Jeep Stuck In The Mud Pit, Where's Mischief Maker?
Matt's Off Road Recovery
So I got a call a call for Jeep stuck deep in the mud. I'm glad Mischief Maker was there to help.

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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

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  • Matt's Off Road Recovery
    Matt's Off Road Recovery

    You can see more of Hollie and Mischief Maker here. Also, you can check out @xenaventure’s

    • Baljdeep Invajuna
      Baljdeep Invajuna

      @Billy Puckett thank you for your service Billy !!!

    • Pits750

      What's the music track used in your videos?

    • Jason Campbell
      Jason Campbell

      Her Jeep is pretty sick.

    • Duane Ayers
      Duane Ayers

      Who hates speed bumps. Me too.

    • Fendi

      @Billy Puckett holy shit bro yeah go get that checked out!!! you're a tough ass guy bro to handle all that shit bro

  • Marco A Hernandez
    Marco A Hernandez

    Yes she is!! Hollie rocks!


    All those Jeeps and they had to call someone to come out and pull them out.

  • Phil Thompson
    Phil Thompson

    You all do know Jeep is owned by a French company. Not American made..

  • Chris Brennan
    Chris Brennan

    the fact that these professionals have so much fun being { large children} and doing what they do...entertainment gold

  • Brent Shehorn
    Brent Shehorn

    No need to question a man with that much experience


    oh its a jeep thing lmao the nanner is the best jeep i have seen yet

  • Fernando Cruz
    Fernando Cruz

    lamo eds flaming mat on his shocks

  • Patriot 1974
    Patriot 1974

    Probably has that junk 10 speed trans in it ford has a real problem on their hands

  • G H
    G H

    10:45 "Matt can call me anytime...". Oh, aye... 😄

  • Tim Allan
    Tim Allan

    You guys need to get a small electric dirt bike for Trevor. With a helmet mounted camera, and a nimble quiet dirt bike, he wouldn't have to run back and forth so much.

  • Nun Ya
    Nun Ya

    Wow, both that last camper, and Mischief Maker were quite the rigs.

  • RaynaDae

    Holly is a badass🔥🔥

  • Joshua Lavandier
    Joshua Lavandier

    Keep up the Awesome work

  • ELMORCIELAGO Morcielago
    ELMORCIELAGO Morcielago

    A little hint for morrons that get stuck and get in trouble, when your rescuers show up to help you, please don't use stupid words like; "I was doughting you" or; "is that thing going to work?" When I hear those words from morrons that need help and are stuck like that, my price to help usually doubles or triples.

  • The Fight Game
    The Fight Game

    Check out trespassing into the wild. It’s a great channel

  • Lorne Given
    Lorne Given

    What would a tow like the first one cost?

  • KageKS

    Ahhhh basic people

  • Kristy Jones
    Kristy Jones

    You have awesome friends!😎👍🏼Great team works!!🎉

  • Matthew Hannah
    Matthew Hannah

    Alright I saw the NY plate. What part of NY? General area. Former western NY'er.

  • jonmr1

    Wow, annoying jeep chick. What am unexpected surprise 🙄

  • Bill Sheley
    Bill Sheley

    That blue jeep is amazing. Driver is no joke too!

  • Guadalupe Moreno
    Guadalupe Moreno


  • fsvdownunder

    Wow Matt taking a risk using the tow ball.. so unlike you ..

  • Kamal Kourali
    Kamal Kourali

    I am glad that I can subscribe for your channel now because my old account still not working the NLthrow deactivate me but somehow now I have another account and I subscribe for you. I really like your channel it’s a lot fun for me.

  • Ross Fuller
    Ross Fuller

    How much do these rescues usually cost??

  • Rebel Son Morrison
    Rebel Son Morrison

    632,863 views as Nov 7, 2021 on Ed's Samuri build on Fab Rats. Apologies Mr. Matt for promoting on your channel BUT had to share.

  • Michael Manese
    Michael Manese

    The Mischief really doing all the Braking ✌️❤️

  • Michael Manese
    Michael Manese

    Kudos to Holly‼️❤️

  • Michael Manese
    Michael Manese

    Trevor is Physically Fit for a Camera Guy‼️😂✌️❤️

  • NWRC

    She was kinda rude. Love how she questions you when she's the one stuck lol

  • Michael Manese
    Michael Manese

    Cheers to Holly‼️✌️❤️

  • lvOvr9000

    That Xenadventures Camper is awesome

  • Malcolm Trussler
    Malcolm Trussler

    Oh Yeh! More work with Mischief Maker please!

  • CoDMw2hunter

    Huh, never knew that not too hot°F was the same as not too hot°C, thats crazy! Science with Matt haha

  • paulbrownsr

    Did he say stay off the white or always stay on the white?

  • Isak s
    Isak s

    that jeep, the Mischief Maker is pretty damn awezome. not awezome enough to beat the Morrvair but it even getting close is an amazing feat cause according to me are there almost no cool cars from 1975 onwards

  • rcjg24

    damn that blue jeep looks bad ass

  • Chris Moore
    Chris Moore

    I've never been to this part of Utah, but I've been watching so many MORR videos that I'm starting to recognize the common areas that people get stuck in.

  • Crucial Speaks
    Crucial Speaks

    OMG MAN!!!!! The FAB RATS need to do Ed's Suzuki with ORIGINAL drive Train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ed wont want a RAT ROD JUNK!.....He wants MEMORIES of driving it ! ... FGS!!!!! BTW there is one on you tube someone is doing RIGHT! UN F'N REAL! ....YOU CAN MAKE JUNK OUT OF ANYTHING!

  • George Smith
    George Smith


  • tom schweikert
    tom schweikert

    looks like a job for yankem ropes

  • Jeremy Cole
    Jeremy Cole

    I can't place Hollie's accent. Canada?

  • Stephen Walsh
    Stephen Walsh

    I lost her when I deleted Instagram and now I've found her again! I couldn't remember her name but what a bad ass jeep

  • MrSir

    I really love the colour of Mischief Maker. My kind of Blue.

  • james

    Mischief maker is sexy and so is the pilot!!

  • Gangster 404
    Gangster 404

    Love when people have rigs they can't operate get stuck where they shouldn't and question Matt's towing chops. LOL.. Awesome vid as always!

  • Peter Farrell
    Peter Farrell

    banana not used to recover anymore?

  • Roger Hockemier
    Roger Hockemier

    I am very confused why in the hell would you leave the F 450 out in the desert and abandoned them with a fried transmission . The truck wont move wow that is fucked up !

  • Kremer M
    Kremer M

    I’ve seen more razors with broken suspension that I have sitting normal…..

  • Duane Ulman
    Duane Ulman

    Watch out for speed bumps ! The Morevair might not take it LOL !

  • gary tabb
    gary tabb

    It is always good to have good friends. WOW that is really stuck.

  • Relay TeK
    Relay TeK

    Sand Hollow, the danger is in the name; some people go there to "Recreate", Matt goes there to "Revenue"...!

    • Relay TeK
      Relay TeK

      Morrvair with a functional Dash panel, the Banana can only dream of one!

  • ocean state rc crawlers
    ocean state rc crawlers

    Hollies rig is awesome

  • Peter

    That laugh at 4:53 xD

  • Said Nimr
    Said Nimr

    Ladies with rollcages. Love it.

  • FullNelson

    I appreciate you guys converting *Not too hot °F* to Celsius for us international folk 😂

  • Ivan Camacho
    Ivan Camacho

    Allison went down on the duramax ?

  • Nic Restrepo Sus
    Nic Restrepo Sus

    I think it’s time for lav mics boys and girls ….

  • John Hildebrand
    John Hildebrand

    That blue Jeep is the stuff! :)

  • Reed Mcgowan
    Reed Mcgowan

    Love your show but, you need to carry some maxtrax! Get that sponsorship. @maxtrax sponsor this crew!

  • Colin S
    Colin S

    LoL that overview shot at 9:08....her tires make her whole jeep look small!

  • Donald Johnson
    Donald Johnson

    Her roll cage modification is a closed head injury waiting to happen.

  • Animals Of Evolution Always Evolving
    Animals Of Evolution Always Evolving

    MM is effing sweet !

  • Tony Smith
    Tony Smith

    Gerat to see the two of you guys in the same video.....I subscribe to both.

  • sk8xaq

    Not too Hot 'C 🤣 I love you guys!

  • Fred Martine
    Fred Martine

    Hollie's rig, the Mischief Maker looks awesome. Glad Hollie was there to help out Matt and his Crew with that heavy recovery, hope to see Hollie and her rig time to time help out with Matt's recoveries👍🇺🇸..

  • Drew

    Where’s the pooches been?

  • Chris Ardern
    Chris Ardern

    Walking in a mud hole obviously not the brains of the outfit.

  • GBR080R

    Don't let Ed shock shame you!

  • Albert Orozco
    Albert Orozco

    I wonder if Trevor ever got his raise🤔 he really works had on these recoveries on foot.

  • Zachary Cranor
    Zachary Cranor

    There's a meme in there... That moment you plan to hit the ruffest part as ruff as possible knowing your passengers aren't paying attention!

  • Cobras Kenpo
    Cobras Kenpo

    Hollie is a master off roader. In one of her videos everyone struggled up a hill and she was the only one that cruised on up that hill at a steady pace effortlessly.

  • Carl Williams
    Carl Williams

    That Blue JKU "Mischief Maker" is a really nice rig!


    never thought about having a witch on the rear bumper? But now i may consider lol

  • Ken Doe
    Ken Doe

    Some people will do anything for 'The Tee Shirt'!

  • halfhappy117

    Looks like he got really stuck in that mud box with his black unit.

  • Rodney Aiken
    Rodney Aiken

    She could, never mind

  • WeThePeople

    Matt’s like, you can use me whenever you want ;-)

  • computerapple4

    Damn matt got connections. He will get local utube friends real quick

  • Pawel Niedzielski
    Pawel Niedzielski

    Dammit, that thing is as big as a bus!

  • Mark Fox
    Mark Fox

    Jamie always has the proper footwear in these recovery's . Matt just throw her some shoes in the back .

  • Essayons Adventure
    Essayons Adventure

    holly is awesome

  • Ian Bray
    Ian Bray

    Hi Matt, been watching you're recovery videos for sometime now & have always appreciated your professionalism & safety.... UNTIL NOW. Did you really use the tow ball on the Corvair to tow that huge camper rig? That's an absolute no-no here in Australia, those 50-70mm tow balls become a missile when they break under load. I know you didn't 'snatch' the camper but still it's a bad image to show. There's been deaths in Australia resulting from these type of poor practises in recovery situations.

  • Z Harlo
    Z Harlo

    Hey man your beard is going full Thanos trim it😛

  • Max Page
    Max Page

    You know the bill was expensive if ol Matt handed out 2 shirts

  • Robalo

    Jajaja i get my Geo metro to Utah just to get stock and meet Matt

  • Jezza

    Would traction tracks not have have worked?

  • HeyThatsNotMyName

    00:39 little impatience there lol

  • Exotic Butthurt
    Exotic Butthurt

    didn't expect to see bleepin jeep out there haha

  • Stu Wymer
    Stu Wymer

    ever use track matts

  • Luke Clement
    Luke Clement

    That F450 camper is freaking sick

  • Jeff Nielsen
    Jeff Nielsen

    Global Climate Change. Lakes water levels go down and people stay the same.

  • John S
    John S

    Shame that some salt of the earth folks documenting their work on NLthrow had to become yet another bunch of self-promoting NLthrow "stars" pimping stupid shite for money. Cant say I'll be watching again.

  • lucky irvin
    lucky irvin

    how one behaves livin in paradise

  • Rick Bown
    Rick Bown

    All my favorite NLthrowrs are getting together! Thanks Matt

  • Craig Schaffer
    Craig Schaffer

    That was a fun one! Hollie and the Mischief Maker are in beast mode!

  • Dr. Romeo Leo
    Dr. Romeo Leo

    They need to hire minorities ✊🏾 They only work white people

  • MrMike4073

    No wonder the trans went out. IT’S A CHEVY.

  • MrMike4073

    No wonder the trans went out. IT’S A CHEVY.