Chevy Duramax Caught In Flash Flood! We’re Gonna Need Help.
Matt's Off Road Recovery
So I got a call for a Chevy truck buried by a flash flood. Desert Terrain is no joke.

You can check out BSF Recovery here.


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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

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  • Matt's Off Road Recovery
    Matt's Off Road Recovery

    You can check out Eric, and the rest of the BSF recoveryteam here.

    • I'm melting!
      I'm melting!

      @Mister Goat well ,their watching a off-road channel , and the Democrats are still trying to go after the community. So the answer is ......

    • Mister Goat
      Mister Goat

      @Ben Dover So what side are you gonna be on?

    • Henk Oosterhof
      Henk Oosterhof

      @D D get stuck and call him.

    • D D
      D D

      i want a shirt like matt wears

    • Hooner77

      @StevieG I was thinking a Chinook would have made getting the Golden Nugget easier for sure.

  • 71502

    That customer is New Yorker. His accent.

  • Neil Hale
    Neil Hale

    Need door magnets for when you're using somebody else's rig.

  • TowMan127

    Never a disappointment with this channel!!!

  • MrSir

    Catchup day. Love those pea snacks, as I find potato chips and others too salty, but those pea snacks are just right. Also good job team

  • atticstattic

    For shame! Free-ranging cameraman's behavior interfered with by drone....

    • atticstattic

      @Matt's Off Road Recovery Prolly puts him off his feed for at least ten minutes!

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery
      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Definitely wildlife harassment.

  • Osborn C
    Osborn C

    This recovery had a little awkwardness to it, kind of weird for M.O.R.R. Channel lol.

  • zem zoom
    zem zoom

    The easiest and fastest way is to reduce the tire air pressure between 15psi-10psi in order for the car to move quickly and comfortably for the engine and gearbox, because there are no losses in this way. Reducing the tire air pressure has been tested in the Middle East in sandy and very high and low areas, and also you may need several safety precautions for you and other people.

  • Ronald Barnes
    Ronald Barnes

    Thanks for your videos and involvement in the community. As a retired officer was involved with shop with a cop for several years, an awesome event! Just ordered a patch to help out. Thanks again for caring!

  • Damon Claussen
    Damon Claussen

    Anyone else think the owner of the white truck sounds like Peter Griffin? 🤣

  • Robert Moczulski
    Robert Moczulski

    I have decided I need a tshirt

  • james rock
    james rock

    What type of TIG machine did you guys just purchase

  • Wayne's World Garage
    Wayne's World Garage

    And.... so were both axles and transmission under water??

  • reddog543211

    Great time workin together !!

  • reddog543211

    Great recovery

  • James Bean
    James Bean

    Trevor running from the drone is my favorite part of this video!

  • Valkyrie Rescues
    Valkyrie Rescues

    somebody is stuck in something ... thats all i need to hear Trevor lets goooooooooooooo

  • Taylor Feist
    Taylor Feist

    Can we do an old school gladiator wrecker build next?!

  • Mike Themike
    Mike Themike

    I absolutely love this channel. You guys are so awesome. I am confused now though, aren't you from Utah? What brought you to AZ to do a recovery?

  • ecopsych101

    the real advantage over the kenetic rope was the angle of the pull providing the lifting effect. good job guys.

  • gem-mint-cards. com
    gem-mint-cards. com

    starts 4:00

  • Curt Brooks
    Curt Brooks

    Gotta say the morvaire is looking and sounding good

  • Carl Carter
    Carl Carter

    One more thing. Are you sure Rory aka Trail Mater should be driving. After seeing one of his videos titled " Kane Creek side by side" I think he might be insane. He risk life and limb to rescue a side by side. It did make for an interesting video but I'm worried about him. Stay safe 😂😂😂

  • todd johnston
    todd johnston

    thats a sage brush, not tree.

  • Xray Kadiddlehopper
    Xray Kadiddlehopper

    Who goes 4 wheeling with that whale tail hanging off the back?? ROTFL. 😝

  • Lauro Angelino Vergani Jr.
    Lauro Angelino Vergani Jr.

    Um like aqui do Brasil !

  • keen0515

    Generator was more important than the dog??!? Tsk tsk.

  • Carl Carter
    Carl Carter

    I am confused. I originally thought BSF was from Utah but instead there from the Great Lakes area. Which means they drove around 1500 miles to play in the sand in Utah? 😂😂😂

  • Jeffツ

    the size of that cab in Rory's truck its giant

  • Eddie Cabrera
    Eddie Cabrera

    Good Recovery, but I don't know who gets the credit 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Paintbl99

    Best channel on NLthrow! Love it! Keep it up Matt and crew!

  • mike martin
    mike martin

    What happened to Randy?

  • Wesley Hunziker
    Wesley Hunziker

    Matts next workhorse, beefed up 1 ton wrecker build

  • Michael Berry
    Michael Berry

    Lol. I grew up in Fredonia WI. Funny seeing Matt having fun saying it.

  • Brent Nye
    Brent Nye

    If only someone had a full-size shovel (and knew how to use it).

  • Javier Castro
    Javier Castro

    Where going to get some food and water and up buying mounting dew and oj lol 😆

  • Crawl Mauler
    Crawl Mauler

    How many traction boards would this have taken ?

  • logan buchanan
    logan buchanan

    Y’all need max tracks

  • Shaun Watson
    Shaun Watson

    Matt, what is it called what you do off road, in NZ we have cross country off roading but don't have the terrain or the boulders that you do

  • rowolta

    It looks like the truck is like a castle compared to the ordinary fleet.

  • bakertx92

    You know it’s gonna be good when Matt says “so we gotta call”

  • Ari Laurén
    Ari Laurén

    This video made me think it might be useful to have a 4-5 ft high A-shaped jack in equipment to convert straight pull of winch or rope to lifting power. Just for cases like this, when getting the victim up and moving is the most difficult part.

  • Cowbell Studios
    Cowbell Studios

    I think it`s time for a Banana tow truck

  • Derek Boone
    Derek Boone

    Welcome to Page AZ/ lake Powell UT. Hope y'all had fun


    jesus, people like that need to stay home. Back country off-roading in a stock height 7000lb truck? That is a special grade of low IQ

    • AUSTIN

      @Mister Goat lmfao, whatever you need to say in order to convince yourself that you aren't just projecting insecurities about your own morbid obesity at other people

    • Mister Goat
      Mister Goat

      Stay home and be safe. Be Like Austin. But Watch Out, You Could Fall Of The Sofa. 😗

  • Edward

    Love the show & Utah !

  • Donald Franklin jr
    Donald Franklin jr

    Awesome teamwork Matt

  • Ronald Beasley
    Ronald Beasley

    Let's break down that word EXPERT= Ex meaning Has Been, PERT meaning Drop Under Pressure Therefore an EXPERT is a Has Been Under Pressure. LOVE watching you guys! keep recording and pulling.

  • Nick Jhonson
    Nick Jhonson

    All you guys was missing was Paul and the yota 🤣👌

  • Jan Seidel
    Jan Seidel

    *yikes* Mountain dew XP what a crappy sweet and lush beverage

  • Mr Fred's DIY Garage School
    Mr Fred's DIY Garage School

    I’m loving the commentary at the beginning!

  • John Tracy
    John Tracy

    I like how you said you were taking the advice of all the other experts there! Too many people are in the mind set of "My way or the Highway"! Great recovery!

  • Nathan Lykouretzos
    Nathan Lykouretzos

    Greetings from Wisconsin!

  • cory eaton
    cory eaton

    More Snatchen less snacking

  • Moody 2
    Moody 2

    Epic planning,,,

  • Nick Lehman
    Nick Lehman

    Lovin that squarebody!!

  • Chunky Chambers
    Chunky Chambers

    BSF was the first off-road recovery channel that I watch. Way back when the meaning of BSF was part of the videos lol

  • Aref Eshghi
    Aref Eshghi

    Didn't you check for water in the engine before starting it?

  • Andrew Penner
    Andrew Penner

    00:54 - whenever I hear someone say they’re an “expert” I think of a shop supervisor I worked with many moons ago. He said “Don’t call yourself and expert, because an expert is a former drip” soooo take it for whatever that means to you 😆

  • Matt Hoye
    Matt Hoye

    Tucker went from ‘I don’t wanna’ when Matt made him go on camera a few months back, to talking about girls named Paige! 😆

  • Michael Costeline
    Michael Costeline

    Sure the cute girl in the backseat is that your daughter? How far away are you and I was just curious if she was your daughter or not . This is with total respect intended. Thanks enjoy your videos

  • Alexei Tetenov
    Alexei Tetenov

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Hamish the Irish Amish
    Hamish the Irish Amish

    Kudos to the vehicle owner for having the presence of mind to anchor the truck!

  • ElPanchito33

    Legends. Thanks for great videos. Take care

  • biggabenne

    Fredonia was the first word i said today, and the 2nd. It sure is a fun word

  • tr mcfadden
    tr mcfadden

    My question is, were they crossing the wash or driving in it, yes it makes a differance.

  • weavergrad

    That sand makes you not quick.

  • Marna Ehrech
    Marna Ehrech

    So love this channel! For all the reasons the other commenters gave. A real bright spot in the day!

  • Carl Godwin
    Carl Godwin

    Finally got completely upto date watched all your videos it only took 3 months, Awesome thoroughly enjoyed them too. keep up the great work MORR videos please.

  • Voter fraud is reals
    Voter fraud is reals

    I question your story, you got caught in a sudden wash unexpectedly, but yet you had time to remove your dog your generator tie chords all together run them up a hill and tie it to a tree guarantee you were stuck before the water even got to you. if there was said water in the first place. Heavy ass four-door diesels with camper shells and tons of other stuff just simply aren't good off road.

  • Alan Poole
    Alan Poole

    great channel guys enjoy waching all the recoverys and the way you all work together just wonderd if you have ever herd of MAX-TRACKS there great for soft sand snow and mud even for bridging steps all the way from Australia

  • V iking
    V iking

    Expert... X Spurt... X=unknown number Spurt=drip under pressure

  • Roger Bloxham
    Roger Bloxham

    This video reminded me of old times. I lived in Page for a year back in 1973 and I have a twin to the white truck you pulled out, camper top and all

  • A

    How good is Rory’s trailer.

  • Janelle Holbrook
    Janelle Holbrook

    that is a GMC not a chevy i think you need to learn your cars better matt

    • Mister Goat
      Mister Goat

      Janelle Holbrook It's a truck Janelle, not a car. Since we're like crows picking corn out of .........

  • AddToCart

    Rudy and Lizzy should get married and continue the legacy forever 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure

    Great teamwork!

  • Phillip Wilson dodge truck 1500
    Phillip Wilson dodge truck 1500

    Just a couple of questions? You dose the video get blurred at times? How much video is unusable? P.S. I like the drone videos of your recovery and driving in the recovery vehicle's.

  • Another Joe
    Another Joe

    Running boards, dropped trailer hitch, spare tire racks, especially hitch receiver baskets are frequently referred to as "ground grabbers"... Some digging required... It's a 4x4... Drive it out...

  • Canthus13

    the dude from BSF looks like Robert Englund...

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor

    I bought a 4X4 express van that got stuck like that, it has taken me a long time to get the mud out of the box frame. Mat you need to make a collapsible wrecker boom for your Morvair,

  • Mctig Mctiggy
    Mctig Mctiggy

    If you want new friends buy a nice trailer and/or a vehicle lift.

  • forrest crabbe
    forrest crabbe


  • Ana Maria De Fatima Caicedo
    Ana Maria De Fatima Caicedo


  • Wayne Humphrey
    Wayne Humphrey

    Time to finish the banana and build off road wrecker

  • Karry Hanna
    Karry Hanna

    Hey Brother, remember you having to break the bead to replace the valve stem? You should go to mower Medic 1, he has the tool for you!

  • CXensation

    you guys needs a few extra 👍👍👍 Thanks for the video !

  • Mr. Creeper
    Mr. Creeper

    Now Matt needs to build himself a wrecker like the BSF crews 😜

  • Eric R
    Eric R

    Experts? Experts...

  • Skiridr22

    He got allot of cleaning to do.

  • Skiridr22

    That is in deep 😳

  • Tom A
    Tom A

    Very cool.

  • Benjamin

    Camper shells look so damn stupid lmao buy an suv

  • 71502

    Lol! That rusty tow truck reminds me of the movie "Cars". Nader tow truck from Radiator Springs in Arizon or Utah. Route 66.

  • Ford_driving Painter
    Ford_driving Painter

    I remember a few years back. You should build a wrecker like BSF. You replied it was to heavy. Watching you and Eric working together is great.

    • Ford_driving Painter
      Ford_driving Painter

      @Matt's Off Road Recovery I totally understand after watching all your recovery videos. I look forward to the future builds

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery
      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Definitely too heavy for most of the work I do. Rory‘s wrecker is almost 3000 pounds lighter than the BSF Wrecker. I’m starting to think along the lines of a light wrecker on a half ton platform. And then we’re building a high flotation heavy wrecker.

  • JoeJ8282

    That guy (in the Chevy) got lucky! If he had gotten stuck in most arroyos in the SW USA, his truck would've been either completely buried in sand and mud, or else the truck would've been washed away completely, never to be found again!

  • John Harrop
    John Harrop

    I would of dug that out by myself, bit of overkill there

  • Clay Fair
    Clay Fair

    Anyone else think the recoveryteam and MOFRR should do more videos together

  • ZBegay

    Hey Dora the Explorer we see your backpack lol 😆.

  • Elias Schmidt
    Elias Schmidt

    So when's the Corvair wrecker Van build gonna start?