Halter

    I don’t know about the rest of you but not being able to change a tire and driving out into no mans land makes no sense. Before everyone says says they are old, I am 63 and live in a wheelchair. I rotate 35’s on my truck. Yes I would need to do that crawling on the ground but would never set their for hours on a 105 degree day. Yes it takes me a lot longer but to just set and wait to die never. That said I am glad he still gets out their, not giving up totally. I would suggest carrying a better jack and cordless impack.. He had to be smart enough to carry water or they would be dead

  • John Halter
    John Halter

    Anyone know why they don’t carry spares? Around me we always carry one but much different country and not rock crawling 4 wheeling. I figure weight and space but would love the official reason.

  • Snorri Ö.K.
    Snorri Ö.K.

    Are you guys running on petrol or diesel? Maybe you don't have access to diesel but the difference in economy and torque versus petrol is staggering. I can never understand why people insist on petrol engines.

  • Moefuggerr

    Idiots make y'all money. Street tires, cars, no spares.

  • Dansk DNA
    Dansk DNA

    Omg. Grampas need to stop 4 wheeling.

  • Kim Keenan
    Kim Keenan

    Why in the world were two ancient old men driving in the desert? He coulda gone over a cliff!!

  • MK3 Tcorry
    MK3 Tcorry

    Whoa I had no idea you guys were this close to me! I’ll have to keep an eye out for you guys when I’ve got my XJ out on the trails

  • Jesse Chaskey
    Jesse Chaskey

    Great video! Awesome trick to get the tire off. That was slick, and you guys are wonderful people!

  • John Branson
    John Branson

    Not being critical because IDK-are you gonna start carrying a spare tire & extra fuel?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery
      Matt's Off Road Recovery


  • lin sweet
    lin sweet

    wow one trial after another...could you use a drone

  • Rita McCartt-Kordon
    Rita McCartt-Kordon

    Be careful out there!

  • Terry Hayes
    Terry Hayes

    Mustard is good on lots of things Ketchup is good on Everything!

  • William Basinger
    William Basinger

    So,,, Matt did Rudy give you a shirt? You did give him a call after all

  • Mark McMinn
    Mark McMinn

    Not having a spare tire....... in your business????

  • Julia Stepanova
    Julia Stepanova

    Why wouldn’t he just follow you last night?!

  • Robert Long
    Robert Long

    Awesome story.

  • J Stewart
    J Stewart

    Stop whining little girl,now uou know how ur customers feel waiting so long its just part of life. Thank goodness for AIRLESS TIRES

  • Niles Wright
    Niles Wright

    TIL there are at least 18 ways to read a map......17 ways to read a GPS.......AND 15 ways to get lost in strange places! Woot! ;) and something about a fool and his/her money soon part for the doom-ways....... amazing...... THE stoopid people trix show right here boiz ;)

  • Edwin Semidey
    Edwin Semidey

    The way you and Lizzie were so HAPPY , when you found them the NEXT DAY . Speaks volumes how much you care about your Customers.

  • compimagaol

    You are good people.

  • dodgeguyz

    You’re a recovery guy and carry no spare, especially considering the places you go! I thought you would be more prepared? Oh well, still another great video! Glad you found him and was safe.

  • valkyrie1066

    Wow, they were STUCK. Thank you guys for making the quest despite all the problems!

  • Adam DeJoy
    Adam DeJoy

    I’m a recent subscriber and love your videos! A few things I really don’t understand here. Neither one of the people in this car knew how to change a tire? And if the reason is they are too old and not strong enough, then they really should not be on that trail. So now they’re sitting in the middle of the trail blocking anyone else who needs to go by. Second, he says he knows the way out, but obviously he doesn’t, if he had to make a three point turn he didn’t know where he was going. So now he tries to turn a huge truck around on a small trail and gets it stuck, again blocking the trail for anyone else who needs to go by. Once you reach a certain age you really should stop driving. Especially dangerous mountain off-road trails.

  • Steelixian

    This is like Dave TV. Only not repeats.

  • garrydurfey

    You are good people Matt!!!!!

  • Mick Anonim
    Mick Anonim

    How in the world did that 2nd stuck happen? Also, is that the Welsh flag on the wall?

  • Danny Weaver
    Danny Weaver

    Well you guys did a good job keep the good work up and it’s nice to see a Cymru (wales) flag hanging in your workshop

  • Jeffrey G Jensen
    Jeffrey G Jensen

    The grace and dignity Matt and his crew give every caller is awesome! God bless you all.

  • Jeff Arnett
    Jeff Arnett

    Not sure why you dont carry a spare and extra fuel. Kind of a must when in the outback..

  • Thom Carroll
    Thom Carroll

    As a recovery vehicle kinda dumb isn’t it u don’t even have equipment onboard to fix yer own vehicle yep lit up is right as an old outback driver always expect the unexpected bet yer son doesn’t go back in backcountry without equipment

  • Clespler B
    Clespler B

    You don't bring a spare? Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

  • Alexandru Marin
    Alexandru Marin

    hei Matt your videos are awesome you guys are doing great i was thinking when you have problems finding lost ppl try using a drone you can cover lots of land from a high point just a suggestion ! Cheers! 👍🏻👋

  • Travailer

    I hope you told the ole dude to stay out of the wilderness? Glad you guys have good hearts!

  • mdbailey57

    My dad used to do racoon hunting which of course is done at night. I went out with him a few times, and many of the places I knew very well during the day I would be totally lost at night. Great that you provide this kind of service and things turned out well.

  • Richard E
    Richard E

    Lizzie continues to set a bad example by never wearing her seatbelt.

  • joe goddard
    joe goddard

    Imagine being a rescuer and not even having a spare wheel for yourself 😂

  • drumboarder1

    I guess in the future make sure elderly customers follow you out

  • Lon Pearson
    Lon Pearson

    I can’t believe you head out into the desert with no spare tire. One would think a rescue service would know enough to carry a spare tire. So how many tire failures will you have to endure before you break down and mount a spare on the roof?

    • Lon Pearson
      Lon Pearson

      @Matt's Off Road Recovery whether other rescue vehicles carry spares or not, seems like a pretty weak argument to me. Is that a traditional thing, or just an ego thing? I spent decades four wheeling in the mountains of Washington state and with the only communications in those days, being CB radio, every vehicle in the Silver Star search and rescue club, which I was a member of, carried spare tires. Even today, there are miles and miles of forest roads with no cell service. The Silver Star search and rescue organization has been a part of many search and rescue missions over the years. Mostly lost hikers, but occasionally stranded vehicles too.

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery
      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Rescue vehicles never carry spare tires. Well, very seldom ever. Check out the other rescue channels on NLthrow, and then look at all the tow trucks in your area. Nobody is carrying a spare.

  • redlywaxer

    Really enjoyed this video. There are still good people in this world. Keep up the great work and good example of care for others.

  • Shaan Bukhari
    Shaan Bukhari

    You are doing gods work my brother

  • Brad Rozycki
    Brad Rozycki

    I'm confused. He had a spare but had to call to have someone change it? I get not everyone knows how to change a tire but if you are out there like this you should probably learn...

  • Octavio Vera
    Octavio Vera

    Long time fan, first time caller, (Radio station Inside joke) anyway, oh man!! This one was a doozy! It's almost like every now and then the recovery gods get together for poker night and after a few shots of tequila they decide to make everything go wrong at the same time, and this looks like one of those times, as I'm reading some of the comments It seems a lot of folks are mentioning the lessons that need to be learned on this rescue, and I agree that even though we can all learn something new from every challenging experience, I'm pretty sure Matt is above the "pack a spare tire" and "get gas" lesson, I mean, he's been doing rescues for years, he's made it his full time job no less, what I do think is that he genuinely felt for the safety and well being of the gentlemen that didn't make it home that night, and in his mind he knows what needs to be tweaked in his recovery procedures so he doesn't find himself in that same situation again, like every other time he's been in a tight spot, my hat's off to Matt and his team, I know his success is only in the infant stage and the company is going to grow so much in the near future that there's going to be 10 bananas and 10 morvairs in his fleet of rescue trucks, I hope I get a chance to go visit one day, keep on saving people guys! And oh yeah, Lizzy is awesome, She is the real deal, go on cowgirl!


    Matt should have followed the old guy to the paved road after changing his tire.

  • dragon7060

    Wow great job there guys

  • Glen Edwards
    Glen Edwards

    At least Matt you get to work on your "Dancing moves" to break the rim seal still laughing mate, Aussie Out-back fan Australia, love ya work.

  • Larry Oconnell
    Larry Oconnell

    Matt and the crew are just down right AMAYZING!

  • Daniel Hendrickson
    Daniel Hendrickson

    good job... those individuals were lucky your service was available..

  • Jennifer WhiteWolf
    Jennifer WhiteWolf

    If you carried a spare, you would never have a tire failure.. Same with gas.. carry extra and never run out at the main tank

  • Dusty

    a deck of cards does not take up much space

  • M DoubleU
    M DoubleU

    First time viewer and now subscriber 💪🏻💪🏻 this was great 👍🏻 y’all are awesome!!! Have a wonderful thanksgiving 🦃

  • Robert Kwiatkoski
    Robert Kwiatkoski

    you need a drone

  • Jayne Wayne
    Jayne Wayne

    So fine

  • ProxUrAimz

    How are you a 'recovery' that needs help for a flat tire????

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery
      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Recovery vehicles don’t carry their own spare tire, usually. It’s cumbersome, unwanted baggage that gets in the way of the real rescues. Since most rescues happen less than 30 minutes away from the shop, it makes more sense to leave most of that gear in the shop and have somebody bring it to you when you need it. You can see other off-road recovery companies on NLthrow, and you’ll notice they don’t carry spare tires either. Or next time you see a tow truck in your area, check to see if it has any sort of spare tire.

  • B.G. OPP
    B.G. OPP

    No wonder it is truck. It’s a Chevy.