What Can Stop A Toyota 4Runner?
Matt's Off Road Recovery
So I got a call for a Toyota 4Runner down in the wash. Little issues made it so it couldn't make it out on it's own.

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  • Matty Reardon
    Matty Reardon

    Toms sideburns are out of control! Elvis is even impressed!

  • Lee Byrd
    Lee Byrd

    On Lizzie's point - Matt should come up with some white shirts and you can swap them out seasonally! :)

  • The Great Steve
    The Great Steve

    Expensive oversight.

  • uncle_creepy27

    nothing more emasculating than having some dude come in and drive your stuck car out for you in front of your woman.... Matt is the truck cuck master

  • Jonathan Adami
    Jonathan Adami

    I know I've said it in other video but everytime I'm surprised "really??? did you think that with this car, going through that sand was a jolly good idea? like... really???" lol

  • kevin benton
    kevin benton

    Trevor, for a man that doesn't run a lot........ You run a lot!!😁

  • imgettinby

    winching looks much easier on the vehicles - no huge yank shock or excessive engine revving

  • zacharilowe

    Matt pet the dog! Finally. All good dogs need pets. This video is getting my thumbs up for that. 👍🐕🤗

  • Brent Miller
    Brent Miller

    you can tell the last recovery didn't involve Matt -- no reving the motor or spinning tires -- good job Trevor

  • Red Jafar
    Red Jafar

    Subbing for the dog rescue. The normal recoverys are good. But that puts you guys above the rest ☝👍

  • Cliff Morgan
    Cliff Morgan

    Where does Matt get his endless supply of patience and always being mr. nice guy? Is he human? Amazing!

  • Dale Perry
    Dale Perry

    Great video, had both Ed and Lizzy in the driver's seat!

  • Pahanin

    Why didn’t he just change the flat

  • Keith Rushforth
    Keith Rushforth

    "Matt's Off Road Dog Rescue".

  • Brock F
    Brock F

    7:01 my man has empathy to his core, Matt is a good dude.

  • todd carter
    todd carter

    Why don't you take the dog to your house and pet him and love him and call him George?

  • Michael Dickens
    Michael Dickens

    Thank you for taking that dog some place for helpl

  • Jason Hansen
    Jason Hansen

    Good job buddy !!

  • Tim Chick
    Tim Chick

    Winches are boring. I used to be a winch guy but now I’m all about the kinetic ropes. Lol

  • lvOvr9000

    Trevor The All 'Round Cowboy. Can do it all!

  • marlog marlog
    marlog marlog

    Ive watched almost all of ur videos, interesting filmed content! luv it!

  • breaketh

    sometimes it feels like hes training lizzy to become the boss one day. how badass would it be to watch lil ol lizzy show up to pull all these people out, ha. i love it.

  • Scantily-Clad Platypus
    Scantily-Clad Platypus

    maybe you shouldn't get a strap box for the trailer you would have maybe never found that poor pup :(

  • Matt L
    Matt L

    just when i thought i couldn't love these videos any more you go ahead and save a dog.

  • krisbrixon

    Lizzy dont need no gloves

  • Jeffrey G Jensen
    Jeffrey G Jensen

    A strap box with an empty Jerry can would be a perfect fix for sooooo many things.

  • Grigory Boiadjiev
    Grigory Boiadjiev

    Lizzy is #1

  • Trill Murray
    Trill Murray

    9:36 some bearded gym bros in muscles tees observe a small girl exert a little farm strength lol

  • Trill Murray
    Trill Murray

    At least nobody stole your stock wheels. Nice work with the lug nut key...

  • Chim Richalds
    Chim Richalds

    Being from Michigan I can't comprehend 109 degrees let along working in black at those temps.

  • Zack3ry 01iver
    Zack3ry 01iver

    What happened to the puppy?

  • Greg Rickard
    Greg Rickard

    Good to see he found a new career after Tron.

  • kevin lockhart
    kevin lockhart

    they pay to get in and they pay to get out

  • Gayle Sweeney
    Gayle Sweeney

    Awesome 👌

  • TWM M
    TWM M

    What is the rule for driving on the soft/fine sand?

  • Figer of Speech
    Figer of Speech

    I could always net pick on this NLthrow channel due to the fact that if you are going to retrieve a vehicle whether bogged in sand or mud you should always make sure it is in neutral and the handbrake is off before you start recovering a vehicle whether it is automatic or manual you can still put it into neutral before recovering

  • Mk None
    Mk None

    WHAAAT? That driver of Toyota 4Runner could not install a spare wheel because he did not carry a lug nut key in his car and called for rescue??????? What a nonsense of a man... 🤦 In such cases my teachers in school would say - oh, you forgot your textbook, hmm, very strange that have not forgotten your head.

  • blitz man
    blitz man

    matt out here savin ppl n animals 💯🤝

  • 4Runner 4WD
    4Runner 4WD

    What a genius. I have an idea, let’s go drive our Nissan Altima in the sand.

  • Topher Toke
    Topher Toke

    The Morrvair has crazy tires what size are they ?!

  • Mary Torbert
    Mary Torbert

    You rescue dogs too? 😍 Pup update?

  • Slowpoke Cheeta
    Slowpoke Cheeta


  • Manuel Serrano
    Manuel Serrano

    Love you 😍 lizzy god bless you

  • Eric Stephenson
    Eric Stephenson

    This is such a great channel. Keep it up MORR crew

  • Trevor Bruntlett
    Trevor Bruntlett

    Winches do work for the right kind of stuck

  • Robin Culkin
    Robin Culkin

    Geez I tell you what I know the secret to your success, yer just good people, that’s enough . You’re a good bloke Matt thanks mate .

  • 2500timma

    Ed is smooth as silk behind the wheel of the Morrair!

  • Finnish Fatman
    Finnish Fatman

    To answer that title on this video, you'd need that one particular Thanos quote... 😅

  • Hajj. A
    Hajj. A

    Haha Trevor did the whole job alone and it is all about him🤣🤣

  • Duane Ulman
    Duane Ulman

    What is the real update on stray dog ? Did he get back home.

  • Zeke VT
    Zeke VT

    Need a follow up on the pup!

  • Ian Thompson
    Ian Thompson

    Matt you should have yellow shirts might be cooler

  • macsloan58

    You got the parking break off. Yup! NOPE!!! Holy crap get it right greenhorn.


    Got any videos of Matt angry I would pay to see that!


    If there is anyone who deserves to go to heaven it’s Matt I have never seen a more patient kind hearted just all-around good dude he’s extremely smart and mechanically incline I’ve met a few people like this in my life and it seems like they have very old souls and carry around a sense of purpose wisdom and knowledge great dude I hope to maybe meet him someday! Rudy is extremely lucky to have been able to grow up with a dad like Matt I am peanut butter and jealous🤷‍♂️😂🤣😂

  • Neil Ramseyer
    Neil Ramseyer

    Is lizzy your daughter? She looks so much like your wife. Great videos!

  • Lechefmailo

    Love it!

  • Liberty

    I just do not like new vehicles with all the wide radius round body panels , glad i kept my 94

  • Todd

    I miss the banana

  • Chris E
    Chris E

    What was wrong with the 4runner that they didn't just throw the spare on?

  • BS Detector
    BS Detector

    What Can Stop A Toyota 4Runner ? Anything ! lmao People do anything for a free T-shirt.

  • Павел Астахов
    Павел Астахов

    Сколько ДЕБИЛОВ у вас за рулём !!!! Это просто пиздец !!!!

  • Jonathan Phillips
    Jonathan Phillips

    Matt how can say you don’t like Winches when you used to use it all the time in your early videos with your Cherokee. Your a Wrecker Operator for crying out loud. You have way more control with the Winch than the pull rope.

  • sidj76


  • Zhanny Mc
    Zhanny Mc

    Matts Offroad 4x4 and 4 Legged Recovery. Love it, absolute top stuff too all the team.

  • Jacob Sebastien
    Jacob Sebastien

    That Corvair is Bad Azz" 💪

  • Robert Gadson
    Robert Gadson

    Man I love Ed.

  • Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez
    Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez

    you guys are such a rad team!! and THANK you for saving the dog!!!

  • I laughed
    I laughed

    Personal mastery, then train a competent team.

  • Matthew pavek
    Matthew pavek

    I dare you come to North States with ice and snow

  • Dmitry Matveev
    Dmitry Matveev

    This 4runner had a spare tire so y just not replace one?

    • Dmitry Matveev
      Dmitry Matveev

      @Matt's Off Road Recovery probably I missed that but is it because the wheel bolts had to be welded in order to unmount the wheel?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery
      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Good question. And the question is answered in the video. Thanks for watching.

  • Asa Black
    Asa Black

    What an Idiot. Taking a 2wd car down to a sandy beach. Really!

  • TOYjuana

    Good job

  • bigtime6837

    Why do people insist on driving highway tires in deep sand!!!

  • Dan O'Rama
    Dan O'Rama

    so happy you saved that dog. keep on keepin on matt an crew!

  • macsloan58

    What is a Toyota?? Some sort of strange vehicle that is usually stuck? I just looked it up. Toyota is Japanese for Turd. There is a huge Toyota in the gas station toilet?

  • The Bible Explorer
    The Bible Explorer

    What's wrong Rudy... was Trevor getting your 🐐 a bit on the last one 🤣👍

  • pear7777

    Midd clip add.. for herbal oils for hair and skin, must be Lizzy..

  • SwanAttack87

    Trevor needs an electric bike so he's not running all the time. 🚲 🚴‍♂️

  • Matt Campbell
    Matt Campbell

    so what happend with the dog

  • Big Jeep
    Big Jeep

    Snooze fest this video. If you don't have something interesting to post then don't post.

    • Big Jeep
      Big Jeep

      @Matt's Off Road Recovery LOL, you da man Matt. I personally thought it was super boring. I will leave the NLthrow stuff to you, you do a very good job at it.

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery
      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Over half 1 million views with over 70% retention. This video is killing it! Lol When is your NLthrow channel coming out? I have a feeling you have things to show us that we want to see.

  • J V
    J V

    curious what the average cost is for the customers


    You pay 449.97 for the T-shirt The tow is free

  • TheEinart

    @7:30 Matt's offroad and dog recovery. 🙏

  • James Hicks
    James Hicks

    Matt, God bless you for helping that dog,without help in the desert it's future would have been bad,it's show of fear probably means it's past experience with people wasn't good,God bless you for saving him/her,you gave it a drink of water out of your hand,brought tears to my eyes,made my day,Thankyou.

  • Nick Digger
    Nick Digger

    Any road. toyota is crap.

  • Raul Benitez
    Raul Benitez

    Anyone else in love with Liz?

  • Lee Byrd
    Lee Byrd

    Lizzy I'd go for a caramel apple pop as soon as you would 😁

  • Timothy Vu
    Timothy Vu

    Do people in Utah not sweat?

  • Jacob Marshall
    Jacob Marshall

    why didn't they just throw the spare on the 4 runner??

    • roger hill
      roger hill

      because you can't do it from your phone.....

  • Tamayo1980

    Yeah. My 4runner wouldn't be seen on a trailer. Locking lug nut: really? Lol jajajajaa 😅 🤣 😂.

  • nathan wilson
    nathan wilson

    I stopped by the office yesterday. Matt and Ed were deep in the middle of fabricating on the banana. Even though you were right in the middle of some work, it was nice to stop and talk for a minute and get a picture. Both great guys. Thinking back, I should have offered to swing a camera since it looked like your crew was elsewhere.

  • John Haluska
    John Haluska

    You guys should build a stand platform on morvair on rear bumper for your camera man so he doesn't have to run

  • Hotrodchevy

    Matt you guys need to get some yellow shirts with black letters, might be a little cooler in that hot Utah sun and it doubles as a caution shirt. Just a thought. Love your guys channel Great work as always.

  • Luca Malesci
    Luca Malesci

    hello guys did you remember the Italian married couple Simone Monticelli and Lucia and the camper man truck 4x4 valentino who are traveling the world and came to visit you at your Matt recovery off-road headquarters? I follow my friends Simone and Lucia on their you tube channel stepsover!

    • Luca Malesci
      Luca Malesci

      @Matt's Off Road Recovery do you like this truck Man 4x4 Valentino?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery
      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Yes. I remember them stopping by. Great people!

  • chris johnson
    chris johnson

    Please tell me you took a dog to a no-kill shelter

  • 808AllDevon

    I wonder what butthurt individuals dislike these videos. What’s not to like about a man doing good business and helping people along the way.

  • John Bourgeois
    John Bourgeois

    Lizzie did great as usual

  • Douglas Darby
    Douglas Darby

    Looks like it was a rescue that was meant to be... Thanks for taking such good care of the little dog.

  • Noah Cheeks
    Noah Cheeks

    That’s a lot of running for someone who doesn’t run. 😂😂