Rattlesnake Gulch Strikes Again! Broken Axle & Punctured Oil Pan
Matt's Off Road Recovery
So I got a call to pull a dead Toyota Tacoma up rattlesnake gulch, broken and axel and no oil.

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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

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  • Chris Brennan
    Chris Brennan

    i only ask because I don't know. And I am curious....is that Rudy's everyday driver that you folks use on jobs....or another shop rig..? obviously there are a significant amount of modifications to the banana and morvair for these situations and difficult recoveries..

  • Doug Brown
    Doug Brown

    That new truck is incredible!


    Nice crew! Great trip! XD!!

  • Dawn Norris
    Dawn Norris

    I need one of Matt's recovery ropes! Where can I get them? I live in East Central Illinois.

  • Dinsdale Seven
    Dinsdale Seven

    Watch these videos at half speed. Everybody sounds wasted which adds to the drama.

  • Wolf Freebird
    Wolf Freebird

    Thanks Ed for the good Pizza, and for me a Mango Milkshake... Greetings from Dan, Lamspringe/Germany.

  • Ronald South
    Ronald South

    Damn Ed got good taste in pizza

  • Oh my Lanta!
    Oh my Lanta!

    One day you'll look back and treasure these memories with Ed. Good stuff.

  • Randy Gilmore
    Randy Gilmore

    Thanks Ed for the pizza...I only get a slice because I wasn't helping.

  • Ryan Martin
    Ryan Martin

    Is Rudy and Lizzie a couple ? if not they should be

  • C P
    C P

    Ed is the best.

  • electrontube

    Trevor is basically made out of cardio.

  • Stephen Mulholland
    Stephen Mulholland

    Who was that masked man

  • Walter Rich
    Walter Rich

    I used to do logging for a guy in Washington state and that's what he called tuna fish was tuna bird LOL

  • Walter Rich
    Walter Rich

    Nothing better than a batch of tuna bird mixed up with onions and celery

  • Walter Rich
    Walter Rich

    I love all y'all. But house fire I would not go anywhere without some tuna bird sandwiches or some baloney and cheese or at least some snack crackers and water Cause you never know how long you're gonna be on the trail right but that's just my opinion Iol

  • Walter Rich
    Walter Rich

    I am so glad and happy to see Mr. Ed still out there with all y'all


    looks like matt is waiting on a tire sponsor to get some new ones haha

  • Thomas Augustinus
    Thomas Augustinus

    Happy smiley people... love it.

  • Shaun Clarke
    Shaun Clarke

    Dont run over the rope!!!! too late lol.

  • B Simpson
    B Simpson

    Pizza! my favourite too Ed !

  • Clayton

    Amazing how a set of $2k Mickey thompsons cant achieve what Matt's bald ass tires can.

  • Jed Clampett
    Jed Clampett

    A mask? Seriously?

  • EightyJ

    I'm thankful I only have some body panel damage from this trail, it's a good one. My front tires slid off some rocks in the stream and my whole front end slammed into a Boulder that was parting the river.

  • Cohen Stormes
    Cohen Stormes

    are lizzy and rudy dating??

  • Robert Potrykus
    Robert Potrykus

    Is Rudy's Jeep his Daily driver or does he have another car?

  • Shaggydude

    Man I am not a fan of those IDFS, I've seen too many, just like this guy, stranded. It doesn't look like that skid plate was doing much, if that's what was crushed like a tin can , is that one of those IDFS where the axles go through the oil pan. I'll stick with my Jeep Cherokee.

  • Matt Reb
    Matt Reb

    For how smart you guys are I figured you would have known Toyotas don't require oil to run. Or my 2.2 4cyl didn't anyway lol

  • DOC Ohm
    DOC Ohm

    To the customer wearing a mask, COVID-19 in direct sunlight and heat dies before it can spread.

  • SBG

    when that toyota was going into the trail and saw yall pulling the same exact truck, they shoulda turned around lol

  • Jay Nelson
    Jay Nelson

    "I've seen your face a thousand times". Yet you still didn't learn anything?

  • samson3000

    But . . . but . . . but . . . Lizzy ran over the rope!

  • Craig

    They'll spend the 1600 bucks on a reservoir ToyTec suspension, but won't spend 300 bucks for a skid plate so they don't turn their oil pan into swiss cheese. I'll never understand some people.

  • Michael Dickens
    Michael Dickens

    Why do these people where a mask outside im in health care it does not matter sence

  • Josh

    Put some new tires on that thing or at least rotate them lol. How are the front ball joints is that what the inner wear is from?

  • Jesse W
    Jesse W

    Years ago you'd get "oh, sure, I don't mind being on NLthrow" These days it's "I've been watching for years, never thought I'd have to call you myself"

  • Bob Bates
    Bob Bates

    I think that some of those cedar trees out there are some of the worlds oldest trees

  • Woodwick

    Love seeing Ed in the videos he reminds me of my grandfather

  • John B
    John B

    I must say that I’m impressed with you and your team. The work you do is dangerous so the key to coming out safely is communication, which you all do very well. All of you should be very proud to be a part of such a great team. 👍🏼

  • FangOxide

    WOOO! NIIICE but.......... considering............... the next time I think about taking a photography or camera man job... ill think again. lol

  • MrSir

    Catch up time. 1.

  • Mike Yacullo
    Mike Yacullo

    That recovery rig is badass

  • WillSee Adventures
    WillSee Adventures

    Looks like that Tacoma might have had a failure on the right side diff bracket causing the axle side of the clamshell to hit the oil pan. Great recovery!!!

  • B bustin
    B bustin

    That was one expensive t- shirt! Lol

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas

    When he said " don't worry, that wasn't my leg" im dying, I think its around 6:35

  • Dale Perry
    Dale Perry

    Ed is such a good guy! Thanks Ed for the pizza. And always, good to see Lizzy.

  • Jason ochs
    Jason ochs

    need to get some rear tires on that thing

  • Kevin Stenger
    Kevin Stenger

    Thanks Ed!

  • rbrcka176

    Pizza and milkshakes...I like Ed's style! 👍

  • Jurie Verster
    Jurie Verster

    Rudi with the pizza sandwich. You legend

  • Pete Pettersen
    Pete Pettersen

    I think the more Trevor comments and narrates the better the episode! He cracks me up!😆

  • hdfsfjhfkalsjfhlsaj

    tires are bald again

  • JCKPatriot

    the best Channel on NLthrow it should have 30 Million subscribers period.

  • Mountaineer Moto
    Mountaineer Moto

    I love these videos; half because of the content and crew and the other half because of Ed.

  • Vanquest Gear
    Vanquest Gear

    Matt's Off Road Recovery, putting Maxtrax out of businesss!

  • Glenn

    First, I love your channel, I watch all your videos. Now, my question..... I live in "Rim Country" Arizona..... How do you guys get cell phone connections that far into the back country? A lot of my trips have no coverage until I get close to some town or another.

  • The Life Of Antonio
    The Life Of Antonio

    I freaking love ole Ed! I watch you guys a ton

  • Johnny Arter
    Johnny Arter

    I run gladiator XComp mud tires in my 1997 jeep Cherokee and my 2000 f20 super duty and have no problem in snow or mud in Arkansas and we have a lot of mud and swamps

  • Jonathan Hageman
    Jonathan Hageman

    Minus 5 points for running over the rope. 😆 but she did a great job😁

  • Ricardo The Hoon
    Ricardo The Hoon

    Damn now im craving pizza :(

  • irons phineas
    irons phineas

    Y'all are hard on your trucks out there!

  • daniel evans
    daniel evans

    Edds a duude. Enjoy your pizza my man love this channel from England Crewe, Cheshire. 5 mins down the road from Bentley Motors

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Rudys way was obviously the way to go

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    3:18 oh, man ! cringe cringe cringe Ed was clearly going for the bump

  • Auronedge Vicks
    Auronedge Vicks

    that poor camera man. what happened to the drone?

  • Billy97

    Type 2 diabetes, It is coming.

  • Adam Peters
    Adam Peters

    Me thinks the State Park Service watches your videos Matt and they cleared that road cause I remember that road with that Hyundai.

  • ImThatGuy431

    Someone tell this customer man he needs to spend the $40 bucks on a front diff drop and carry a spare CV!

  • Ben Farr
    Ben Farr

    Guy out in the middle of no where waring a mask. Says right on the side of the box they do not work. Just a IQ test at this point

  • Forrest Hamilton Jr
    Forrest Hamilton Jr

    Tampon in the pan hole and jb weld the driveline

  • AngelPlaysOnPC

    Just wondering what relation, if any, that Ed is to everyone? Great channel.

  • KenLyns

    "Spare tire rodeo"

  • drcurioustube

    You said 7, Rudy said 10. 8.7 is closer to 10. Rudy should get 2 slices.

  • Van Hylton
    Van Hylton

    Fun to watch and I enjoy the relationship you all have in the channel! I f i ever get that way....

  • John Eschler
    John Eschler

    Always good to have skid plates before off-roading in rough rocky terrain.

  • R L
    R L

    "so whats your job" ? laughs " oh i just go in the mountains and have a lil fun with the fam "

  • Soarific

    Why the hell do people drive their cars on tracks like this? It doesn't even look roadworthy, looks more like a hiking trail for people.

  • Soarific

    Mudrunner IRL.

  • Eric Siebert
    Eric Siebert

    Good job rescuing Mermaid Man!

  • Jeff Johnston
    Jeff Johnston

    Looks a little like my Tacoma. Thinking I need a little more belly armor.

  • hdsporty79

    Love ED!

  • SA Aaron
    SA Aaron

    If they had had some forewarning on that punctured oil pan, they could've grabbed some jb weld quick-dry and a jug of oil. That engine might have been knocking but it probably would've run.

  • Patrick Murphy
    Patrick Murphy

    So would this be considered the difficult or challenging recovery?

  • Chris Diamond
    Chris Diamond

    Why is guy in the blue shirt wearing wife's black thong over his mouth?

  • Bayouboy JP
    Bayouboy JP

    How many recoveries do you do on average a week?

  • Antonio Daehler
    Antonio Daehler

    Who is Ed, exactly? Grandfather?


    How did that rope hold up after getting run over? I'd say that was Matt's fault.... should have kept moving forward...

  • Large Larry
    Large Larry

    Never bet against Ed or Lizzy isn't that the truth.

  • Alasdair Blackmore
    Alasdair Blackmore

    Man, that beard in the wind and the broad smile @2:50 makes Trevor look like he's a wild Stallion who just got a whiff of girl horse on heat ... !

  • Doug Tond
    Doug Tond

    WOW. What a great, wholesome team and content!

  • Brad Deaton
    Brad Deaton

    Darn IFS, great on the street. Definitely a weak point on hard trails..

  • ATC Madness
    ATC Madness

    I like the way those older dudes wheel the Yota, but popping a hole in the oil pan WITH the guard still on there tells me they aren't very good at avoiding rocks...

  • The Morning Motivation
    The Morning Motivation

    I love ed i'm an ed fan. make a creative shirt

  • The Morning Motivation
    The Morning Motivation

    great filming guys heck yeah

  • NK Apiaries Jeff Beezo's
    NK Apiaries Jeff Beezo's

    needs some jb weld and oil

  • troy broadway
    troy broadway

    Ed is the best. Windor towing and Matt's Offroad Recovery are second to none.

  • Yo Boo
    Yo Boo

    Anybody else yelling at Lizzy not to run over the rope at the end? 😂

  • a t
    a t

    Still got jerky? 3 words ive never uttered 😂

  • skarez

    I really hope these guys stay on NLthrow and don't go to Discovery, don't think i've ever been so hooked on a NLthrow channel.

  • Shaun Watson
    Shaun Watson

    So I think I've seen your dad, your wife, daughter and 4 sons is that right