Did She Break Her Axle On The Most Dangerous Trail?!
Matt's Off Road Recovery
So I got a call for a Jeep stuck on the most dangerous trail and the axle isn't spinning.

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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

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  • all mighty great 1
    all mighty great 1

    Matt says this is steep. There's always time for a home made cookie. Never seen that look on Matt's face. You guys sure know how to get em out. Amazing videos.

  • slow7mgte

    Wonder if a brake caliper froze up with her laying on the brakes so long, and with it having a locker it just locks the whole front end up...

  • sven elven
    sven elven

    I don't know if you will ever read this guys, but I gotta give it to you, I could feel the tension and sense of urgency you had on this recovery. I know you get paid for this but I could tell you knew you were rescuing her from a potentially life threatening situation. "Hero" comes to mind, but I know good people wont take that title, so on her behalf as well as myself, thank you for being good people.

  • Jesper Bech
    Jesper Bech

    I don't get, your "pull first - winch later" strategy. The Jeep had a winch, so why not just block the wheels of the Moorvair with some rocks and then use the winch? This would be much more secure than relying on traction. In many of both yours and also other recovery videos, people start spinning the wheels of the pulling car. It might look good on camera, but the second a wheel spin, you know that traction is lost. So in my objective, the sure way would always be to make a firm foundation and the pull with the winch.

  • Rhett Remme
    Rhett Remme

    Wow! Another Rhett in the world and he's fairly known!

  • Jerry Davis
    Jerry Davis

    Nice job Matt! The front end dig in was genius. Makes me want to run a twin stick now. Always great content!! 👌👌👌

  • Timothy Riddle
    Timothy Riddle

    kid said "What's The Game Plan" LOL

  • Jeff Lilyea
    Jeff Lilyea

    Once, years ago I couldn't make it up a climb like that.(stock CJ7 on 31's) and luckily turned around 😲

  • Catherine Littlefield
    Catherine Littlefield

    How come you guys don’t use yak tracks?

  • Catpurrson3

    I just watched this. What strikes me is how someone's decision puts other's lives in danger. "Absolutely terrifying " is correct!

  • Johan Welthagen
    Johan Welthagen

    How did you guys feel after those cookies? hahah

  • Tracy C
    Tracy C


  • Bradley Wardas
    Bradley Wardas

    That looked crazy sketchy, well done!

  • Deerslyr81

    8:35 if you don’t already have a channel dedicated to videos like this that show an extra long version that would be a very smart decision to try a bit there are a lot of people that would like to see the wrong version solely based off how you edit! I I found your videos last night and spent 3 1/2 hours by my campfire outback binge watching your content. keep up the good work

  • Danny R
    Danny R

    I can't even. lie I was sticking my fave up to the screen watching those booty shorts

  • Criadero Manzanarez
    Criadero Manzanarez

    The girl ❤️

  • Theron Wolf
    Theron Wolf

    I was sure that Jeep was toast. Did not expect for her to get it running.

  • Darren Gray
    Darren Gray

    Boy you both have a big set of balls

  • joeashbubemma

    Sooooo much better than the utter TRASH on corporate MSM.

  • rose415

    Does Matt’s crew not like keep wranglers ?

  • Rackets

    You dont STEAL cookies, you CONFISCATE them..

  • Anthony Hines
    Anthony Hines

    L I’m

  • vanlal faka
    vanlal faka

    Lizzy chhiatloh zia hi 👍👍👍

  • Kevin Benecke
    Kevin Benecke

    I bet the reason that front end was bound up was because the gear in the front end wasn't meshing properly and was mis-aligned because of the torque that was put on everything and as it was backing down that the gear teeth went back into place freeing everything up.

  • Ed Chenal
    Ed Chenal

    I'm disappointed not to see seat belts in use.

  • Some Guy with Tools
    Some Guy with Tools

    Genuine question, I'm no recovery expert... once Matt turned around and lined up with the holes he had dug for himself would it have been a little less sketchy to use the winch to back the jeep down in a more controlled way? That way it would've avoided the morrvair skidding along as well?

  • David Bruin
    David Bruin

    I was wondering what those black things were attached to the roll bars above the back seat, but then I saw the kids holding on to them as you went over bumps and dips, they're "Oh Shit!" handles.

  • James Voss
    James Voss

    You guys in Utah need to change your name from the “Beehive State” to the “Shattered Hills State”.

  • James Voss
    James Voss

    Headliner looks great!

  • Christian Tyson
    Christian Tyson

    What is his car

  • Dylan Hicks
    Dylan Hicks

    Whenever he says that they're going above the radio towers I just pray for everyone's safety. They should close that trail to full size vehicles.

  • Jeremy Breinig
    Jeremy Breinig

    I would have tried to winch it up the hill

  • stanislav smetanin
    stanislav smetanin

    4low on that Jeep not engaged. I am on 1100 minute of this videos. Plus, this is not Rubicon, so no lockers; unless installed by custom...

  • Ariff Affendi
    Ariff Affendi

    insane angle if i might say myself. phewww.. gives me the shivers by just watching this.

  • Old Dog
    Old Dog

    Wow. Just. Wow...

  • Shall Not Be Infringed
    Shall Not Be Infringed

    A girl driving a stickshift, brave enough to 4wheel on her own up on that trail and home made cookies. Wife material

  • NWWheeler

    Okay so you used a bull bar as a recovery point? Have you seen how thin those are? I guess I should not arm chair this but I would have used a tow point.

  • RonE

    You guys and gal are professionals. WOW. Great job.

  • Shaggydude

    Those 4 cylinder Wranglers, just don't have the power needed for serious off roading. I would never attempt that hill in a stick.

  • _Краноvщик_47rus

  • Kenny Worrix
    Kenny Worrix

    My heart can’t handle this. Geez.

  • _Краноvщик_47rus

    *Вот бы ещё была русская озвучка))!!!*

  • Mecanico mecanico
    Mecanico mecanico

    7:43 hey!!! Look that girl!

  • Jesse Barraza
    Jesse Barraza


  • Piano Man
    Piano Man

    OMG - that's what we call a 110% clench or pucker recovery! What an amazing team you have Matt, and you take some beating in the bravery and leadership stakes. Love this channel from the other side of the world in New Zealand.👍🏻🇳🇿

  • Eduardo Rodas
    Eduardo Rodas

    The balls on that morrviar👍🏼👍🏼

  • Darth Tyranus
    Darth Tyranus

    Mother nature always wins even against a Jeep Wrangler

  • Name Goes Here
    Name Goes Here

    @7:43 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • kevin lockhart
    kevin lockhart

    hey matt your back wheels aint spinning at all can you turn the back wheels on and off if not something broke

  • Dan Lahrman
    Dan Lahrman

    Watching Matt's crew on this trail stresses me out every time.

  • Dan

    Did Rudy get her number is the real question. You could see them clicking

  • Por15 Canada
    Por15 Canada

    What about just taking the front hubs apart until they release the axles?

  • Chad J.
    Chad J.

    Nice work!

  • David N.
    David N.

    Lizzie needs to be faster at lassoing. Lol.

  • The Camping Trucker
    The Camping Trucker

    Sounds like the jeep doesn't have any oil in the motor.

  • Cory Young
    Cory Young

    Crazy scary! 😱 When do they pay? And how?

  • Isak s
    Isak s

    everything looks way less steep on video. this hill looks nearly vertical, can't imagine seeing it for real...

  • mretaoin1

    Every time you go up there, the road is worse. The next worker who has to replace the aircraft lights on the towers is going to have a rotten day.

  • bruce forsman
    bruce forsman

    Love Matt's concentration look, the one that says I know this is dangerous but needs to be done...almost see gears turning calculating risk, and considering options.

  • Bob Clark
    Bob Clark

    Well done! I would be interested to know what was the mechanical problem with the Jeep?

  • Ricky soto
    Ricky soto

    Why are the two drivers not using the seatbelt on the sketchiest part of the rescue?

  • Mary Torbert
    Mary Torbert

    Teamwork makes the dream work! 😊

  • Mickey Mishra
    Mickey Mishra

    I just saw an add for Status headphones. Its really weird I have to wear a MASK to shop at NAPA, but people making comercials on NLthrow DON'T? Boy that weird!

  • soulcatcher668

    This looks steep on film.... that means that this is holy fkn s**t steep.

  • Dan Lux
    Dan Lux

    How can Lizzy bend down with that huge buckle?

  • FoX!

    Love the channel! Here is a suggestion that worked for me when I was in a similar situation... I was backing down a sand hill that I couldn't make it up. I lost my ability to steer in the soft sand, and the truck was getting more and more sideways and was about to roll. So I took it out of 4x4, put it in 1st gear (not reverse so it wouldn't roll backwards) and intentionally spun the back tires. As soon as the tires began to spin, gravity pulled the back of the vehicle straight because of the loss of traction in the rear. There was only 2 of us, and we wouldn't have been able to move the back of the truck by hand.

  • DOC Ohm
    DOC Ohm

    This channel is addicting! My question to the community is why aren't you wearing shoulder harnesses when you're on sketchy terrain?

  • justin kimble
    justin kimble

    Good video I like it 💯😎

  • SlowCountryBoy

    100 degrees?? Really?? Phoenix gets 120 in the shade, no wind, no moisture.

  • Hippie Bits
    Hippie Bits

    This was THE MOST anxiety provoking thing I've watched on here....just my idea of a complete nightmare. I'm glad the little TJ was saved.

  • Kurt Hendricks
    Kurt Hendricks

    Wow talk about pucker factor! Good job matt

  • Peter

    What's with these girls and jeeps I don't get it, are they lesbians or just feminists or both trying to prove they can do what guys can do?

  • Jay H
    Jay H

    Your a fool if you need this towing company when your jeep has a which

  • CluelessBeekeeping

    I don't do any off roading....so... my qor uestion. Why can't they just back up down the hill? Is this not possible or is there some other reason? ...good god that looked scary...and I know cameras never truly capture hills and angles well.

  • OrbPlasmatic

    Now what the heck was going on with the front axle? Was that just locked up brakes? Impressive rescue as always.

  • DoubleTime

    Sketchy is an understatement, but look at the view

  • Scott

    At the bottom of that hill Matt should put a sign with his number and a reminder that conquering every hill sometimes just isn't required in life.

  • Time Table
    Time Table

    Maybe here sitting there hard on the brakes as long as she did kinda locked them up. I know I have had that happen with a no so maintained braking system .

  • Troy Flanagan
    Troy Flanagan

    That thing a 4 cylinder?

  • yourchava

    she definitely had lockers

  • Joe Parker
    Joe Parker

    I'd storm the gates of hell on the fender of a propane truck with Matt, Rudy, and Lizzy.

  • Don B
    Don B

    Thats girl is bad ass for making it that far

  • Cereal Killer
    Cereal Killer

    I see her problem..she tried to take a pavement princess jeep offroad!😁

  • Rich Kingsley
    Rich Kingsley

    Watched your videos on the Suzuki and I love the recovery vehicle, I’m a big fan of the Corvair, love it !

  • crbill53

    You should post a sign on that trail with your logo and number with message - Past this point you're going to have a bad time.

  • DK inthewild
    DK inthewild

    Rudy, put your seatbelt on.

    • DK inthewild
      DK inthewild

      Rhet.. set in an actual seat..?

  • Mike Shettles
    Mike Shettles

    Side note: baby got back (and thighs) for dayyyyyz 7:46

  • Gord Baker
    Gord Baker

    Geeeezzzeeeeeeeee. Rescue of a Hottie on the far side of the Moon! Spectacular Morvair, Incredible planning and Remarkable Driving. All in a Day's work. Cookies too! Rock Crusher Thighs. A good thing!!!! Well done for getting that far and knowing when to quit. Chase her down Rudy. She knows 'lockers'. And she has a lovely friend. Sister? Good work Liz. Glad you are back. At least strap some Pool Noodles on that Centre Roll Bar. 4:08 How do the front wheels spin and the rears do not? You could sell those to the Military Matt. Looks like you have the Nugget damage repaired.


    Great video!

  • Bruce P
    Bruce P

    Matt, Here is two cents from someone who is nothing like the driver you are: Getting the Jeep quickly down from the steepest part of the road to a more gentle slope the most direct manner is my vote (just back down all of the recoveries from the radio tower road)!

  • IamTomato

    Am I the only one wondering what was wrong with that front axle?

  • MoiseS Cortez
    MoiseS Cortez

    That was worth the cookies! Right Matt.

  • Jason Hamula
    Jason Hamula

    I've got to think that having hundreds of thousands of views of his videos has attracted a number of people to this area of Utah, only for a certain percentage of them to get into situations where they get stuck (or worse).

  • James Harrell
    James Harrell

    Matt you should look into getting a yankum rope I know it's not good to snatch trucks all the time but a yankum rope does wonders I promise you you'll love it

  • MOHAWK21


  • Justin Mills
    Justin Mills

    Why don't they gate off this place and only for people who manage the towers 🤔 😕. I am not a big fan of blocking are restricting people, but someone is going to get hurt are killed. I just hope it's not on your team. That would be hard to live with? 😕 😐

  • Jerry Lowden
    Jerry Lowden

    Thtats one way of doing it. Always put out great videos. God Bless u and your family.

  • lal5555f

    you should buy the Diesel brothers amc eagle

  • Jaxon Desmarais
    Jaxon Desmarais

    Matt, not sure if you will see this but this is my old TJ that I built up a few years ago. To provide some context why this axle seized up, I threw in a lunchbox locker and some other suspension upgrades to make it more trail worthy, this lunchbox locker had always given me trouble. My guess is that one of the pins broke inside of it and caused issues with the locker. I noticed the axle freed up while going down the hill, from my experience in this TJ, the spartan locker would not disengage unless the you pulled the transmission into reverse (I believe this is due to the transfer case getting stuck in 4WD). Anyways, its good to see the ole' TJ getting some use.

  • Skyler Hall
    Skyler Hall

    Matt's Off Road Recovery, You are not going to be believe this, but I know that black TJ. I have ridden many of trails in her. We used to call her Jade. Glad you got her and her driver home safe.