Do These Trucks Think They're Boats? Another Water Rescue
Matt's Off Road Recovery
So I got a call a call for another water rescue. So many trucks are acting like boats this month.


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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

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  • William Markhart
    William Markhart

    Some of these people with stock gears just don't get it. My son was one of them. All the times I took him wheelin, I have pulled many people out. Lost count. I would you have to remember we are not stock. 456 gears, Detroit locker rear. Power lock poiz front. when my son got married & in the Air Force, they bought a 72 Suburban. They went to the mts. & had to get pulled out. Kids just don't listen

  • William Markhart
    William Markhart

    I've been in water were I heard the fan blade chopping water & the exhaust gurgling . 69' 3/4 ton K20 truck with 6" lift. Went in one time the hood went under, hit a hole I gave it the gas & came out. I have vid of this one.

  • kingstonsean

    "Gas" in Canada.

  • Heath Davis
    Heath Davis

    In the military we call it fuel. Great video as usual!!

  • Ben German
    Ben German

    Don't let Matt fool you! He says it's about rescuing people, but really it's because he gets to go rock crawling on the daily. 🤣 Saving people is just a side hobby.

  • Quantum Flux 420
    Quantum Flux 420

    In Australia unleaded fuel is called petrol Gas is Liquid Petroleum Gas used for barbecues (and some cars)

  • Brandon Bos
    Brandon Bos

    What’s the difference between the yellow banana and the Corvair

  • Debbie Walters
    Debbie Walters

    Here in Penticton, Canada we put in gas too unless it's diesel or propane. Occasionally we fuel up instead of gas up.😉

  • Christina Henley
    Christina Henley

    We call it gas in Canada and then diesel we call fuel (we’ll my family anyways)

  • Dot Cassilles
    Dot Cassilles

    The old vw bugs used to float. One of my grandpa's friends had to drive over a river forde to get to town. One day the water level was higher due to flooding and his little blue bug almost floated off the forde. The thing that stopped the car was the concrete blocks along the downstream side of the forde. Another couple of cm of water height and he would have been able to go fishing out the window as he floated along.

  • Travis H
    Travis H

    This reminds me of the ATV pages where they think they're Jetski's😂😂😂

  • Dan

    Matt and his crew seem like such genuine and nice people. I love watching these videos. Also, Utah is absolutely beautiful!

  • brett cooper
    brett cooper

    I've only heard people say gas and I'm from Canada lol

  • Larry Freeman
    Larry Freeman

    pretty sure everywhere in Canada (not sure about the Quebecers) we call it gas.

  • Vicky Vickers
    Vicky Vickers

    We call it gas in Canada! The British call it petrol.

  • samson3000

    Matt is 45-years-old. Somehow, I thought he was older than that. It was lovely to see Lizzy wearing her hair straight (not in a braid).

  • Nebraska60

    It pains me to see Matt using the winch. I saw that truck and was excited to see magic with the rope but it was just a boring winch job instead.

  • Raymond F. Pittam
    Raymond F. Pittam

    Real out door man with Mask in the Desert.

  • wrecker Jonny
    wrecker Jonny

    Chevy Silverado commercial. Like a rock

  • Satch Boogie
    Satch Boogie

    Have you ever rescued a H1 hummer out in the sands?

  • Jarrod

    Taco Time rules!

  • annoythedonkey

    Why would you take a bone stock F-150 on a trail like that? Also Why does the guy in the Razor go out on his own isn’t that the first rule not to go alone?

  • Chad Salisbury
    Chad Salisbury

    Matt's so good with his clients.

  • J.D. Rios
    J.D. Rios

    I just turned 50 on the 14th and I ain't cutting out bacon. Just stay active, drink plenty of water, eat salad and berries every day. You'll be fine!

  • Bruce White
    Bruce White

    Watching your videos and enjoying them all.

  • Logan Noe
    Logan Noe

    What kind of cage is in that?

  • Old Time Farm Boy
    Old Time Farm Boy

    Pickups, not trucks and pickups do not think. And all too often, the people driving them do not think either.

  • Troy Dawson
    Troy Dawson

    What do you call LPG in America? In Australia, we call LPG = Gas, otherwise it's petrol or fuel.

  • Barney Barret
    Barney Barret

    My XJ runs on Gas. Proper LPG gas!

  • TheFatAssCat

    Hey uh, careful with the credit card on camera. Someone might be able to scrape the numbers off here and have enough info to try and use it.

  • Lowen Nunn
    Lowen Nunn

    I don't understand why idiots take trucks offroad with stock tires

  • Andrew

    Belgian Malinois are the coolest dog. You have to take them to training though

  • Julio Rock
    Julio Rock

    How much do you charge for a recovery?

  • Jason Schumacher
    Jason Schumacher

    you need a large gas storage tank at you shop. : )

  • bentley1960

    I live in Georgia and gas is what we always called it.

  • taulsk Hunter
    taulsk Hunter

    Gas is gasoline - petrol is petroleum. Lazy speak is world wide. Fuel covers those two as well as everything else that powers vehicles.

  • Shaun Watson
    Shaun Watson

    In Nz we call it petrol or if not diesel

  • ezpipes

    good job.....buying GAS......, Im so glad

  • Sami Koskinen
    Sami Koskinen

    I'm a survivor from a car crash. Only thing that kept me alive was a seatbelt. Wasn't my fault. I can drive. But the guy who hit me, not so much. Maybe that is something to consider while you're driving on roads?

  • Gary Griffith
    Gary Griffith

    It is "gas" in Texas. Probably cheaper gas because we refine a lot here. I paid $2.90 this morning. Love your videos. What size tire are you running? What load range? Thanks, Griff

  • Bear Collins
    Bear Collins

    i would like to have a 5xl shirt

  • Michael Hammer
    Michael Hammer

    Should told the guy to get his disrespectful flag off his shitbox.

  • Michael Hammer
    Michael Hammer

    From my experience those guys aren't the smartest bunch of guys 😕

  • Jeremy Jackson
    Jeremy Jackson

    You know it's crazy how as you learn new tools and tricks you start to use them more such as winches in a past video you said I don't like witches but as you started using them we see them more keep up the amazing work!!!

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  • The Shortman
    The Shortman

    Dont know why i feel outclassed by Lizzy. maybe because she can weld now, she can 4 wheel better than me, im a country boy that cant weld fer shit and 4 wheeling to me is when my skate board goes into the grass.

    • whatsapp +1②①⑥②⑧②⑦⑥⑧⑥
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  • Milwood Hughes
    Milwood Hughes

    I'm directly in the middle in age of Matt and Eric. Let's go June!!!

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  • Power House 98
    Power House 98

    6:37 In Canada Will call it Gas.

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  • ThePuliUkko

    No lollipop for Lizzie ! !

    • whatsapp +1②①⑥②⑧②⑦⑥⑧⑥
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  • Jesse Barraza
    Jesse Barraza


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  • Julie’s Auto Garage
    Julie’s Auto Garage

    Nothing worse than jumping cholla!!!!

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  • Eli B
    Eli B

    Up north some of us call "gas" FUEL.

    • whatsapp +1②①⑥②⑧②⑦⑥⑧⑥
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  • John F
    John F

    All that truck needed was a trump flag

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith

    Let's Go Brandon!

  • Swampypolitics

    I can't believe that guy thought hitting that with those tires with no lockers or anything lol

  • Kevin

    It's called go juice! Them other words are for people that don't go off road.

  • Richard Nowakowski
    Richard Nowakowski

    "Distant storms in the distance"! Nice one rudy

  • Caleb Byers
    Caleb Byers

    10:03 that's the dirtiest mask I've ever seen. I think he'd be better off without it on.

  • Thom kouwen
    Thom kouwen

    When we pump gas we're actually pumping a gaseous fuel, usually a propane/butane mix (yes as fuel for cars). That's probably why we don't short gasoline to gas :p.

  • Pedro Guzman
    Pedro Guzman

    Trevor really does look like Trevor from the Grand Theft Auto game.. hahahaha

  • Edward Byrd
    Edward Byrd

    Never stop eating bacon, never

  • wbball15

    Rudy Toots... you know he loves his Momma

  • Kevin's Channel
    Kevin's Channel

    It's called gas ⛽ in Eastern Canada and I believe all over Canada as well. The gas tank gets filled with gas. Do these places that call it gasoline call it a gasoline tank?

  • icbones

    We call it GAS in Canada too.

  • Kevin McCartney
    Kevin McCartney

    Best channel on utube!

  • Nick lutes 420
    Nick lutes 420

    Wow wouldn't have put Matt at 45

  • Casual Spence
    Casual Spence

    Buy your wife a new phone

  • Rubel

    Here in South Africa we call it Petrol and Diesel :)

  • Dale Wyatt
    Dale Wyatt

    Just turned 50??? That man has had a hard life.

  • Stephen

    Here in UK 🇬🇧 in the Manchester area we put petrol in the tank but driving is with the Gas pedal. It one of those paradox words but still mean the exact same thing 🤪

  • Dave D
    Dave D

    @Matt's Off Road Recovery 6:39 we call it gas in canada as well. maybe fuel.

  • Andrew Koetz
    Andrew Koetz

    That dog was a Belgian Melanois

  • kadmow

    Tyres and Pressures, the tried and tested way to Not need Matt... (Preparation is king) In Europe (ie not the UK) one may pump Benzin too. (and yes only "Americans" call the stuff Gasoline. lol.. - aren't Canadians also Americans?? - Just not US.)

  • Bolt

    I remember seeing them rescue a flooded rzr from this exact spot

  • South Island
    South Island

    north of the 49th we call it gas too, ya all!

  • Brotherb Video
    Brotherb Video

    Flapping the American flag on your stupid truck like some cheap ornament is extremely disrespectful.

  • Edson Ferreira
    Edson Ferreira

    6:49 In Brazil we call it Gasolina 🇧🇷

  • jttoyer

    My wife saw Jamie's shirt and is now searching the internet for one of her own...

  • Naren Chandran
    Naren Chandran

    in malaysia we cant call it gas because we literally have gas (NGV) for vehicles so now u know why we call it petrol

  • dre04mach

    That Belgian malinois was awesome! :D

  • Fattrac

    I'm like the last guy with the Razr and give a tip for a job done well. But, I'm also like Matt and don't every take them when offered. Love this channel, keep up the great work!

  • P Krott
    P Krott

    American flag in the truck, American flag swimming trunks, and he helped hook it up. discount!

  • Charles Palmer
    Charles Palmer

    Gotta love loyal customers!!!!

  • stalbaum

    Sand vs water: one is deceptive as heck and being an experienced driver means that you help others out of it, and have been helped out by others. The other is water. (At least walk it first if you can't see the bottom, monitor for flash flood warnings and know this: the flash in flash floods means it comes fast but also it is not going to be a long wait on high ground.)

  • dextersxxxxlab

    so if getting petrol in the tank is called getting "gas" over there, what is it called when a car that runs on natural gas needs to refuel?

  • Jusanotha Bigdik
    Jusanotha Bigdik

    Usually put on seatbelt when hitting 90+ going through utah long stretches to CO. Take off when drop below 85. Yup them cactus do sting

  • Dmx Mustang
    Dmx Mustang

    Dont forget other places its called fuel

  • Fiore yazloff
    Fiore yazloff

    Love your show my mother in law and father in law moved there 7 years ago and we have been to sand hallow a few times like it

  • David wilkinson
    David wilkinson

    Eric needs to look into a Keto diet and follow Dr Fung. He can eat his bacon and get healthy.

  • Jim Fraser
    Jim Fraser

    Is that left-foot braking you're doing with that Rzr to stop it spinning diagonally opposites?

  • 249 SAW
    249 SAW

    What kinda engine you got in the morvair? She sounds good when you get on her!

  • Bob Stubs
    Bob Stubs

    Captain America needs some Super Swampers on that Chevy

  • Korpse

    “You might have to stop buttering your bacon.” Just as long as he doesn’t have to stop baconing his sausage

  • Bradley Beek’s Adventures
    Bradley Beek’s Adventures

    We call it gas or fuel here in Canada 🍁

  • David Kline
    David Kline

    Ironic how the guy who's near death wears a mask in a pandemic but the healthy crew can't be bothered to do so in a public business like Subway... We're all in this together. As soon as we can all act like it, this COVID BS will be behind us. Denying it will only prolong it... Sigh....

  • CaturLifeLive

    I just know this channel and i love to watch it

  • Sterk FPV
    Sterk FPV

    Been binge watching your channel for a few weeks now. Almost through just about every video and I gotta say I wouldn't mind some longer format videos. I love just putting these on in the background while I work. If you ever want some badass FPV drone footage, I've definitely been looking for an excuse to visit utah ;)

  • Part Time Tow
    Part Time Tow

    You should give awards out

  • Bob Nob
    Bob Nob

    I see so many ppl the try and off road with street tires....... and then need a rescue lol


    I want you to tell us what the air pressure is in the cars that are stuck like the weather Report

  • Russ

    I've gotten myself unstuck from sand bye tying towels and t-shirts around the wheel and tire. With the knots obviously on the center of the tires.